Explosivo Review – No Bonuses – Just An Honest Review!

Explosivo Review

Welcome to my Explosivo Review!

I received an email about this product and how a newbie student by the name of Will Weatherly is banking a solid $50-100/day.  You too have probably received a similar email or you have seen hundreds of reviews offering a handful of free bonuses so you decided to check out my review to see what this product is all about.

So, I’m glad you’re here doing your research before handing diving in and handing over your hard-earned cash.  By doing your due diligence, you can avoid scams and find legit methods and products that will meet your needs.

In my honest, unbiased review, questions you may have such as “Is Explosivo A Scam?”, “What Is Explosivo About?” will be answered.

So, let’s begin …

Explosivo Review

Name: Explosivo
Launch Date: June 2019
Level: Beginners
Who Is It For?: Anyone looking to make money using Instagram Marketing
Price: $7.97 + upsells
Owner: Bill Hugnall, Simple Spencer and Will Weatherley
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 3/10

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What Is Explosivo About?

This beginner-friendly product doesn’t require any prior experience or technical skills and by working 20-30 minutes each day, you can expect to see profits.  This sure does sound like an easy entry to the online world.

However, I have written over 200 product reviews and those that claim that they’re beginner friendly often require that you have some skills and requires more than just a few minutes each day to start earning.

Anyways, with this product, they claim that you won’t need an email list, you won’t need to create or launch a product and you won’t need to create videos.

So, shall we see how it works? …

How Does Explosivo Work?

Explosivo Review

Once you have accessed the Members area, you are presented with a Welcome video which lasts around 45 seconds.  This video is a quick overview of how Explosivo works.

The main training consists of 16 videos:

  • Video 1: Visual Introduction To The Explosivo System (5.44)
  • Video 2: Creating A “Lead Magnet” Using Pinterest (4.30)
  • Video 3: Demo of A Lead Magnet Video Presentation (4.08)
  • Video 4: Notes On The Demo Video (3.15)
  • Video 5: YouTube Thumbnail Creation For Your Video (5.08)
  • Video 6: Getting The Lead Magnet On Your Website (4.41)
  • Video 7: Landing Page & Bridge Page Set Up (3.25)
  • Video 8: Automated Bridge Page (No Face On Camera) (3.40)
  • Video 9: Google Ads & FB Ads Remarketing Walkthrough (5.56)
  • Video 10: Email Follow Up Sequence (5.41)
  • Video 11: Creating The Instagram Post (4.40)
  • Video 12: Posting On Instagram + How To Post To Instagram From A Laptop (4.36)
  • Video 13: Ordering Instagram Mentions + Where To Buy An “Aged” Account (5.52)
  • Video 14: Creating The Instagram Story Ad (7.53)
  • Video 15: Setting Up An IG Story Ad Campaign On FB Ads (9.05)
  • Video 16: Case Study + Blasting Forward with Explosivo (5.07)

Explosivo, in a nutshell, is all about Internet Marketing using Instagram.

Using Instagram Mentions for “engagement”, you will scrape the bg IG Influencers (which will cost you about $2 for 1000 visitors).  This is done to make your account look ‘attractive’ and to create engagement and awareness.

However, if you’re just starting out with a brand new Instagram account and you use Instagram Mentions, you may get banned as there is no way a brand new Instagram site can be getting so much traffic so to avoid this the owners of Explosivo suggest you buy an aged account.

You will also use Instagram stories for followers. You will need to set up Instagram Story Ads on Facebook Manager.

Right from the off, you are participating in bad practices which you should avoid if you want a long and successful Internet Marketing career.

Systems like these will use short-cuts and unethical methods to make money which will cost you in the long run.  If you want to build a successful online business, products like these will not help.  They will cause your business to fail.

Anyways, these 2 “traffic sources” will be directed to your Instagram post.  You will need to create a lead magnet for that post that will be used as a free giveaway when the user enters their email address.

This lead magnet is a video course.  Bill Hugnall tells you that he uses a hack and that it is underground stuff that a lot of people don’t teach which he will use to create this course.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

If you short change your subscribers they will unsubscribe from your list.  It is best to use legit means and methods and not hacks and underground methods to create your giveaways.  Provide value and your subscribers will remain loyal to you.

So far, I’m not impressed with Explosivo.  There are so many parts to it – Instagram Mentions, Facebook Manager, Instagram Story Ads, creating videos and they say it is beginner friendly!

Don’t forget that you will need to set create a website to advertise your lead magnet and set up an email sequence.

This is waaayyyyyyyyyy too much for a beginner.  Even I’m confused!

If you want to stumble at the first hurdle of being an Internet Marketer then go ahead and purchase Explosivo.  However, if you want to become a successful Internet Marketer, then learn the ropes.

Did you know that to get started as an Internet Marketer all you need is a website, hosting and a domain name?  You do however need to be able to write a lot of content but that is fine if you have a passion and your website will be based on this.

For example, you might be crazy about weight lifting.  You can write about the different kinds of weights, the proper way to lift weights, equipment needed for weight lifting such as gloves, belts and so on and recommend products.

Any product you recommend and someone makes a purchase, you earn a commission.  This method of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing and it is beginner friendly.  This is the method I use.

Can you see how simple it is?  You don’t need to use paid traffic; you use SEO techniques such as keyword research and, writing high-quality content.

See how all of this works by checking out my guide here.

Is Explosivo A Scam?

No.  It isn’t a scam but I can honestly say that it is way too complex for a newbie.  There are too many elements for things to go wrong without you having a foundation on how Internet Marketing works.

When I started my Internet Marketing journey, I had a website and that was it.  No autoresponder, no products, no Social Media accounts, no ads.  When you begin your Internet Marketing journey, keep it simple.  Don’t fall for the hype as it will confuse you.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can start to implement ads, an autoresponder and Social Media accounts.

Most product owners have been online for a number of years so, at times, I believe they tend to forget what it was like when they started out and they try to include as much as they can in their products which will only leave newbies overwhelmed and frustrated.

Explosivo isn’t as simple and easy as they say.  You will need skills in order to create ads otherwise you could end up losing a lot of money, you will need to set up Social Media accounts on Instagram and Facebook, you will need to set up an autoresponder and email swipes and plus many other tasks.

They tell you that you can make money within 48 hours but this is very unrealistic, even with the hacks and shortcuts they teach you.

If you want to get started online, keep it simple.  Many people started out using products like these and have given up hope on ever becoming an Internet Marketer.

Don’t let this be you.  Internet Marketing isn’t complex.  It just takes hard work, commitment and patience.   You can’t make money at the push of a button or working 30 minutes each day.  If it were so, so many people would be doing it.

So, start off slow by learning the basics.  As I mentioned above, I started with just a website and that kept me busy for a few months before I decided to add an autoresponder when I started to see traffic (visitors to my website).

You won’t get traffic on day one so there is no point in wasting money on buying an autoresponder as there will be no one to sign up to your list.  Scraping followers will not be targeted traffic so you can have 1000 Instagram followers but they’re not interested in what you are promoting.

Your aim is to get targeted traffic.  You arrived at this article because you entered “Explosivo Review” or something along those lines.  I didn’t scrape Instagram followers or used Ads –  I didn’t pay a single $ for you to turn up at my site.    That’s the beauty of using keywords.

As time goes by, I will gain traffic using this method.  As you can see from the diagram below, my traffic started off slow (when I created my website) and then it increased as I wrote more content.


If you want to learn how to build an online business using the methods I use then check out my review on the platform I used to get started.


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Bill Hugnall is a seasoned Internet Marketer
  • Lots of training
  • Low cost


  • Too many elements – Instagram, Facebook Manager, Instagram Mentions, Creating videos, Instagram stories
  • Need an autoresponder
  • Upsells
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Won’t make money within 48 hours
  • They tell you that you don’t need to create any videos, but you do


I hope my Explosivo Review has given you the information you need to make an informed decision on whether to make a purchase or not.  However, if you’re a beginner to Internet Marketing, I do not recommend this product.

It will only leave you feeling overwhelmed.  This product is for those who already have a grasp on Internet Marketing, with a website, and want to leverage Instagram as an additional tool to their marketing needs.

As a beginner, you need to learn the nuts and bolts first so you can decide whether you need an email list, whether Instagram is the right platform for you, and whether you need to invest in ads.

Products like these that use many methods and tools are for seasoned Internet Marketers.  The product owners make it sound so easy to make money with their system when the truth is it takes hard work and effort.

If you are serious about being an Internet Marketer and are willing to learn how Internet Marketing works and are willing to invest your time and effort then click the link below for my guide on how I got started and where I learned my skills.


Save Money! – Learn How Internet Marketing Works HERE!  


Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Explosivo Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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