5K Formula System Review: A Scam Or Legit Money Making Method?

5k Formula System Review

Welcome to my 5k Formula System Review!  This complete done-for-you system claims that you can make $5k on autopilot within 7 days.  This is such a bold claim and makes me skeptical whether this system will work or if it is a scam.

I have heard many claims of systems and products being able to make you money on autopilot only to find that they are a scam or they fail to deliver.

I’m glad you’re here doing your due diligence as you will find out exactly what this system is and whether it is worth investing your hard earned cash.

If you want a fail-safe, proven way to make money online,  then check out the method I use.  This method will not scam you or leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed.  Anyways, let’s begin this review …

5k Formula System Review

Name: 5k Formula System
Launch Date: January 2019 (originally launched 2015)
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Internet Marketers
Price: $39.99
Owner: Matthew Neer
Support: Yes
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 6/10

What Is 5K Formula System About?

This done-for-you system is doing the rounds again having been first on the market in 2015.  No technical skills are required, no set up is needed – all you need to do is access your account and “plug in” your details.

5k Formula System Review


The system will give you all the tools and material you need to make money as an Affiliate Marketer.

There is no need for you to pay for hosting or a domain name, this is all included with the Sales pages, Sales funnel, products, upsells and marketing material you get with the system.  With all these tools in hand, you can expect to make $5k on autopilot within 7 days.


5k Formula System Review



This all sounds great but how do you use all these tools to make money?  Let’s see how it all works …

How Does 5K Formula System Work?

The system will give you access to a Sales funnel which is basically the materials you need right through from promoting a product to making a sale and includes the following:

  • Products to promote by signing up for a ClickBank account
  • Access to a range of done-for-you Sales pages that you can use to add the affiliate links to your products
  • An Email Autoresponder to collect email addresses of your readers that land on your Sales page
  • Marketing Material in the form of email swipes for your email campaign


With this done-for-you system, all it takes is 5 simple steps to get set up:

Step 1: Log into your Account

Step 2: Connect Your Affiliate Link (ClickBank link – you will need to sign up for a ClickBank account if you don’t have one.  It’s free to do)

Step 3: Select Your Traffic Source

Step 4: Point Your Traffic to Your Affiliate Link

Step 5: Get paid commission

The system is menu driven.  You can access each menu item independently of you having completed a required task.

This can be confusing for a beginner as you can click on the traffic source menu before you have even gone through the stages of signing up to ClickBank and selecting your product.  This doesn’t make sense as you need something (your product) to drive traffic too.

Not such a big deal but I thought I’d mentioned this as I made a similar error when I started my Internet Marketing journey.  I tried to set up an autoresponder before I even had any traffic.  That would have cost me a monthly fee for no ROI as my website was not yet known by the search engines.  If it wasn’t for the training platform that I signed up to, I would have lost a lot of money in the monthly autoresponder fee.


Learn How To Build Your Online Business


Anyways, you will be making money as an Affiliate Marketer.  This is something I do and it is the simplest and easiest way to begin your online journey.

Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting the products or services of a vendor.  When a sale is made, you earn a commission.

There are many ways to promote products such as through your website or blog, through email marketing on Social Media and through SEO techniques such as keyword research and being ranked in the search engines.

The 5k formula system is promoting products through Sales pages and email marketing.

You will have a single squeeze page for each product.  These are typically landing pages, which I personally believe don’t convert well.  There is only so much information you can give on a landing page to convince your reader to make a purchase.  Because of this, you need to make it concise and to the point.

To do this, many marketers use phrases such as  “make money in 5 minutes”, “2 clicks to make money” and so on to get the readers attention.  However, what readers are looking for is value and detailed information on whether to take out their purse or wallet.

Matthew seems to think this method will see you making $5k in 7 days.  But, will this system work for you or is it a scam?

Is 5K Formula System A Scam?

No it isn’t a scam.  This is a legitimate way to make money online and if you work hard, it’s possible to make money using the system.  However, if you are new to Internet Marketing, buying a system that does everything for you isn’t going to teach you anything.

You will forever be at the mercy of these product owners when you can make money without having to depend on systems and products.

Internet Marketing is a great business to be in.  By learning how it works, you will be putting profits in your own pocket rather than in the pocket of others who often make it sound so difficult to make money online.

Sometimes the difficulty lies in their systems.  They make it so convoluted and unstructured that you can easily get lost.


Learn How To Build Your Online Business


Approaching  Internet Marketing in a systematic way will help you to understand how to apply the skills and make money without having to rely anymore on systems like these.

If you think the $47 will see you pumping out $5k in 7 days, think again.  You will be presented with further upsells that you will need if you want to make money.

  • profit pumping traffic stream 19.95/monthly fee which guarantees you 100 clicks (doesn’t guarantee that you will make money)
  • $14.95 to be added to their fastest server
  • 10 Webinars $97
  • Squeeze page $47
  • License Rights $497 (for the 5k Formula System program)

As you can see, the costs can add up.  The profit pumping traffic stream is necessary if you want to make money, as traffic is key to you making money.  This is a monthly fee.

I don’t pay for my traffic as I use SEO methods such as keywords which is how you landed on this article by typing “5k Formula System” or something along those lines.

I’m able to use techniques like this as I learned how to do so from the training platform I signed up to over 2 years ago which has saved me money on tools that are on the market but aren’t necessary if you learn the ropes.


  • Reasonable cost
  • No Hosting fee
  • No Domain fee
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • You won’t learn anything with done-for-you systems so you’ll forever be at their mercy
  • Experience is needed if you want to be successful
  • You have no control over your site – can’t customize anything, no access to files.
  • Risky setup – if Matthew Neer decides to close shop, you’ll lose everything
  • You are forced to use their autoresponder when there are so many to choose from on the market
  • Payment is only via PayPal.  PayPal is closing down many merchant accounts due to the high risk of chargebacks on digital products.  You face the risk of  not being paid
  • The commission isn’t instant as they claim.  It’ll take some time to make money
  • Upsells
  • Additional costs can add up to quite a hefty sum
  • Shiny object – flashing his money in front of your face to lure you into thinking you can make the same amount

5k Formula System Review


I do not recommend this system, especially if you’re a beginner.  You won’t learn anything – it will leave you feeling frustrated especially if you want to do something that isn’t allowed as the system is ‘done-for-you’.  You may like to choose a different autoresponder but you are stuck with GetResponse as this is their choice.

Personally, I like to choose my own products as not every product works the same.  This system is just going to result in you producing another “make money online” spammy system that will attract a lot of negative reviews.

Telling people how easy it is to make money online, that it is a limited offer and so on with a hope that they buy your promotion is not a great way to make money online.

The people that make real money online and gain a good reputation are those that help people.  I have been to many events and seminars of such people who offer real value –  I never tire of receiving an email from them about their latest event or offer they may have.  I will remain on their mailing list as long as I can.

This is the position you should aim for.  You will gain faithful followers who will always be on the lookout for the next promotional offer you may have.

You can’t do this with a system like the 5k Formula.  If you are serious about making money online you need to learn how to do so.  The training platform I use taught me how to build my own successful business online – how to pick a niche, how to do keyword research so I can drive traffic to my website, how to choose quality products that people want so that I can provide a solution to their needs.

This way of building an online business as an Affiliate Marketer is much more sustainable.  Not only that, with over 1 million budding entrepreneurs, I have the support network I craved for.

By building your own website and choosing your own hosting is the way to go.  There is no chance of you losing revenue by some product owner deciding to close shop.

If you want to take charge of your destiny, check out how the training platform works and see how you can get started for FREE by clicking the link below.

Learn How To Build Your Online Business

Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my 5K Formula System Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe!

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