Affiliate Cash Club Review: A Scam Or Make $4k+ Every Day?

Affiliate Cash Club Review

Welcome to my Affiliate Cash Club Review!

You may have come across the affiliatecashclub.com website and are wondering if you can really make $4k+ every day with this product or if it’s a scam after your hard-earned cash.

I’m glad you’re here doing your due diligence as there are so many scams and low-quality products and systems that claim you can make huge sums of money but will only leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed as they don’t work as expected.

My honest, uncut review will reveal everything you need to know about Affiliate Cash Club and whether you can really earn with this system or if you’d be better of using a legitimate and proven method to earn money online.

Anyways, let’s begin this review …

Affiliate Cash Club Review

Name: Affiliate Cash Club
Type: Affiliate Marketing
Launch Date: March 2019
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Internet Marketers
Price: $37 + upsells
Owner: Jordan Mathews
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 3/10

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What Is Affiliate Cash Club About?

It is a done-for-you system that teaches you how to make money as an Affiliate Marketer. They tell you that you can get up and running in less than 30 minutes and start making money the same day. All you need to do is work 10 minutes each day.  As an Affiliate Marketer, these claims are unrealistic.

I invest in at least 5 hours per day to run my Affiliate Marketing business and I’m nowhere near earning $4k each day – it can happen but not at the beginning.  It takes hard work, commitment and patience.

Anyways, they tell you that many people who had no previous experience or special skills are making up to $30k each month.  Now, this is kinda true as you don’t need any previous experience or skills to become an Affiliate Marketer, HOWEVER, you do need to learn the skills so that you can become experienced AND successful.

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This system came about when Jordan’s wife became ill and he needed to find a way to make money to pay for her medical bills.  He searched online, tried different methods such as selling on Amazon, doing eCommerce with Shopify and none of them worked out for him until he came across the Affiliate Cash Club system which helped him to pay for her medical bills, buy a new house and so on.  He now wants to help you succeed by introducing you to the same system that gave him success.

Having done hundreds of product reviews, I have heard this story time and time again of the owner being in some sort of predicament and needing a way out to earn money, then they suddenly came across a system that they were able to use to make money and have developed something similar and want to share it.

So, let’s see what it is he’s sharing by seeing how it works …

How Does Affiliate Cash Club Work?

You will be surprised at the quality of information you will receive if you purchase this system.  You will receive some guides and step-by-step video training about making money using the Affiliate Marketing model. Even though this is a legitimate method, the training, and guides you receive do not go into enough depth for you to be successful.

In fact, they just skim the surface.  The Affiliate Marketing method is simple but a lot of work is required if you want to be successful using this method.

Check out my short video clip below that shows what Affiliate Marketing is in a nutshell.

It’s all about the promoting of products or services.  You will need to sign up to an Affiliate Network (which is free to do) who will issue you with your own unique link that you will place on your website.  When a visitor to your website clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

However, in order to get Sales, you need to drive people to your website.  There are fast methods such as using paid ads which can be quite costly, especially if you are a newbie to Internet Marketing –  it is methods like these that Affiliate Cash Club will advise you to use.

When I started my Internet Marketing journey as an Affiliate Marketer over 2 years ago (at the time of writing this review), I signed up for services that are free (and required) to get my website registered and noticed by the different search engines; one of the search engines had a one time offer of $75 to use paid ads.

I didn’t have a clue what paid ads were and how to use it but hey, they’re throwing $75 my way, so I took it. They know that as a beginner, you will easily burn the $75 without any ROI.  They don’t make this offer if you’re 6 months/1 year into your online business, that’s because, by that time, you will understand how to make full use of that $75 and can quite easily make a huge profit.

I’m saying all that to say that when you start as an Affiliate Marketer, don’t expect to make money right from the off.  It will take some time and effort to build your website and to gain traffic.  Systems like Affiliate Cash Club will tell you what you want to hear – that you can be making money within a week with just a few minutes of work.

Affiliate Marketing is about driving targeted traffic to your offers.  To get that traffic can take anything from a few months to a year.  Take a look at the traffic to my site.  It started off slowly and because I regularly post, the traffic has increased over time.

Affiliate Cash Club Review


This system tells you that you can be making money from the off.  This certainly isn’t going to happen with zero traffic or when you’re just starting out.

Is Affiliate Cash Club A Scam?

No. It isn’t a scam.  However, don’t expect to be up and running in under 5 minutes and 14 clicks.  It takes more than that to start an Affiliate Marketing business.

The fact that the owner claims to have made $2,000,000 in the last 4 years and doesn’t show his face, says a lot. As I mentioned previously, I’ve reviewed hundreds of products and many of those whose owners hide their faces are either low-quality or often scams.  There is no need to hide your face if your product does what you say it does.

There is a particular product owner shows that appears in all his product sales page.  It shows the genuineness and that there is a real person behind the product.

There are no fake testimonials such as the ones used here.  The testimonials are by paid actors sourced from the Fiverr site. These actors are paid a small fee to read a script to say how great the product is and how much money they have made – often huge amounts in a ridiculous amount of time.

The guy below is called Rob Spence.  He has appeared in a lot of the Sales videos of products I have reviewed such as Voice Cash Pro and AZ Sniper.

Affiliate Cash Club Review

As you can see, he uses a different name for each product.

Affiliate Cash Club Review

I’m not sure I would be bold enough to say how great a product is that I haven’t used – however, I suppose if that’s how you make a living then that might be fine for some people.  Using fake testimonials to sell your product is not only unethical but is downright misleading.  I’m not sure I would trust a product that uses such fake claims.  What else will be fake?

I’ll tell you … Jordan mentions that no previous skills or experience are required, yet on his disclaimer, he tells you that some level of experience is required to make money with the product.  This is so contrary!  These product owners will tell you what you want to here to excite you and lure you into parting with your hard-earned cash.

Making money online can be done but not with a done-for-you system and a few clicks or with the press of a button.  It takes hard work!  Anything worth having is not going to be a walk in the park like some of these product owners will have you believe.

This system is no different to others I have reviewed recently including:

Silk Road Effect

30 Day Success Club

Lazy Attractive Profits

Lazy Profit Explosion and

BulletProof Profits

If you want to make money online, use tried and tested methods that have been proven to work.


  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Low-cost product


  • Owner doesn’t show his face
  • Lots of hype
  • Incredulous income claims
  • Fake testimonies  Rob Spence
  • Telling you that you  don’t need a website
  • Upsells
  • Limited availability to lure you into buying
  • Shiny objects to make you think you can earn huge sums of money


I hope my Affiliate Cash Club review has helped you to make an informed decision as to whether to make a purchase or not.  However,  if you think you can make $4k+ every single day using this product then you will be disappointed.

This is just giving you false hope.  I’m not in the business of giving you false hope.  I’m here to tell you that Affiliate Marketing is a lucrative business model but it takes a lot of hard work!  You won’t make money within minutes but you can enjoy a passive income for years to come if you learn how to build your business around this model.

Systems and products that tell that you’ll be earning huge sums of money within weeks are just setting you up for failure.  I’ve been an Affiliate Marketer for a few years now and my first commission was at the 3-month mark. I’m now earning a monthly passive income and that doesn’t come without investing time, effort and sometimes burning the candle at both ends but it has been worth it!

If you’re willing to work hard are patient and have time to invest in an online business, check out how you can learn how to build a successful Affiliate Marketing business by clicking the link below.

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Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Affiliate Cash Club Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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