From Zero To $100 In 24 Hours Review: A Scam? Truth REVEALED!

from zero to 100 in 24 hours review

Welcome to my From Zero to $100 in 24 hours review!

This system claims you can make $100 in 24 hours.

This isn’t such a ridiculous claim compared to other systems and products I have come across where they claim you can make thousands within minutes.

Anyways, I’m glad you’re here doing your due diligence.

No matter how legitimate an online money making opportunity seem, it is always best to do your research.

If you’re here checking this system out because you have been scammed or lost money to products or systems that failed to deliver on their promises check out a PROVEN way to make money online.

Anyways, let’s begin this review …

From Zero To $100 In 24 Hours Review

Name:  From Zero to $100 in 24 hours
Type: YouTube advertising
Founded: November 2018
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: YouTube Affiliate Marketers
Price: $12.95 + first upsell $37 (downsell to $17 if you leave without making a purchase) plus further upsells of $197 and $157
Owners: Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong
Training: Video-based
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 6/10

What Is From Zero To $100 In 24 Hours About?

This is a video-based training system that will teach you how to leverage the power of video marketing on YouTube.

Video marketing is a huge business and thousands of people are earning a full-time income from their YouTube videos so,  making $100 in 24 hours doesn’t seem to be out of reach.

Jono says that this system is unlike the other systems and products you may have come across that leave out the important bits that are key to your success.

No special tools are needed, no ad budget, no experience, no email list are required to use this system.

He claims that it is a copy and paste system.

However, product owners tell you what you want to hear but don’t always deliver the goods.

Will this be the same for this one?

Let’s see how it works …

How Does From Zero To $100 In 24 Hours Work?

Before you can get started, there are some free tools that you will need to sign up for:

  • A Gmail Account – needed for you to set up a YouTube account
  • A YouTube Account – to post your videos
  • A JVZoo account – to source your affiliate products
  • A WarriorPlus account – to source your affiliate products
  • A PayPal Account – for your commission payments
  • WIX – to create your website – for your Sales page
  • Canva to create images – to create images for your Sales page

You will be making money by promoting products from the WarriorPlus and JVZoo as an Affiliate Marketer.


This is the same business model I use to earn a passive income online.  However, I chose to use a website, From Zero To $100 In 24 Hours uses YouTube.

I reviewed a product previously called Lazy Profit Explosion that uses YouTube but rather than promoting products, it uses paid ads to make money.

Anyways, Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting services and products from Affiliate Networks that you can join for free.

When a sale is made through your own unique affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Check out the short video below on what Affiliate Marketing is in a nutshell.



You will be given training on how to create your accounts, how to choose and promote products from the WarriorPlus and JVZoo platform and how to publish your video.

The video lengths range from a 4 minutes “live” case study on how Jono supposedly made over $100 in 24 hours to a 1-hour video which covers building your sales page with all your bonuses, images and affiliate links.


from zero to 100 in 24 hours review scam

It is really a ‘copy and paste’ system as Jono says.

You follow everything he does.

However, when I was following, there were some glitches which were quite technical for a beginner and can easily leave you overwhelmed.

To get through those glitches Jono used some shortcuts which I wouldn’t recommend as they don’t always work and if you’re a beginner, you can become unstuck.

The setup will take you more than 24 hours if you really want to understand how it all works.

Just copying and following a process doesn’t make you successful.

You might make some money but the chances are it won’t be within 24 hours.

Making money online takes time and a lot of hard work.

Having been online for a number of years, I understand what it is Jono is doing so I know that there are some key steps that are missing.

If you watched the short video above, the fundamental step to becoming successful online is to attract visitors to your site/promotion or whatever it is you’re selling.

You do this using keywords and other SEO techniques.

Jono doesn’t touch on this in the video what he does do is offer this as another tool at a cost!


Missing Items In From Zero To 100 In 24 Hours

It all sounds like you are going to get a great product that will have you making money in no time.

However, product owners have a way to make their money.

They will not give you ALL the tools you need to make money with their system – they will offer what you need at an extra cost.

After signing up, you will be presented with the first upsell as seen below:

from zero to 100 in 24 hours review

You will need to purchase the Traffic Avalanche Mod in order to learn about driving traffic to your website.

A website without traffic is like a shop in a desert.

from zero to 100 in 24 hours review

Here is what Jono says after you have handed over your hard-earned cash.

Inside you’ll see how to go from zero to 100 in 24 hours or less. But you have to actually get traffic to get the results I’m sharing with you.
It will take you time to test different traffic methods which means you will not be earning 100 in 24 hours – this is similar to the Lazy Profit Explosion system where they don’t tell you how to get traffic.

What you will get with the Traffic Avalanche Mod is:

  • Jono’s Proven Traffic methods he gives to his coaching students
  • 5 proven instant traffic methods with over the shoulder break down
  • time-saving tips on how to get money from your campaigns

By buying this upsell, you will be in a better position as:

  • You’ll save time figuring out which traffic method works which can take you months
  • You’ll save money as figuring it out on your own could cost you a lot more money
  • You’ll make more money as you’re not guessing how to do this yourself
He then leaves you with this graphic …
from zero to 100 in 24 hours review
So you can see for yourself, it’s not quite as easy as following a few steps.  It involves a bit more work.
From the Sales video it sounds so simple and easy, yet in reality, it will take you weeks or even month to get up and running, trying to understand how to tie everything together.
These shortcuts to riches often lead to a lot of frustration for beginners.
Did you know many people fail online because of signing up to systems like these?
As great as their intentions might be, these systems aren’t for beginners.
If you are serious about building an online business check out the proven method that works.

Is From Zero To $100 In 24 Hours A Scam?

No.  It isn’t a scam.

Even though I enjoyed the real-life video, there was a lack of transparency of what it is you will be doing to make money.

Jono makes it sound so easy and with a low-cost sign-up fee, it is very appealing to hand over your cash to see what is on offer.

Sometimes,  I believe that these product owners forget that some people have NEVER made money online and that they need to understand the WHY’s and HOW’s rather than a “just do it this way” training.

Many product owners don’t tell you that it takes hard work, being consistent, patient and committed.  You can’t do a bit today, leave it for a couple of months, then come back to it and expect to earn money.  You need to work at your business consistently in order to earn money.

It is no different from ANYTHING in life.

If you want to lose weight, you can’t go to the gym today, then miss it for a few months, then go back and expect to be a size 10 (sorry guys I’m not sure what the ideal size is for you).

You need to be going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week or more if you want to see faster results.

This is the same for your online business.


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Jono appears in the video himself – makes it more real
  • Some decent training – you can get the gist of how to market products as an Affiliate using the JVZoo and WarriorPlus platforms


  • The Sales pitch doesn’t tell you what you will be doing
  • Not beginner friendly – can cause some confusion
  • Numerous upsells that are required if you want to make money within 24 hours
  • Results can’t be guaranteed unless you are consistent
  • The product itself on its own will be difficult for you to earn money (even the owner agrees with this)
  • Video-based lessons are not that professional. A lot of background noise such as dogs barking, helicopters in the background
  • Doesn’t tell you how to choose profitable products – you could be promoting products that are scams
  • Limited to 2 platforms – there are thousands of Affiliate Networks you can choose from
  • Encourages you to use low-quality PLR products as bonuses


This is one of the better products I have reviewed.

There is no hype, the price is reasonable and Jono is a likeable guy.  The storyline in the video was quite entertaining.

However, you don’t get the full package – they offer the “real meat” of a complete solution to you as soon as you sign up.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to build a successful business online, then the best way to so so is by learning the ropes.

There is a Chinese proverb that says “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Teach him to fish, you feed him for life”

These products will only feed you for a day.   There is no real substance.  What if you could learn skills that you can take away to build multiple income streams?

Wouldn’t that be feeding you for life?

Isn’t this what you want?

This is what the training platform I use gives.

They teach you how to build a successful online business.  A business that will see you earning a recurring passive income for life if you’re willing to work hard, are consistent, patient and committed.

There is no get-rich-scheme or a simple copy and paste method to becoming successful online.  It takes hard work.

If you’re willing to make a start today to a better future of financial independence you will have access to video-based training modules that cover:

  • Understanding How To Make Money Online
  • Choose A Niche
  • Building Your Own Niche Website
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content and MUCH MORE

Not only that, you can get started for FREE.

The business model is Affiliate Marketing, however, with the teaching, many people have gone on to do consultancy work, building websites for others, selling websites, creating training courses and so many different ventures all by learning skills and gaining knowledge on the platform.

Check out my full review here where you can find more information on what the platform offers and sign up or use the link above.

Click here for a more in-depth knowledge of the Affiliate Marketing model.

Whatever you do I wish you success with your online journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read my From Zero to $100 In 24 hours Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.


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