Auto Affiliate Machine Review: Is It A Scam?

auto affiliate machine review

Welcome to my Auto Affiliate Machine Review!

You may have an online business alongside having to juggle your day-to-day activities which can be quite overwhelming.

Having tools and products that can help automate some of your business activities especially where traffic is concerned is a must.

Trying to get sales without traffic is like trying to drive a car without petrol.  It’ll prove to be difficult.

In comes Auto Affiliate Machine!

This product claims to show you how to generate online sales on autopilot by harnessing the power of viral social media traffic.

If you have Social Media accounts then you can leverage this tool.  As with any product, tool or service, before you buy, it’s best to do your due diligence.

I’m glad you’re here and didn’t just dive in and buy the product without doing your research as many products sound great until you’ve made your purchase then you find out that it is a complete waste of time and money.

So, let’s begin this review where I will reveal all you need to know about this product … 🙂

Auto Affiliate Machine Review

Name: Auto Affiliate Machine
Website: autoaffiliatemachine.com
Founded: April 2018
Who Is It For?: The owners
Price: $17
Owners: Billy Darr, David Kirby, Justin Opay
Support: 24/7 helpdesk
30-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

What is Auto Affiliate Machine About?

According to the sales video, this cloud-based, push-button system will get you viral traffic and commission on autopilot in 47 seconds or less.

This sounds great but, doesn’t sound right.

I mean, get viral traffic  AND commission in 47 seconds or less and they’re selling this product for ONLY $17?

There must be more to this than meet the eye.

Let’s see how this works …

How Does Auto Affiliate Machine Work?

The setup is usually basic and simple with systems that promise you fast money using push-button software.  This system is no different.

There are 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose an Affiliate Product to Promote

Step 2a:  Apply their auto affiliate methods – which take only a few minutes – to generate your PDF document

Step 2b: Share your document on Social Media

Step 3: Sit back and enjoy the commission as they roll in.  (This only happens when someone clicks the link in your PDF document)

auto affiliate machine review is it a scam

As I mentioned, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

I looked a bit deeper on their sales page – away from the video – and the true nature of the system is revealed.

Auto Affiliate Machine is nothing more than a PDF software generator!

You will actually be creating PDF documents of product reviews with your affiliate links embedded!

Here’s what the owners have to say about this method:


It’s kind of like how you get excited when you get a letter in the mail because it’s less common than it used to be…

The same concept applies here…
A PDF isn’t super cutting edge, but because it’s DIFFERENT, people open them up and pay attention!


I’m not sure if I agree with this.

I find PDF’s can often be slow to load and then it might be problematic depending on the system or even the browser you may be using – prompting you to install additional software.

I’ve also heard of cases where the affiliate links do not work – are not clickable – which can be a slight problem if you’re banking on these to earn you a commission. 😮

Step 2 is where you will be entering your Affiliate ids.  So far, I haven’t seen anything running on autopilot.  It all seems manual to me.

Truth be told, to make money online takes a lot of manual tasks and setup.  No successful online business was built on autopilot!

Anyways, check out the sample PDF document created by their software:

auto affiliate machine

This looks like a single page document.  Single page articles do not rank well as you are not going to be providing your customers with enough information for them to make an informed decision on whether to purchase the product or not.

A few bullet points aren’t going to cut it.  Your document will look more like spam than anything else with all your affiliate links!

So after you have entered your affiliate links, you can then share your document on Social Media.  This is what they call autopilot!   Once you have shared your PDF, you sit back and wait for the commission to roll in.

Are they serious?

Check out the video of below of the software in action:

Products like these have caught out many people due to the hype.

If you’re fed up with wasting your time and resources trying to find something that will work for your business or make you money online, why not try Affiliate Marketing?

This is basically what this product does.  By you entering your affiliate link, anyone that clicks on the link earns you a commission.

However, there is something missing.  How do you attract customers to your Social Media profile?

It’s all well and good sharing your posts but no one will find them if you haven’t used keywords or other SEO techniques.

You came across this post because I used SEO techniques.  I learned all about this with a training platform I use and have been using for nearly 2 years.  They teach you how to build a successful business online: from setting up your website to driving traffic plus lots more.

Check out my review here if you want to learn more about them.

Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam?

No it isn’t a scam but there are some things that are misleading which others may call a scam such as the phrases they use:

Free viral traffic, autopilot commissions, push-button solution, instant profit, revolutionary software and so on.

Marketing the product as they do using these terms is not only misleading but unethical.  They tell you what you want to hear so that you can invest your hard-earned cash in buying it.  Then once you have bought it, the upsells begin.

There is no way that you can be earning income within 47 seconds.  However, if you are new to Internet Marketing, it may sound plausible with how they explain how their system works.  As I have been online for a number of years, I know that making money online takes time, a lot of hard work and you certainly can’t make money within 47 seconds.

Systems like these are no different from some of the others I have reviewed that promise you quick riches but fail to deliver.  Here is a list of just a handful of them that I have reviewed in the past:

Ecom Formula

Push Button Traffic

Slick Daily Profits

Copy Paste Profits

Interestingly 3 out of the 4 systems is co-owned by one of the owners of the Auto Affiliate Machine product.

You will find that many product owners will produce a slight variant of their product under a new name.  They will use rehashed content and tools and market it as a brand new “revolutionary” product.

Products that do really well and are useful last the test of time.  You may get a patch upgrade or new features added to enhance the user experience but you never get a product owner churning out product after product at such a fast rate unless they are just doing it to make a ton of money at your expense.


If you want to make money online, it takes a lot of hard work and time.  There are no shortcuts or overnight success.



  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Quite affordable at $17


  • Over hyped claims – such as revolutionary software,  make a profit within 47 seconds
  • Content created for you
  • PDF isn’t the best way to market product reviews
  • Don’t need to buy a PDF generator when you can do it for FREE on your own PC
  • No way of driving traffic to your site
  • Outdated method – when was the last time you opened a PDF document on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
  • No proper training
  • Hidden costs
  • System limitations – you can only create PDF documents – you can’t create ebooks, checklists and so on that may help your conversion rate
  • Numerous Upsells



I do not recommend Auto Affiliate Machine.  Products like these that are marketed as push-button software, revolutionary, giving you instant results are nothing but hype to lure you into buying.

You may get some traffic but not with the initial product and you will find that they will try to upsell you other software which probably will work but that means you having to fork out more money.

My advice to you is to steer clear of products and systems like these that claim results at the push of a button.  They don’t work.  If they did, then there would be no need for the many programs that cost more than a few cents and which people are buying and seeing success.

It is time to stop chasing the ‘shiny objects’ and focus on legitimate sources that have been tried and tested.

Did you check out my review of my #1 recommended product that I have been using for nearly 2 years (at the time of writing this review)?  This training platform taught me all I know about how to build my own successful online business.

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Thanks for taking time out to read my Auto Affiliate Machine Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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