Commission Wave Review – A Scam Or See $3K Paydays?

Commission Wave Review

Welcome to my Commission Wave Review!

This system claims you can have $3k paydays as the creator Rob.  $3k is pocket money for many Internet Marketers so this isn’t such a wild claim.  However, a claim is a claim and needs to be looked into.

The internet is rife with scams and products that promise you earnings only to leave you empty-handed.

So, I’m glad you are here doing your research into the Commission Wave product as it is the only way to avoid scams and find legitimate ways to earn money online.

You may have come across other reviews on Commission Wave that are giving it the thumbs up.  These reviewers are more than likely promoters of the product which means they will earn a commission if they make a sale.

There is nothing wrong with this.  However, by promoting a product as being wonderful to earn a commission is unethical.

My uncut, unbiased, in-depth review will reveal all you need to know – the good and the bad – so you can decide whether it will meet your need.

Let’s begin …

Commission Wave Review

Name: Commission Wave
Level: Beginners
Type: Affiliate Marketing
Who Is It For?: Affiliate Marketers with an interest in Facebook Live Marketing
Price: $4.95
Owner: Rob Reece
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 4/10


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What Is Commission Wave?

According to the Sales Page…

Commission Wave is a fresh twist on proven method for making easy payments into your PayPal with 100% FREE traffic. Get setup in less than an hour and you’ll be able to bank $93.64 to $2,547 day after day.

The system is said to be beginner friendly and you only need to spend a couple of hours each day to see the money rolling in. This sure does sound great, however, there are a few things you need to know, especially if you are a beginner to Internet Marketing.

Any “make money online” system that takes a few hours to set up often require you to have other things in place.  I have seen these claims often and it often means that you need to have a website up and running or Social media presence.

Rob isn’t transparent on the methods you will be using to make this money which is always a red flag in my book.  Most product owners who have a legit system will tell you how you will be making money so that you know whether to part with your hard-earned cash or not.

Anyways, let’s see how this works

How Does Commission Wave Work?

It is a training program where you will be taught how to do Affiliate Marketing.   Affiliate Marketing is a legit business model and it is the method I use to make money online.  It is beginner friendly and, with decent training geared towards beginners, you certainly need no prior experience.

Affiliate Marketing is all about the promoting of products and services to earn a commission.  You can sign up for free from literally thousands of Affiliate Networks and start to promote any one of their products.  You will be issued with your own unique affiliate link so that when a customer clicks it and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

With Commission Wave, Rob teaches you how to choose offers from WarriorPlus.  You will need to create a website and using Facebook Live, you will be promoting your offer.

Included in the 17 training video lessons you will also learn how to set up an email list; you do get a lot for $4.95!  I’ve seen some products where they cost way more than $4.95 and have only a handful of videos, so this is a great start.

The program also includes a case study of Rob using the system and showing you income proofs that the system works.   However, I have seen many a case study where the owner will set a clock and begin to follow the exact training methods you will be getting.

This is no proof that the earnings generated are within the timeframe OR from using the system.  Take this with a grain of salt.

So, you get a lot of training but will it see you earning money?

The training is well-rounded but it doesn’t go into enough depth.  I find this with many of these systems that have such a low selling price.  It might seem like you’re getting value for training but I can tell you that the training only touches the surface.

Rob doesn’t go into enough detail about SEO techniques which is the crux of your online business.  Learning about keywords, how to rank in the search engines and, writing great content are just some of the key concepts you need to understand in order to be successful online.

The training is lacking in these areas.  On the Sales page, they also say that you can get set up in less than an hour.  This is totally unrealistic – you need to create a Facebook page, create a website, find products on WarriorPlus, wait to be approved and so much more.  It will take a few weeks to do all this to get things moving before you will even see your first $.

Affiliate Marketing is growing at an exponential rate and it is worth your while investing in some serious training f you want to make money as an Affiliate Marketer.

Until you learn what Internet Marketing is about, you will be at the mercy of unethical product owners who will tempt you to buy systems and products that promise you money with minimal effort.

They say no prior experience or knowledge required but this isn’t completely true.  Think about it – any profession, let’s say a teacher.  If you were going to apply for a job as a teacher, you can’t just turn up and get the job.  You need some kind of exposure – even if it means having to deal with your own children!

With Internet Marketing, if you don’t understand how it works, you can be spending money unnecessarily as product owners will say that you need this product or that software in order to make money.  This is how they make their money.

Learning how Internet Marketing works should be your first step to your making money online journey.  This is the step I have taken and I’m now reaping the benefits!

Learn Internet Marketing – 1st  Step To Making Money Online!

Is Commission Wave A Scam?

No.  It isn’t a scam.  However, the Sales page and claims are misleading.  The thought of earning money fast is nice but unfortunately, to make money online takes time, a lot of effort, hard work and commitment.

Commission Wave Review

Rob makes it sound so simple … A 3-step system.

If you have read the ‘How Does Commission Wave Work’ Section above, you can see that it is more than 3 steps.


Commission Wave Review

3 steps to making money online … If only!

If it were so easy, everyone will be making money online.  As I mentioned previously, it takes time, patience and commitment to make money online.  Buying systems like these will only leave you feeling overwhelmed confused and frustrated.

There will be more work involved and probably more money to be invested!  Who is going to sell you a system for $4.95 that will see you earning $2k+?  Noone!

I have reviewed over 200 products and those that promise you ‘easy money’ with little effort are the ones that will cost you more as once you have purchased the system you are immediately presented with another product that will get you earning the amount of money they say you can earn – and these products aren’t cheap.

I find it unethical and misleading that product owners prey on those who are seeking out legitimate ways to make money online.  Just present the truth – if they like it, they will take it but to mislead people into thinking that they can start to earn money with little effort and minimal time is setting them up for failure.

Don’t believe the hype – as much as it all sounds great and the sales page looks wonderful this is done to lure you into buying their product.

If you don’t know what you don’t know, you won’t know what you don’t know.  (I think that’s the right phrase) 🤔  Anyways, what I’m saying is that product owners will try to hoodwink those that are new to Internet Marketing by telling them what they want to hear.

I have been stung once in the SEO field.  Many years ago, I started a website that wasn’t appearing in the top listing in the search engines – it wasn’t ranking for the keywords.  I’d purchased a manual and did everything by the book (pardon the pun) and still, my site didn’t appear in the search engine.  I admitted defeat and approached a company who charged me $500! They claimed to have done some work but my site never did appear in the first page of the search engines.

It was only by following proper training that I now realise what a big con that was.  At the time I didn’t.

I now rank for the #1 position in the search engines for some of my posts!

If you don’t want to be led up the garden path and round the bend with your online journey, learn how Internet Marketing works so that you can save money, time and effort!

Learn Internet Marketing Here … Like I did!


  • Low-cost training
  • Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate business model
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Facebook Live is an up-and-coming medium


  • Money claims on the Sales page aren’t consistent
  • Makes it sound so easy to make money online
  • It takes more than 3 steps to make money online
  • Training is lacking in areas which are crucial to your online success such as SEO
  • Threats of a price hike to lure you into buying
  • You need to have an online presence in order for this to work for you
  • Hidden costs – autoresponder, PageBuilder software for your website


I hope my Commission Wave Review has given you enough information to decide whether this product is the right fit for you or not. Even though the training covers a well-rounded view of Affiliate Marketing, there is so much more to this method than what is being taught in the training.

You only get what you pay for – a $4.95 training course will only skim the surface.  You will not learn enough to be successful at earning the income they claim you can earn.

With the training platform I use, it has live weekly video events covering aspects of Internet Marketing, over 300 video-based lessons and so much more!  Check out my review here.

Making money online is definitely possible but not with low-quality training products or systems and programs that have been clubbed together without any thought.  It takes in-depth training from those who have already done it and are willing to share their experience.

Many people haven’t even made a $ and are selling systems and products to make them their first $.  You really do need to be careful online as there are a lot of falsifications and hype when it comes to income proofs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you made your first $ through learning and applying Internet Marketing techniques that you can teach others about so that you can earn even more revenue?  Well, you can!

I now earn a 3-figure monthly income and by continual learning, I can leverage those skills to increase my income. Do you want to see how I do it?

Check it out by clicking the link below.

Learn How I Make Money As An Internet Marketer

Whether you decide to buy Commission Wave or check out how I earn a living online, I wish you nothing but the best with your online journey.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Commission Wave Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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