Flipp Ninja Review: Make $1000’s In 24 hrs!?!

Flipp Ninja Review

Welcome to my Flipp Ninja Review I’m glad you are here as this uncut review will reveal to you what the others don’t.  You may have seen positive reviews of this system offering you bonuses and giveaways but the reviews don’t go into much detail.

These reviews are created by affiliates of Flipp Ninja who will earn a commission if you make a purchase.  Nothing wrong with earning a commission on a recommendation, however, they don’t tell you about the cons or what might not work if you are a newbie.

I have reviewed hundreds of products and most claim to be newbie friendly and are clearly not going by some of the complaints I have had from my readers.  Many of them will only work if you fork out more money buying their upsells or if you invest in more training.

However, all is not lost as there are tried and tested methods that are definitely newbie friendly and do work better than throwing caution to the wind with products and systems that offer you the moon on a stick and don’t deliver.

Anyways, let’s see what this system’s about …

Flipp Ninja Review

Name: Flipp Ninja
Type: Arbitrage
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Internet Marketers interested in Arbitrage
Price: $12.37 + upsells
Owners: Pallab Gosal and Art Flair
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

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What Is Flipp Ninja About?

This is an arbitrage product that uses a brand new formula that very few people know about and even less are actually using it.

The system is beginner friendly and all it takes is 5 minutes of your time each day to be making $1000’s per month.  On the Sales Page, it tells you that you can start today and see your first profit tomorrow with this copy and paste system earning $25 – $100 per “flip”.  You don’t even need a website, hosting or a domain name for this to work.

In the short Sales video, Art tells you that it’s the easiest method to make money online – by the way, he says this for all his systems and many of them are so difficult to set up, so take that with a pinch of salt.

Anyways,  arbitrage – no matter what formula is being used – is all about making a profit by buying a product or service at a low price and selling it at a higher price.  Seems simple enough, however, there are lots of factors to consider if you want to go down this route, for example, the changes in prices and the platform you will be sourcing your services or products from in the first place.

So, let’s see how this brand new formula works shall we? …

How Does Flipp Ninja Work?

You will have access to 12 over-the-shoulder videos that will show you how to make use of arbitrage with Solo Ads.  Solo Ads is a marketing piece used in email marketing in order to get traffic, leads, and… eventually, make sales.

Flipp Ninja Review

You will be using the Facebook platform to find potential clients that need traffic.  Once you have found the clients, you will close the deal with them -coming to an agreement on the price per click per lead.  They will then forward you the links that are to be clicked and your money upfront.  You will then need to go to the second site and find a vendor that is selling solo ads for less than the price that you have agreed with your client.  Once you have found a vendor, you will need to forward the links so that you get charged less but earn a profit of between $25 – $100 per ‘flip’.

Even though this is a legitimate method (the customer isn’t aware that they are being charged for a higher priced service) it takes longer than 5 minutes to make money.  It will take a lot of time to find your customers and then more time to find vendors that are offering solo ads at a lower fee.

However, these days with so much information, people shop around and don’t just buy the first thing they see whether it’s a service or product so your profits will be marginal.  You will need thousands of customers for this to be a worthwhile money making venture.

Arbitrage used to be straight forward selling of products which worked well but now huge companies are competing against one another so they use price-matching to gain customers.  These days arbitrage is used for almost anything but there is no guarantee that using arbitrage for services will be profitable.

An arbitrage system I reviewed recently called Fiverrlicious, uses a site that was rampant with low-quality services that yielded a lot of complaints.  If you provide solo ads from a site where the services are low-quality and of low value, this will reflect on you and more importantly the amount of money you can make.

Anyways, most business pages on Facebook will have something in place to gain leads so it will be hard for you to find customers there.  Facebook is also clamping down on those that just post links so you will need to use Facebook Ads in order to find your customers which can add up to a pretty penny if you don’t know what you are doing.

Is Flipp Ninja A Scam?

No it isn’t a scam as you do get something for your money and if you are not entirely happy with it, you can request a refund.  However, being sold something on lies and hype is not only unethical but misleading.

You are told that you can make money within 24 hours and that all it takes is 5 minutes of your time.  They tell you this to lure you into thinking you can make money right off the bat.  The truth is, no system or product can earn you money with just 5 minutes of work each day.  If it were so easy, they would be selling their products at a much higher rate.

Saying that you can earn money within 24 hours is just ridiculous especially if you are new to Internet Marketing.  As I’ve mentioned before, the setup alone can take some time so don’t expect to make any money within 24 hours.

Learn How To Become A Successful Internet Marketer

I have seen the same hype and claims time and time again where they tell you how easy it is to make money with their system.  Arbitrage is legitimate but it isn’t the best way to begin your online journey if you’re new to Internet Marketing as you need to understand who your clients are, what they are looking for and how to target them.

You can’t target profitable companies with services like these as they are looking for someone with an authority, someone who has learned the ropes and can provide evidence that the service they are providing works.  What can you show to the customers you’re targeting that you have been successful with this method?  These days people want proof so if you say you can get them leads, then you must have a booming business with so many leads that you are offering this service to them.  The truth is, you don’t.

It is better to learn how to become successful at Internet Marketing so that you have people coming to you for a solution to their needs, rather than you trying to find them.  It is nothing more complex than this.  If you can provide a solution to a problem, you have a customer.

You arrived at my site because you wanted to find out a bit more about Flipp Ninja … I have hopefully provided you with a solution on whether to make a purchase or not.

There are so many systems that are using the arbitrage method claiming that it is beginner friendly but this is so far from the truth.  You can check my reviews out and you can see for yourself how much work you need to do and that you will need additional tools to make some of these systems work.


Profit Injector

Fiverrlicious and

Fast Profit Jacker


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Arbitrage is a legit business model


  • Not the best model to start your Internet Marketing journey with
  • You won’t make money within 24 hours.  The setup alone will take more than that
  • Hyped up claims
  • Time-consuming for little gain
  • Time limit to lure you into thinking you will miss the boat if you don’t purchase straight away
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Most sites used for these arbitrage systems offer low-quality, spammy services


I hope my Flipp Ninja Review has given you enough information for you to make an informed decision on whether to make a purchase or not.  However, I do not recommend this system.  It certainly isn’t beginner friendly so, if you are a newbie to Internet Marketing, it’s best to learn the ropes.

This technique is quite advanced and the training doesn’t go into enough depth for you to understand how it all works. You certainly won’t be making money within 24 hours withing investing heavily in their upsells or other training so why not do it right?

Many people will opt for these systems when they see Make Money in 24 hours but the truth is, to make money online takes hard work, patience, consistency and commitment.  An online business isn’t any different to a typical brick and mortar business  – you wouldn’t spend 5 minutes of your time each day building your business and expect to see money rolling in.  Then why would you expect this with an online business?

The only difference between a brick and mortar business and an online business is the reach.  You have the potential to reach millions of people without leaving your desk AND you can be earning money 24/7 while you’re sleeping, on vacation or doing any other activity.

If you want to be successful, claim your success as I did by learning the ropes.  Click the link below where I will show you how I make money online without the need of systems and products like Flipp Ninja.

Learn How To Become A Successful Internet Marketer


Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Flipp Ninja Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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