Discover The Plan Review: A Scam Or Make $500K?

Discover The Plan Review

Welcome to my Discover The Plan Review!  This is the system that an 8 year-girl apparently used to make $500k.  The system claims to be using a “weird trick” that will make everyone a lot of money.  Is this really true or is this a scam waiting to get at your hard earn cash?

I’m glad you are here doing your due diligence as there are so many products and systems online that claim to make you earn huge sums of money but are only there to make the owners rich at your expense.  Making money online is possible but there are no weird tricks in doing so only legitimate and proven methods.

I know this as I have been online for a number of years and there are no weird tricks or quick methods to make money online.

Anyways, let’s begin this review …

Discover The Plan Review

Name: Discover The Plan
Level:  Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?:  Those interested in eCommerce
Price: $97/month + upsells
Owner: “Ron Porter”
Training: Yes. It’s a training program
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

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What Is Discover The Plan?

It is a system that supposedly uses a ‘weird trick’  to make you earn up to half a million within a year.   The system is reported to be the same system 8-year old Alina Morse from Oakland County Michigan used to build a multi-million dollar company.  You can read her story here.

However, this is a lie – if you read Alina’s story and how she made her money, it has nothing to do with this system.


Discover The Plan Review

Using someone else’s success to lure people into buying a product is not only unethical but misleading.  Ron claims that with this system all you need to do to earn the huge amount of money is to follow some direction, get the training and press go.  If only making money online was so easy.

This all seems a bit elusive. .. what are the directions?  how long will it take to make money and what will you be doing?  Shall we see how the system works?

How Does Discover The Plan Work?

The system is a Sales funnel for another program called My eCom Club which is a legitimate training program but it is very expensive.  I’m talking thousands …

The training is geared toward setting up your own e-commerce dropshipping business.  The $97 you pay is a monthly fee which will only give you access to the members’ area.  In order to gain access to the training, you will need to fork out around $2k and that is just for the first part!


So to gain access to all the training it will cost you a pretty penny.

Discover The Plan Review


The e-commerce business model isn’t beginner friendly.  It takes a lot of work to set up and you certainly won’t be making this kind of money within a few weeks or months.  It’ll take years for you to reach the level of income they say you can make with the system.

For that reason, a lot of Internet Marketers have moved from this business model and have started Affiliate Marketing as it is so much easier to get started and you can make just as much money, if not more as an Affiliate Marketer.

Is Discover The Plan A Scam

No it isn’t a scam as they are selling a legit system, but it is misleading.  Paying $97 for a system only to have to fork out up to $2k before you gain access to anything tangible is unethical.  Even though they have a 30-day money back guarantee, this is only for the $97 initial fee you would have paid on sign up.

You will need to pay up to $2k to access the real system.  If you decide to pay and find that it isn’t for you, you do not get your refund back on the $2k.  You are presented with the eCom training system as soon as you pay your $97.  If you do decide at that point that you have changed your mind, they may say that you haven’t tried out the product so will potentially lose your $97! This is a deliberate marketing tactic so that the owner “Ron Porter” can make money no matter what decision you make.

Ron is an affiliate of The Ecom Club system.  He will earn a commission from each person that buys the product.  This isn’t a problem but as I mentioned before, using a success story and promising you huge profits from a system that doesn’t exist is a downright lie.  He even mentions that he has 6 pages under his name.  Basically, this means that he promotes The Ecom Club system using 6 other Sales page so if you see another system that claims to make you earn huge sums of money using similar tactics you may find that it will lead you to The Ecom Club system.


Discover The Plan Review


If this isn’t enough to put you off from parting with your hard-earned cash,  all those glaring testimonies are false.  They are actors that the owner has sourced from Fiverr platform.  I recognize these faces from other product reviews I have done over the years.  These people are given a script to read to say how the product or system has earned them huge sums of money within a short time period.  This is to lure you into thinking that you too can make fast money.  It all sounds real and believable but these people have NOT purchased the system.

The lady below appears in the Greedy Mentor Sales video and several others.


Discover The Plan Review


Greedy Mentor Review Fake testimonials


This bloke appears in the Inbox Income Sales pitch and several other product reviews!

Discover The Plan Review


Discover The Plan Review

Inbox Income Sales video


Money Miracle Review


The truth is, no one has made this amount of money with the system.  If it were true, they would have real testimonials and there would be no need to use a Sales Funnel, they would promote the system as it is.  Unfortunately, The eCom Club system isn’t that great as they make it out to be.  If you do your research on this product, you will find reviews that are very negative towards the product and claim that the owner is only in the business to make money and not to offer anything of value that can help you to make money.

They also claim that there are limited spots to lure you into signing up to the system.  The eCom Club is certainly not going to turn people away.  This again is another marketing tactic to let you part with your money.


Discover The Plan Review


This system will not only cost you a fortune but it has a very steep learning curve.  Certainly not for a beginner or newbie to Internet Marketing.

Learn How To Make Money Online

However, if you are adamant that e-commerce is the business model you want to use, then check out Fred Lam’s  Zero Up product which is so much cheaper than Discover The Plan.  You can even start out on your own selling your own items on Amazon or eBay.  They don’t have to be brand new – I’ve sold used books on Amazon.  However, I’ve not tried selling on eBay.  e-commerce wasn’t for me and after seeing what it entails using Amazon I didn’t want to pursue it.


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • The system at the end of the sale funnel is legit albeit expensive
  • You can make money with e-commerce


  • Paid actors
  • Using someone else’s success to sell their product
  • You’re not getting Discover The Plan but another system
  • Unrealistic claims of making money
  • Scarcity – Limited spots to lure you into signing up – My Ecom Club will take any amount of people
  • Takes years of hard work to make the kind of money they say you can make
  • Very expensive training
  • Upsells
  • Steep learning curve using this business model
  • Not beginner friendly


I do not recommend Discover The Plan.  You’re basically giving away $97 to gain access to a members area.  If you don’t continue with the training, you will lose your money.  The training is very expensive and you don’t even get to see how the training is set out before you hand over your $2k.  For $2k, you only get the first part of the training.

Going by my previous experience of reviewing similar products, the information can probably be gotten from different sources on the internet.  Any system that misleads you into buying something should not be trusted.  These days you should not trust anything unless it is transparent.  There are no weird tricks, fast ways to make money online.  Making money online takes hard work, commitment, and dedication.  If making money online were so easy, everyone would be doing it.

However, not everyone is cut out for an online business because they may not have the time or they may even be happy with their current situation.  Seeing that you have reached so far in this review, means that you are serious about making money online.

Systems like Discover The Plan will leave you feeling frustrated, disappointed and out of pocket.  If you really want to make money online, you should learn the ropes so that you can avoid wasting money, time and effort on systems like this.  I now make a recurring passive income all thanks to the training platform that I have been using for the last 2 years.  They teach you how to build a successful business as an Affiliate Marketer.

As I mentioned previously, Affiliate Marketing is the easiest model for a beginner to use to make money online – low start-up costs, you don’t need to own any products, you don’t have to deal with customers or vendors or any of the headaches that come with owning a shopfront.

Unlike many of these systems that don’t show you what you will be doing until you hand over your money, the training platform I use will give you access to 10 lessons so you can actually do some hands-on-training that will see you build your first website by lesson 4.

Check out all the details in my guide by clicking the link below.


Learn How To Make Money Online

You won’t make money overnight or at the click of a button.  However, the hard you put in now will set you up for the future.

Imagine being able to spend more time with your friends and family, go on holiday when you choose to without having to give the boss notice, paying off any debts you may have and basically enjoying the life you deserve.

It doesn’t come easy but your hard work will be worth it.  YOU are not building something for today, but something for the future, for years to come.  It is a long-term investment.  By building the foundation now with the training, this will set you up for success.

It’s time to take action.  Do nothing, nothing happens.

Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Discover The Plan Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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  1. Hello Jacqueline,
    thank you so much for reviewing the “discover-the-plan. I was just about to send in the money to join. After seeing your review, I stopped.
    Can you review another program for me? the owners are Coaches Matt & Orlando. One of their links is https://www.trueprofitmachine.com/intro and their email address is matt@meetcoachmatt.com. I have written them a letter, but I am not allowed to copy it here. I did not receive any reply.
    Thanks again for helping people to choose a right program.

    • You’re welcome Patrick.
      I will check out the True Profit Machine and will post a review shortly.

      If you don’t get a response when sending emails to product owners, this is also a red flag. Please continue to do your due diligence before handing over your money.

      Wishing you all the best with your online journey.

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