Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Is It A Scam Or Make $500+ Daily?

Five Minute Profit Sites

Welcome to my Five Minute Profit Sites Review!

This software claims that you can make $500/day in 5 minutes and 17 clicks!

Is that true or is it a scam waiting to take your money?

I’m glad you are here doing your research before buying as there are so many products that offer you the moon on a stick only for you to find out that it isn’t quite what they say.


Five Minute Profit Sites Review

Name: Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS)
Website: http://fiveminuteprofitsites.net/
Launched: June 2018
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Affiliate Marketers
Price: $37 + upsells
Owners: Unknown
Training: No
Support: No
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 3/10

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What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

It is a point-and-click software app designed to make FAST money using done-for-you websites.

Sam Smith is the spokesperson for this product.  She doesn’t mention who owns the product which seems strange.

However …

What she does mention is that it is a secret industry – hidden away from the public – which will make you money in 5 minutes and 17 clicks!

The not so ‘secret’ industry is, in fact,  Affiliate Marketing.

But, Affiliate Marketing with a difference!

Once set up, as the software does everything for you, all you need to do is spend 23 minutes of your time each day on your site to see the profits rolling in.

But is that really all you need to do or is there more than meets the eye with Five Minute Profit Sites?

Let’s see how it works in the next section.


How Does Five Minute Profit Sites Work?

This is the Dashboard you will see when you log in.

It looks well put together, but you’ll soon see the flaws with it …

Five Minute Profit Sites

As I mentioned previously, the Business Model it uses is Affiliate Marketing.

This is one of the safest ways to make money online due to the fact that the startup costs are fairly low  – all you need is a domain name and hosting for your website (at a minimum).

You make money by signing up as an affiliate with a company/network and start to promote their products.  Any sales made using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission.

However, being an Affiliate Marketer, I’ve noticed some flaws in how Five Minute Profit Sites works.

Firstly there are 3 steps to getting things up and running:

Step 1 – Create A Clickbank Account

  • Sign up to a free account with Clickbank – giving basic details such as your name and address
  • Enter your banking information – you will need this so that any commission made will be sent to your bank account
  • Enter an account nickname – you will need this for login purposes to Clickbank

Step 2 – Choose a Website

  • Enter a Name for your website or choose from the list of available sites

Step 3 – Sign up for an Email Service (They suggest Aweber)

  • Enter a web form code from Aweber into the software –

Wait a few minutes and your affiliate website will be built!

That all seems great but, as an Affiliate Marketer, you can choose from a wider range of affiliate networks to promote products other than just Clickbank.

Don’t let the Five Minute Profit Sites software limit you.

Besides that, Clickbank is known for selling scammy products as the product owners are not vetted, so they can put together anything and sell it as being the next best thing since sliced bread.

Using Clickbank as a source for your products will probably end up with you getting lots of refund requests!

I have reviewed many products from Clickbank and most of them underdeliver or are misleading in their sales pitch.

Five Minute Profit Sites is also a Clickbank product which I can safely add to this category.

Here are just a few others:

The AZ Code

Kindle Sniper

eCom Profit Sniper

As an affiliate marketer, you want to be able to choose the products you want to market than to have some system randomly choose products for you to promote.

There might be some good products on Clickbank but they are far and few between that is why having some done-for-you system isn’t the way to go.

It might seem like a great opportunity but you will regret going this easy route.

The reasons being is that other than having products promoted for you, you don’t actually own your website.

If Five Minute Profit Sites decide to close shop, all your efforts will be wasted – even if it is only 23 minutes a day – as the website is hosted on their server.

You will also lose out on any pending commission.

How Do You Make Money?

The website that is built for you, is similar to the Five Minute Profit Sites Sales pitch website in that you will have a sales video that is presented by a professional actor.

Sam Smith – is probably a professional actor too. 🤨

When visitors watch your video, they are promised a free money-making system which is valued at $197 but they can get it for free if they enter in their email address.

Once they have entered in their email address to download the system, they are sent to a Clickbank product through your Clickbank affiliate link.

If they purchase the product, you earn a commission.

However, what seems to be missing here, is the crucial part of driving traffic to your website.  How will they know about your website?

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to do SEO which includes keyword research so that when someone enters in a phrase in a search engine like Google or Bing, your site gets listed.  It is only then that they will arrive at your site.

Using other methods like posting links on forums and on Social Media platforms will NOT attract visitors.

People these days are looking for value, they are looking for engagement, not just someone posting a link here and there with the hope of making money.

Unfortunately, the method used here will not make you any money.

If you want to see how to make money as an Affiliate Marketer, click the image below.

Five Minute Profit Sites

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam?

It isn’t a scam as the method used can make you money.

However, it is too restricted for what Affiliate Marketing can do for you.

Five Minute Profit Sites is very limiting and doesn’t do justice to the Affiliate Marketing business model.

The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that you can find high-end products and promote them successfully without the fear of the buyer asking for a refund.

If you want to find out how to do that click here


  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The business model used is legit.


  • Choosing a website that has already been registered is dangerous if you haven’t done your research about the site.  Many people sell domain names that have been associated with wrongdoings.  If you were to use one of those websites for your business can you imagine the damage it will do?
  • Done-for-you systems don’t work.
  • Saying that its a completely new, unseen and revolutionary method – Affiliate Marketing has been around for many years.
  • Unknown product owner.
  • Affiliate Products to promote are pre-chosen for you.
  • The $37 fee you pay isn’t for the software as they say it is FREE.  What you are paying for is the hosting services.  This is quite expensive as you can get hosting services starting from $10.
  • Hidden AWeber costs. More money you will need to fork out which they fail to tell you about.
  • Your websites won’t rank.  No SEO or traffic generating methods used.



I do not recommend Five Minutes Profit Sites.

As an Affiliate Marketer myself, I know the potential of this business model.

However, the process what Five Minutes Profit Sites teaches will definitely not make you successful or earn you $500+ each day.

Having a website that collects emails and expecting someone to make a purchase at the end of it isn’t even worth thinking about.

What it will do, is leave you frustrated and confused by using their method.

If you like the idea of becoming an Affiliate Marketer, then that’s great however it is best to learn how to become successful in this business which I know you can, than to gamble at buying products like these with the hope of making money.

I learned through a platform that has excellent training and teaches you the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing so you can see why certain things can and can’t work.

You need to be in a position where you are certain that what you are doing will work.

Products like Five Minutes Profit Sites will not reveal this to you, so you’ll never know how to build a successful business online that will see you earn a passive income for years to come.

The platform I use not only teaches how to become successful online; you will be among like-minded people who were like you looking for ways to make money online but failed.

We are no longer failing.

You can check out my review here to see what it’s all about.

Here is a comparison chart between my recommended product and Five Minute Profit Sites.

You can see at a glance that they offer more in value.


It’s time to stop wasting your time on these done-for-you systems that are only there to make a quick buck off you and will probably fold after a couple of months leaving you hanging dry.

Why not give the platform that I use a try?

There are 10 lessons which you can get for free by clicking the button below.  No credit card required.

Save yourself $37 and check out the 10 free lessons by clicking the button below.

How To Build A Successful Online Business

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about my Five Minute Profit Sites Review, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe online!

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