Affiliate Titan 3 Review (A Giant In Affiliate Marketing?)

Affiliate Titan 3.0

Welcome to my Affiliate Titan 3.0 review!

If you’re looking for information about this product, you have come to the right place.

Some people are claiming that it’s a scam, others say it’s a legitimate bit of kit.

Read on to see what I have found out, through my online research.

You can then decide whether this is a product you should invest in as an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 Review

Company Name: Affiliate Titan 3
Website: http://theaffiliatetitan.com/3/
Founders: Chris X
Vendor: Memeplex Limited
Price: $9.95 with a 30-day money back guarantee $147/month
Launch Date: February 2017
GoWorkFromAnyWhere Rating: 7/10
Who’s it for?: Affiliate Marketers

What Is Affiliate Titan 3.0?

Affiliate Titan 3.0 is a marketing suite of software consisting of 6 modules.

It claims to get you FREE traffic for the MOST profitable affiliate programs in a short period of time, using the software.

The 6 software modules are King Of The Zon, Launch Pulse, CB 250, King Of The Zoo, 1 Click Affiliate and Rapid Video Creator.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 Software Modules

1. King Of The Zon

This software displays the top 200 newest Amazon products, which is updated every 24 hours, which you can search to promote.

By viewing sales stats, product ratings, product popularity, price and high-commission product categories, you are able to select the best performing products.

This tool can be quite useful if you want to be an affiliate for Amazon.

However, why not carry out your own searches within Amazon to find great products which are niche specific or even through a quick Google search?

Guess what!? If you still fancy King Of The Zon, why not use it for free here.  You don’t need to purchase Affiliate Titan 3.0 to gain access to it.

King Of The Zon is FREE!!

2. Launch Pulse

This software as its name suggests will show profitable upcoming internet marketing launches happening in the next 30 days.

This can be useful as you get a heads up before other affiliates flood the market with their promotion as most of them will search the likes of JVZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus to see which products are worth promoting.

The advantage with Launch Pulse is that you’ll be able to sign-up as an affiliate before the product hits the marketplaces, beating the affiliates.

However, YouTube has lots of great videos on how to go about choosing a great product.

Also, there are many websites that you can use to see product launches in the internet marketing space. MunchEye is a great website for this.

So again, a useful bit of software, but is it really necessary?  Will you be ready to promote the product?  Is it wise to be the first to promote a brand new product on the market?  I’m not sure.

3. CB 250

Similar to King Of The Zon.  The only difference is that it finds ClickBank products instead of Amazon ones.

CB 250 displays the top 250 ClickBank affiliate programs that make 7 figures a month in sales, which again is updated every 24 hours like King Of The Zon.

The user interface allows you to get a bird’s eye view of vital stats, the niche and with a single click of a button access to the affiliate page.

Again, this product is pretty much a non-starter – who’s going to be promoting 250 products?  Does that mean 250 websites/Youtube Channels?

You can see the top products in Clickbank by using the marketplace.  ClickBank provides even more details than CB250 and it’s free to sign up.

I’m not sure why you would need to purchase a tool that is readily available for free on the official site.

4. King Of The Zoo

With this software, you can find the most profitable affiliate program on JVZoo.  This platform is updated every 12 hours.

Again, why not sign up to JVZoo for free and use their platform to carry out your search?

There is nothing better than using the platform itself as some third-party tools sometimes use a cut-down version of what is available in the main program due to licensing issues or costs to promote like-for-like.

5. 1 Click Affiliate

This software is about finding a template to promote your product.  By entering keywords, templates are generated which you can select from to use for your campaign.

The software auto generates scripts and landing pages for your chosen niche, product or affiliate program within 60 seconds, based on the keywords you entered.

You will choose a script that matches your requirements and use it in the Rapid Video Creator software.

One slight problem here.  With so many people in similar niches, you may end up using the same scripts ending in identical sites, sales pages and content.

The same scripts mean duplicate content, which Google doesn’t like and will penalise you for.

That’s the problem with these push-button systems.

They are not thought through properly and can result in your site being taken down or if the same promotion is seen time and time again,  even though you’ve done this is good faith, your reputation is tarnished as promoting something that is not well researched.

What would be better is to write your own review in your own words which will make it unique to your style.

Using this method, people are more likely to buy into what you are promoting which leads to a higher conversion rate.

6. Rapid Video Creator

Rapid Video Creator is a simple video editing program to make quick YouTube videos, for ranking on the best keywords.

The script that you create in the 1 click Affiliate software can be imported into the Rapid Video Creator software to create slide-shows with each line of the script being one slide.

You can add images, include a voice over and your affiliate links to the video.

Video Marketing is a niche in itself so making a quick slide-show video using Rapid Video Creator, is not going to cut it.   The quality is not going to be great and this will be noticeable by viewers who will just ‘walk on by’.

Video Marketing takes a lot of time and needs quality software and equipment that will produce great results.

Again this quick fix video will only tarnish your reputation and is definitely not something you will want to do if you want to become successful at Affiliate Marketing.

So in a nutshell, you are getting access to 6 software tools when you buy Affiliate Titan 3.  However, as I have identified above, most of these software tools are not really needed so basically, you are giving away $9.95.

You may find yourself spending hours just trying to use the tools when there are more efficient ways of finding products to promote such as signing into the Affiliate Program which you can join for free and do a search there.

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How Does Affiliate Titan 3.0 Work?

The owner has simplified the process using 3 steps which are:

Step 1.  Find the top-performing Affiliate Programs using King of the Zon, Launch Pulse, CB 250 and King of the zoo.

Step 2. Create your campaign page using the 1 Click Affiliate software

Step 3.  Get traffic and make commission using the Rapid Video Creator software

The recommendation for targeted traffic is using Google and YouTube because these people are at the buying stage of the affiliate process and are more likely to convert.

For each campaign, you will need to repeat this process again.


  • Affiliate Marketing does work
  • The idea is great; especially with the 1 click Affiliate software – entering keywords – which is a key concept of Affiliate Marketing.  Check out my review on Keyword Research here.
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • The software is time-limited so there are upsells once you buy into it.
  • This to me is typical of a get-rich-quick scheme – plug in a few details and sit and wait.
  • Pushy sales tactics – “Do it right away so you can finally make money with Affiliate Marketing”
  • One of the modules is available for free on the internet.  Why is this being sold as apart of the suite?

 Training Tool/Support

Your login details are sent via email once your payment has been confirmed.

You will now have access to the member’s area which is a single page site with links to ‘The Quick Starter Guide’ PDF document and the additional programs.

The guide provides you with a brief introduction to how the system works and how the programs should be used.

Personally, I find that there is more to Affiliate Marketing than reading this guide.  It is geared towards their product, which is fine.

However, Affiliate Marketing cannot be contained by using a single method.  Check out my #1 recommendation training platform that explains everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing, from purchasing your domain name to setting up your website, doing keyword research to rank high to drive traffic to your website.


Affiliate Marketing takes patience and a lot of hard work.  There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than seeing your hard work and dedication being paid off.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 reeks of a quick fix, get-rich-scheme, which clearly does not exist –  ’60 seconds this’, ’12 hours that’  and so on.

The initial $9.95 you pay will elapse then you will need to take your wallet again.  The text clearly states “The software is time-limited:  When you buy Affiliate Titan 3.0 right now, you’ll also get the high value, time-limited bonuses“.

Affiliate Titan 3 isn’t a scam.  The software is useful, however as I mentioned above, you can do the same things that the software does in other places over the internet for free.

For $9.95 you can try it to see if it’s something that will work for you. Just bear in mind that they will try to sell you more expensive products once you make the initial purchase.

Why not build a business that you can be proud of?

Something that is not ‘ready-made’ but has been well thought through, that you can proudly call your own.

This website was not created by some push-button method.  It took training and research and learning and more learning and still more learning to get to where I am.  Am I satisfied? Yes.

Yes, that I found a platform that doesn’t just ‘give it to me’ but helps me to understand what Affiliate Marketing is all about.

A platform that provides the tools and means for me to become successful as an Affiliate Marketer.

A platform that allowed me to sign-up for FREE so that I could test-drive it.

I want you to test-drive this platform too.  Just click the link below to check it out for free!

Affiliate Titan 3.0 Review

If you have any questions or comments about Affiliate Titan 3.0 or want to know more about Affiliate Marketing, please leave your comment below and I will get back to you.

Until next time.  Take care.

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  1. It does sound cheap to be able to test Affiliate Titan for under $10.

    But I really do not see the point doing it from what you describe. 

    It might be able to help getting started, but in general I do not like the programs/sites that charges for information and tools that should not be charged for.

    It seems like it is mostly just taking info that are freely available on other platforms to then sell it. Great to know this before investing.


    • Hi Mikael,

      Thanks for your comment.

      What struck me was that they are selling one of their tools that is readily available for free on the internet.  It makes you wonder what else is available for free that they are selling.

      Most of the modules in the software are available for free on the internet too so I’m not sure what the gains are for people signing up to Affiliate Titan.

      All the best.

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