GetResponse vs Aweber Email Marketing (Review 2018)

GetResponse vs Aweber

Welcome to my GetResponse vs Aweber Email Marketing Review.

Update September 2018:

Aweber has since increased their prices.

The new price list is as follows:

Aweber Email Marketing


Email Marketing is a must if you have an online presence.  There are so many different marketing tools for you to choose from that you may become overwhelmed with which one to choose.

This review will look at two of the most popular Email Marketing products: GetResponse and AWeber

You may want to check out my independent GetResponse review here.

Free GetResponse and AWeber Trial

Everyone loves a free software trial.  There’s nothing worse than paying for a product only to find that it isn’t quite what you thought it was – even with all the reviews and information that you have read.

You’ll be glad to know that both Aweber and GetResponse offer  30-day free trials.

You can test them by clicking on the links below.

GetResponse vs AWeber

Getresponse vs AWeber


If you are just starting your email marketing campaign then the entry package should suffice until you gain more customers then you can upgrade.  GetResponse offers the cheapest starter package.

Both Aweber and GetResponse have large enterprise packages, suitable for high volume customers


If you sign up for a 12-month contract with Getresponse, you get an 18% reduction in pricing or a 30% reduction if you sign up for a 24-month contract.  Aweber mentions that there are quarterly and annual billing options so there are potential savings here too.

Signing Up For GetResponse and Aweber


The signup process for AWeber is fairly straightforward.

You click on the green button to start your 30-day trial and then you will have to enter your personal details which will include your credit card information. Once the trial period ends, your account will switch over to a paying account unless you cancel.

You are then presented with a welcome video which basically explains the following steps:

  • Account setup
  • Create your first list
  • Customize your confirmation email


Signing up with GetResponse is just as straightforward as the signup process with AWeber.  The only difference is, GetResponse doesn’t take your credit card details.   They contact you prior to the end of your 30-day free trial to arrange payments.

GetResponse And Aweber Functionality


The AWeber service is valued for its simplicity and usability.   The user interface is very intuitive making it easier for you as the customer with the added bonuses of their templates and graphics options built-in.

Their drag and drop system allows you to load a series of emails which you can schedule enabling you to get on with other tasks.

If you don’t want to make use of the 700+ professionally looking email templates and opt-in forms, you can choose to build your own email, using the HTML editor and do this.


The GetResponse service has an attractive calendar system which is great for beginners and novices alike.  Their scheduling management is akin to what AWeber offers.  Even though they have fewer templates than AWeber, there is still a lot to choose from – 600+.

Subscribers GetResponse vs AWeber

Just because you have a list of subscribers doesn’t mean that you will have a high return on investment (ROI).  You need to be able to analyse your data and send targeted emails to each subscriber if you want to have a successful campaign.


AWeber allows you to separate your lists in different ways such as the location of the customer, what they purchased and who actually read your email.  You don’t want to be sending out emails to customers who receive your email but don’t open it.  This is what the AWeber service allows you to do.

AWeber allows you to add custom options so that you can segment people into different lists.  By doing so, you can create customised emails which will, in turn, provide a better user experience and a higher ROI.


GetResponse also provides options for managing and segmenting your email list, which is very similar to AWeber.  In addition, they allow the option for you to create multiple groups to zoom in on the finer details of each customer.

Both AWeber and GetResponse have the facility for you to import lists from other email marketing services.  However, you will need to get confirmation from each contact before you do so.


GetResponse vs AWeberThese days, most services are joined up.  You will want an Email Marketing Service that offers seamless integration with other 3rd party tools and offerings.


Integration with shopping carts like PayPal and Authorize is a breeze with AWeber. So you can offer targeted messages when someone makes a purchase.  AWeber also integrates with Social Media platforms which means you can advertise your business on these platforms with the knowledge that you can get new subscribers from these sites.


GetResponse also has excellent functionality allowing you the ability to integrate with other 3rd party services through their App Center which features various eCommerce and social sites that you can gain subscribers from. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and PayPal.

GetResponse vs AWeberGetresponse vs AWeber

Landing Pages

Landing Pages or Squeeze pages are becoming very popular because they are effective in gaining potential customers.  If you want to be able to create landing pages, you’ll need to go with GetResponse, as Aweber doesn’t offer the ability to build landing pages.

You can easily build landing pages in GetResponse which will suit the design of your website.

If Landing Pages are something you need, then the best Email Marketing Service to use will be GetResponse.

If you choose to go for AWeber because of better offerings such as more templates or image hosting storage think seriously as to create a great looking Landing Page, it will take hours of coding to build and you’ll have to pay an additional cost before you even try to integrate it into your Email Marketing Service.



  • Cheaper starter plan
  • Ideal for newbies


  • Cheaper advanced plans.
  • Simple to use
  • Brilliant support
  • Seamless integration



  • Advanced plans really expensive


  • Expensive starter plan (from 0-500 emails)

The table below shows at a glance the difference between key features for GetResponse and AWeber:

GetResponse vs AWeber



GetResponse seems to come out on top.

However, if you are still undecided and not sure which one to choose, why not dive in and take advantage of the free trials that are offered by each platform.

Getresponse vs AWeber

GetResponse vs AWeber



I hope you have enjoyed reading my review of GetResponse vs Aweber.  If you have used either of these Email Marketing Services, let me know your thoughts or if you have any comments or feedback concerning this post, I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time. Take care

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  1. As a newbie at creating an auto responder based marketing campaign, as you advise, Jacqueline, my immediate choice would have to be Get Response. Yes, as you say, it does give you marginally less that Aweber, but it is also cheaper. And I am sure what Get Response is short in offering you compared to Aweber, it is not something that I will feel the need for.
    Thank you ever so much for bringing to our attention the differences between these two platform. Really useful information 🙂

    • Hi Giula,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes. Even though AWeber offers more – those features are not really fundamental to your Email Marketing Campaigns such as unlimited sign-up forms, more email templates and stock photos – these are nice to have aesthetic features.
      The elements which are crucial, are the ability to create landing pages and marketing automation which AWeber doesn’t offer.
      I’m glad the information was useful.

      Wishing you success with your Email Marketing Campaigns.

  2. Hi Jacqueline
    Thank you for sharing very useful information with us. In 2012 when I was very new to internet marketing i came across both of these tools and with my little knowledge in this area I didnt put them to much use. But in future i will definitely try them with the free trial and take it from there.


    • Hi Amatul,
      You’re welcome.
      When you’re ready, please go ahead and take a test drive of them to see which one will best suit your needs.

      All the best.

  3. Jacqueline, I appreciate your breakdowns of Aweber and GetResponse. I’m still learning the ropes as an online marketer, and haven’t started building an email list yet, but it should be coming soon. I’m still a little fuzzy on how it all works. Your review helped a lot. Thanks.

    • Hi Grant,
      Thanks for checking out my review. I’m glad you found it useful.
      When you’re ready, please do check out the free trials to decide which one best suit your needs.
      Wishing you success as you begin your online marketing.

  4. Awesome post you have here Jackie! I agree with your findings and choose Get Response as well. I found them to be much easier to use. I also really like the idea of no CC# to get started with the trial. That takes confidence and saves you worrying about forgetting to cancel the program if it is not a good fit. Great post and so much ‘out in the open’ information including a price comparison for everything that is offered.

    • Hi Merry,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’m glad that my findings are in line with your testimony.
      I know that most people prefer GetResponse over AWeber because of the Landing Pages feature. Companies are charging huge fees just to build you a Landing Page so if you can get this feature alongside great Email Marketing Services, then Get Response in my opinion is the winner.
      In the past I have forgotten to cancel a free trial offer so GetResponse sign up with no credit card is an added bonus.
      However, I will be doing a more detailed review of AWeber in the future so that it gives people a more in depth overview the product.
      Wishing you all the best with your email marketing campaign.

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