Four Percent Challenge Review – Can You Really Make $10K in 30 days?

Four Percent Challenge Is It A Scam

You may have heard about the Four Percent Challenge by The Four Percent Group and wondering whether this is another scam or if you can really make money using this system.

If you’re looking for in-depth information about this product, look no further as I will be sharing with you all the important information you need to know about this system in my review so that you can decide whether it is the program for you to invest in.

Four Percent Challenge Review

Name: Four Percent Challenge
Website: fourpercent.com
Level: Beginners to Advanced users
Who Is It For?: Budding online/offline Entrepreneurs
Price: $1 trial then $47/month + upsells
Owners: Vick Strizheus
Training: Video-based webinars
30-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating:

What Is The Four Percent Challenge About?

It is an online marketing and training program designed to help budding entrepreneurs to become successful.

The name Four Percent name comes from the Pareto Principle which states that roughly 80% of the results is from 20% effort from people.

Within that 20%, there is a further 20% that are really pulling out all the stops –  making this the 4% that the Four Percent Challenge refers to.

So in effect, 4% of people will do whatever it takes to get results.

Are you one of the statistics?  Will you be the next ‘Four percenter?’

It doesn’t matter if you have an online or an offline business, the principles can be used in both business types.

It is a system that can be used by:

  • Coaches/Trainers
  • Authors
  • Network Marketers
  • Internet Marketers

and a host of other streams which will help you to rise head and shoulders above everybody else in your space.

Using step-by-step videos you are coached on how to go from $0 to $10,000.

The Challenge is broken down into 3 levels with each level being an extension of the previous one to increase your knowledge without overwhelming you.

You are given specific tasks and detailed training for each day.

Who Is Vick Strizheus?

Vick is an entrepreneur and top traffic and marketing expert and creator of some of the highest converting business training programs on the internet.
Married with 6 children, he started his first online business in 2005 with no money and through trial and error was able to succeed online – by becoming a top producer and top income earner in companies he’s promoted.
He has coached over 3million students from all over the world helping thousands to achieve success at extraordinary levels.

How Does The 4 Percent Challenge Work?

There are 3 levels to the program.

You will start at Level 1.

Four Percent Challenge Is It A Scam

Once you have signed up, you will need to log into your members’ area which is where you can access the challenges.

Metaphorical pills are delivered to you in the form of training modules.

Four Percent Challenge Is It A Scam

Level 1 – 10K Four Percent Challenge Tasks

  • Activating your inner success mechanism – Where you will learn to reprogram and rewire yourself to become successful
  • Strategic product selection –  Where you will learn how to find high-demand products to sell in the marketplace
  • Strategic and positioning in the marketplace – Do you want to stand head and shoulders above others with the product you are promoting?  You will learn how to do that in this session
  • Messaging – You will need to be clear on what your business is about.  How do you become specific and not just wander along?
  • Core skill sets in marketing – You will learn how to drive targeted traffic to whatever you are offering
  • Multi-channel product acquisition -How to grow your email list
  • Customer acquisition – How to convert your prospects into paying customers that return over and over again.
  • Multistream income structure – How to set up multiple streams of passive and automated income alongside your CORE income
  • Development of your central hub –  This is the key to your long-term success. You’ll learn how to create your website and attract visitors so that they become followers

In level 1, there are 60 webinar sessions.

Once you have completed a session, you will mark it as complete.

You will then receive an email within 24 hours which will tell you that the next session is now available.  This is to stop you from just jumping around each session and getting confused and overwhelmed with the content.

You will need to work through each of them on a daily basis.

Levels 2 and 3 build upon the foundation set in Level 1.

Level 2 – 100K Four Percent Challenge Tasks

  • Market Leadership positioning
  • Invisible influence & persuasion skillset development
  • Strategic Product Stacking (S.P.S)
  • Mass Promotion Strategies
  • Customer Systems & Leverage Creation
  • Planting the seeds of total domination

Level 3 $1 Million Four Percent Challenge Tasks

  • Recurring Revenue Models and Systems
  • Systems Scaling
  • Movement Marketing Campaigns
  • Category Ownership Initiatives

By mastering the 3 levels, you can use this to conquer any industry you wish.

You can use it for an existing online business or for ideas on creating a new online/offline business.

By taking the challenge, you can change your life and the lives of your family and loved ones.

Four Percent Challenge Upsells

With most products and services that are fairly low-priced and promise to make you earn silly money, you will find it necessary to purchase additional tools for the program to be successful.

Four Percent Challenge is no different.

However, Vick doesn’t hide the fact that you will need to buy additional tools as he mentions this on his Sales Page.  Some product owners do not tell you this until you are working your way through the program and then you find that you need to make additional purchases in order to move to the next step of the program.

The additional tools you will need to pay extra for are an autoresponder, custom Sales funnel builder, and a custom tracking system.

A Sales funnel is a website with a series of lead pages that visitors navigate to in order to make a purchase.

Most online businesses use these as they are very effective for increasing sales conversion.

They are often referred to as lead pages.

The Sales funnel service you will be using is called Click Funnels which costs $97/month.

The Click Funnels service is easily integrated into the Four Percent software tool so you won’t have to worry about setting this up.

You will also need an autoresponder for the Customer acquisition phase.

An autoresponder from Aweber will cost at a minimum of $19/month for 500 subscribers.  However, if the idea is to attract thousands of potential customers, you could be looking at paying $149/month for up to 25,000 subscribers.

The customer tracking system will only be bought when it is necessary to do so.  No further information is given on when this is likely to be or how important it is to the system being successful for you.

You may find that you will invest a large amount of money in order for the whole process to work, which a lot of people like you may not be able to afford.

Vick also mentions that he’ll also recommend a specific program that will help you to master traffic generation.

Apparently, it is the best available anywhere.

As a Four Percent member, you will get a discount.

Again, no mention of the product or the cost is given.  How much is this product?  Will you be able to afford it?

Without traffic, you won’t get any sales. Traffic is fundamental to every online business.

If you’re using this model for an offline business, then there are means and ways like advertising in local newspapers, in libraries, word of mouth and so on.  However, with an online business, you need great SEO to drive traffic to your website.

A massive discount on this ‘master traffic generation’ program awaits you.

Does this mean that the price will be high?

Is Four Percent Challenge A Scam?

Four Percent Challenge is NOT a scam.

You do get access to training material which arelegitimatge ways to make mony online.

However, the promise of making $10K in a month is certainly not possible if you have just started an online business.

Once you have set the foundation for your business and you have traffic to your site, this can be achieved, but it takes time.

These figures do not come easy.  You will need to work hard and be committed to building your online business.


  • Great Weekly Training Webinars.
  • Vick Strizheus is a proven marketer.
  • Video replays.
  • Structured approach.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Personal Coaching from Vick Strizheus.
  • Low-cost 7-day trial fee.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Upsells.
  • If you’re a fast learner, you can’t race ahead.  You will have to wait for the next session to be unlocked.
  • Unable to budget as costs for tools is unknown.


The whole setup doesn’t seem to allow much flexibility in that you are following a training program and using tools that are recommended for you.

What if you can find other tools that are much better or even cheaper?

There are tons of tools and services that can choose from. Why let someone choose for you?

You may think the structured training will be a huge help to you but what if you’re a fast learner and would like to check out topics that are of interest to you without having to go through steps?

This product can hold you back as you will need to complete each of the challenges every day before the next challenge is released.

I prefer to work at my own pace and get the training as per my needs – not following a plan which may not be relevant to my particular needs or where I’m currently at in my business.

What about the upsells?

You will need to fork out at least $116/month on top of the $49/month membership fee.  This excludes the fee for the customer tracking system and the ‘specific program’ that will help you to master traffic generation.

How much these programs are going to cost you is unknown.  Already you are paying $165/month.

Do you want to sign up for this program only to find out that you could end up paying $500/month or even something more ridiculous?

As with most of these training programs, they are great at telling you how you can make silly money but they don’t tell you EXACTLY what is involved and how you can make money online.

Making money online isn’t rocket science.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what training program you sign up to.  It boils down to the amount of work and effort you are going to put into your business.

It was for this reason why I joined Wealthy Affiliate.  The training doesn’t focus on money.  It tells you to focus on your customers first and how to do this.

The money will come later.

If you understand this and build your online businesses by putting your customers’ needs first, you will be providing something that they want and potentially gain a paying customer.

Why not give Wealthy Affiliate a try?

They have a free 7-day trial. No credit card required.

Check out my review by clicking the button below.  If you want a training program that teaches you the skills that you will need for life and has no hidden extra charges then this is the program I recommend 100%!

Wealthy Affiliate Review Button

Four Percent Challenge Review

Name: Four Percent Challenge
Website: fourpercent.com
Level: Beginners to Advanced users
Who Is It For?: Budding online/offline Entrepreneurs
Price: $1 trial then $47/month + upsells
Owners: Vick Strizheus
Training: Video-based webinars
Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating:8/10

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Four Percent Challenge or Four Percent Group, then please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time.  Take care.

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