Benefits of Using Keywords Research Tools

The benefits of using Keywords Research Tools are extremely rewarding if you want to see content that you have spent many hours and sleepless nights putting together. There is nothing worse than spending time and effort creating your post or page for your website only to not see it being noticed by at least ONE person out of the 3.2 Benefits of Using Keywords Research Toolsbillion people using the internet!!    You may be thinking what did I do wrong?  Why isn’t anyone finding my post?

Look at it this way. Imagine writing about something that no one is going to search for or writing about something that thousands of other users have already written about.  It happens.

Writing for 0 search results

This isn’t your intention.  Why write and not expect results? Many of us do this without knowing that we’re writing in vain. I’ve done this too, but now that I’ve learnt about the benefits of using keywords research tools, I will no more be writing for 0 search results and neither will you once you know the benefits of using keywords research tools.Benefits of Using Keywords Research Tools

OK, so I want to write about health and fitness.  So I use the keyword ‘health and fitness’.  This is too broad a keyword and your site will NOT appear in the first 10 pages of the search engine results page – be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc.  Users tend to click links on the first two pages, maybe the third page of search results.  You want your site to appear within this range.

By using a keywords research tool, you will see that this keyword is too competitive and you can look at using another keyword.  Other keywords usually contain more words and are like phrases.  These keywords are called long-tailed keywords.  So using the same keyword ‘health and fitness’, you may end up with a long-tailed keyword like “health and fitness for the over 50s”.  Now you can see that this is far more specific targeting a group of people.  Chances are, your page or post will appear favourably in the search engine results page which is what you want.   However, it’s not only having great keywords, you also need to have quality content.

Writing for high competition

If you’re just starting out on the web, or even if you are a seasoned blogger, big brands such as Amazon, Wikipedia, Nike etc are well established and trusted by Benefits of Using Keywords Research Toolsthe search engines and they will take the top 10 results in their respective niches –  so trying to compete against these companies will be an uphill battle and can take years of effort. This is why it’s essential to understand keyword difficulty, using keywords research tools, to be able to target your audience.

It is not impossible to be in position number one of a search engine results page.  However, to achieve this, you need to utilise a keywords research tool.

Keywords research tools can help you to be in a position to reach potential customers through your online marketing activities.

Benefits of Using Keywords Research Tools

There are many benefits of using Keywords research tools.  I have listed those that I consider are the most important ones:

  • Helps you come up with up-to-date contents for organic web traffic
  • Can help you reach potential customers by telling you how they search for what you’re offering
  • Can help to optimize and rank your website for certain keywords
  • Returns keywords that are relevant to the contents of your website
  • It helps you dig deeper for high-value keywords -long-tailed keywords
  • Helps you assess the size and potential of the market for any particular product or service
  • Offering various metrics which let you uncover solid keywords that are both popular and have a low level of competition

Keywords Research Tools

I left recommending which keyword research tools you can use for a reason.   Firstly because you need to understand the benefits of using Keywords Research Tools, not just dive in and use it.  A keyword research tool should be the number 1 tool in your SEO toolbox.  Without a keyword research tool, don’t attempt to create that blog unless you are looking for 0 search results.

There are several tools I recommend are:

Google Keyword Planner
Keyword Tool

I will be writing in-depth posts about the different tools you can use for your keyword research as well as how keywords research tools work, so please check back soon or subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to hear about new posts.






  1. Jackie, what a nice, short and sweet explanations of how keywords get us found. Yep, it’s no fun just writing for yourself and the sad part is, you don’t know that you’re doing it without some analytical tool. Your explanation of keywords and long-tailed keywords can help anybody right out of the box. Thanks for the good info. Well done.

  2. If you’re interested to place your website on top of search engine, it is highly recommended to use a keyword tool to find the right keyword to optimize. I think this information is a must read.

    • Agree!! Without using the right keyword to optimize your site, you might as well quit. I was speaking to a friend recently and was talking to him about keyword research tools. He had no idea what it was but he commented and said: “No wonder business is slow”. He has a website which was created for him but there was no research into what he was advertising or keywords being used. He is now on the case.

  3. Great post to get you started using keywords as part of the SEO strategy. I still have a few doubts and questions that I hope you can answer to help clarify.
    You mention it is not good to target a broad market but to really go into a tighter section or what is also know as a niche. But what is the right way to target those keywords when you use a keyword tool? What’s the indicator you should look for?

    • Hello Mar,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have another post on my site which uses a great keyword tool called Jaaxy which tells you what indicators you should look for when using a keyword tool.

      Here is the link:

  4. I can sure see where you’re coming from when using a keyword tool for top rankings with content. I would be well gutted if I created an awesome post and it wasn’t found in the search engines.

    I understand that using the right kind of keywords is the best approach to page 1 rankings in Google. From the benefits you’ve highlighted, there are a lot of opportunities for big amounts of search engine traffic. 🙂

    Thanks, I’ll look into Jaaxy too.

    • Hi Neil,
      If you want to be ranked high among your competitors, using a keyword tool is a must!! A keyword tool like Jaaxy, will find the right kind of keywords to rank for, gaining you huge amounts of traffic.

      Please do take a look at Jaaxy. You can get a free 30 day search as part of the trial.
      Best Wishes

  5. Hi Jacqueline
    I absolutely agree with you here. It is so important to have a good keyword tool to find the low hanging fruit as they say. No point in continually writing content with broad keywords. I have done that before and it gets you nowhere! I see you have Jaaxy listed. That is the one I use regularly and highly recommend
    Cheers Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for commenting on my post. I’ve done that too – writing content with broad keywords AND paid for ads to get ranked in the past but now I know better.

      With a good keyword tool, and great content you can get connect with potential clients. I use Jaaxy and think it’s a great tool too.


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