CoinChest Review: A Scam Or Make $1K Each Day?

CoinChest Review Scam

Welcome to my CoinChest Review!

This system shows you how you can earn $1k each day by exploiting a ‘cash glitch’.

Sure does sound like a great way to make money but is this a scam or will you really be earning big bucks?

I’m glad you are here doing your due diligence as there are so many products and systems online that promise you riches but fail to deliver.

So, without further ado, let’s see what this system is all about …

CoinChest Review

Name:  CoinChest app
Type: Cryptocurrency
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Price: $49 (reduced to $39 if you try to leave the Sales page before making a purchase) + upsells
Owner: Rob Walker
Training: Step-by-Step video based
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 0/10

CoinChest Review

What Is CoinChest About?

This system claims to be a step-by-step video-based tutorial course on a money-making opportunity for buying and selling cryptocurrencies using a method not seen before.

The owner claims that the system is like a licence to print money as money will be deposited into your account every day.

No skills are needed. All you need to do is learn the method and copy what he does with a few clicks of the mouse.

CoinChest Review

If only it was so easy…

Making money online takes some effort and you certainly won’t see money being deposited into your account without some hard work.

I have reviewed hundreds of products and systems with similar promises, which only end up costing more with the upsells they offer that they say you will need in order to make the money they say you can.

So, with all the hyped up claims, let’s see how it works …

How Does CoinChest Work?

The not so secret method is to buy cheap and sell cryptocurrencies at a much higher price all within a matter of minutes from a public platform.

Rob mentions that his system is the best as you don’t need to explore hundreds of different websites to compare prices as he has made the process much easier with his CoinChest app by having it all in one place.

The software is based on a strategy that will help you to trade cryptocurrencies.  It is supposed to look at market trends and help you decide on which currencies to invest in.

It will highlight the highest and lowest prices for a particular crypto currency, at a particular point in time and all you have to do, is decide whether you want to make money or not

This sounds so simple.

However, the cryptocurrency currency market is just as complex as the stock exchange.  There are many algorithms involved which changes on a daily basis.  A pre-built application cannot keep up with the trends and certainly can’t ‘highlight’ where the opportunities are.

If it could, there would be no need to invest thousands to learn how the market works.

More people would be using apps like these and they’ll be no need for courses and training on cryptocurrencies.

The truth is, this app will only make money for the owner.

He claims to have made millions but I couldn’t find any mention of him online.  Those who have made millions are likely to become an authoritative figure and will demand a lot more than the asking price of $49.


Is CoinChest A Scam?

Yes it is.

Those who have made a fortune out of cryptocurrencies didn’t do so by using an application.  They would have spent months, even years to learn how to become successful using this business model.

Any system or application that promises you riches with a few hours of work is only good for the owners.

The cryptocurrency market can be quite lucrative if you know what you’re doing.  This app doesn’t even teach you about this business model.  You are just following his steps – like blind leading blind.

You will get many scammers on the lookout for what is gaining momentum in the money making niche.  They will then jump on the bandwagon and create something that they say will help you to achieve success.

This is how they manage to deceive a lot of people.

This product is no different to a few others that I have reviewed in the past:

CB Cash Code

Income League

To make it even more ‘lucrative’ to join, if you try to leave the Sales page, you are presented with a $10 discount.  This goes to show how desperate the scammers are to get money out of you.

CoinChest Review


  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • It’s transparent – you actually know what it is you will be getting involved with unlike other products I have reviewed


  • Cryptocurrency isn’t an easy nut to crack.  It requires experience and proper training
  • A very risky business model
  • The CoinChest Website has only been registered for a short period of time.  It will be here today, gone tomorrow.  You will have no way of getting a refund (even with their 60-day money back guarantee)
  • Hidden upsells
  • Scarcity – they tell you if you don’t claim your spot someone else will to lure you into signing up
  • No Terms and Conditions


Do I Recommend The CoinChest App?

No. Hopefully my CoinChest Review has given you enough information as to why I don’t recommend it.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is very risky.

When cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and such the like first became available, that was the best time to invest in them as it was a level playing field with everyone learning at the same pace.

However, with anything that becomes popular and has a lot of exposure you get the scammers coming up with their own systems and products which exploit the market for their own good.

Investing and buying cryptocurrencies isn’t something you can learn with a video-based course.

Cryptocurrency training courses cost thousands.  These official and regulated courses teach you how to become successful in buying and selling cryptocurrencies – so they teach you the ropes and provide guidance.

Systems like CoinChest will only give you the basics which isn’t enough to see you making $1k every day no matter what they tell you.

It will leave you frustrated, disappointed and out of pocket.

A Much Better Way To Make Money Online

If you are looking for a legit way to make money online, you should give Affiliate Marketing a try.

This is the method I use.

The startup costs are low and you get to choose what you want to promote and ultimately the amount of money you can earn.

Check out my guide here on how this model works.

Basically, you will be promoting products or services on behalf of a vendor. There are literally thousands of networks you can join and millions of products you can promote.
You will never be short of products or services to promote.

With more and more businesses moving their services online, this is a very lucrative market you can leverage.

However, it is not simple and you won’t be making money overnight. It takes hard work, being consistent and patience but the rewards are definitely worth it.

There are also things you need to understand such as keyword research, how to rank your site, how to set up a website, choosing products to promote, how to attract visitors and a lot more.

Knowing and understanding these concepts are key to you being successful that is why I invested in a training platform that taught me everything I needed to become successful online.

Within 3 months of signing up and following the training, I made my first commission.

Unlike systems like the CoinChest app that will give you training that won’t get you anywhere, this training is the most comprehensive training platform I’ve seen online and I’ve been around for quite a few years.

It is this training platform that has helped me earn a regular income online.

It can help you too.

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Making money online is possible.

With the right investment, training and support, you can do it!

Thank you for taking the time out to read my CoinChest Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!


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