How Can I Get Out Of Debt With No Money

how can i get out of debt with no money

Many people use some form of credit to try and get out of debt.  This in effect, only compounds the issue as you are actually adding more debt to what debt you already owe.  Getting out of debt with no money seems hard.  But is it?  Read on. 

Consolidate all your debts?  Yes, but you still need ways to pay off the debts.

Borrow from family and friends?  Yes, but you will still need to pay them back.   So what can you do, without getting further into debt?

Sooner or later,  you can’t borrow more, and the creditors are asking for money back which you’ve no ability to repay. So you may be asking what can I do?

Immediate actions to reduce debtsGetting out of debt with no money

  1. Eat at home and bring your own lunch to work
  2. If you smoke or drink, cut back on these
  3. Stop buying new clothes.  If you must buy something new, check out a charity shop. You’d be surprised at what you’ll find 
  4. Leave your credit card at home
  5. Don’t get sucked into sales
  6. Go shopping with a goal in mind – don’t buy on impulse
  7. Save your spare change in a jar
  8. Start a garden and can/freeze your produceGetting out of debt with no money
  9. Avoid unnecessary mobile phone charges by connecting to a free WI-FI network when available
  10. Budget your spending.  Check out this budget planner

Work out your priorities

If you find that after taking action you still haven’t got enough money to pay for everything you want to, then you’ve got to work out what’s most important to you.

First should come all necessary bills, which should include paying off your credit and keeping on top of your rent and mortgage payments.  Anything left you can use for making your own spending decisions – but bear in mind that you want to be debt free – so continue to watch what you are spending on and how you are spending.

Long-term plan to reduce debt

OK so you may have taken some action and your debts are being slowly reduced but not at a rate you would like.

Have you ever thought about working for yourself by creating an online business?   “How?” you may say.

Did you know that you can create an online business for £0 start up costs?   With the income you receive from this, you can supplement your current income and start to pay off your debt sooner rather than later.

Not only that, once you have become successful, and paid off your debt, you won’t have to worry about being in debt again, you can leave the 9-5 job and earn a living by doing something that you love doing. 

Get-rich-quick schemes do not work. Most times with these schemes, you have to invest large sums of money upfront or once you are in the scheme, you find that you have to invest more -whether it’s your time or money – to move to the next level.

There are many ways to make money online legitimately without having to pay a huge fee up-front.

Getting out of debt with no money

Affiliate Marketing is BIG business on the Internet.  More than 3 billion people use the internet. If you look at it from a marketing perspective, this is over 3 billion potential customers.  Customers that you can tap into with an online business.Getting out of debt with no money - Internet Users

By blogging and sharing interesting content regularly, you can develop a loyal subscriber base from these users. Say for example your interest lies in the horticultural niche –  you are interested in gardening, it is your passion – you are the next Monty Don.  

You can write regular content about different aspects of gardening such as ‘When to plant kale’, ‘Why doesn’t my aloe plant grow inside during the Winter months’ etc  People are always asking questions via the Google search tool. If you can come up with solutions through your content, you will have potential buying visitors coming to your site.

Now, how does your website make money… well you can affiliate with a merchant that promotes horticultural related products.  There are hundreds of affiliate programs that you can join and they are free to join.  

To find them, go to google search and type the name of your niche plus the word affiliate as below.   From the search results, you can see that there are thousands of horticultural merchants who you can sign up with and promote their products.

Getting out of debt with no money - Horticultural Affiliate Search

As an affiliate, you are recommending products – so create great product reviews to earn yourself some commission.  The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make money fairly quickly as there’s no need to become an expert or struggle with product development.  You also don’t need to hold the inventory.  

Simply have your affiliate link on your site, when someone clicks on the link and make a purchase, you get some commission.

Commission varies from merchant to merchant so shop around before you decide which merchant to join.  You can join more than one and promote different products from each one.

These are just a few merchants that you can become an affiliate with.

Getting out of debt with no money Getting out of debt with no money Getting out of debt with no money Getting out of debt with no money
So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to say goodbye to that debt and start earning money by having a successful online business.  

Need your hands holding to get started? Check out Wealthy Affiliate which is the platform I used to create this website and have a successful online business.

If you have any comments, about getting out debt, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.  I am not a debt counsellor, however, I can advise you on ways to build an online business which is a step in the right direction on getting out of debt with no money.



  1. The debt dilemma is such a big thing in the modern life that some people don’t even know what to do about it. Students graduate with debt. You buy a house/car, you put yourself into debt. You go shopping with your credit cards, you are allowing yourself to accumulate even more debt. It’s really a crazy lifestyle.

    Hence, it’s important to create a side-income no matter how secure you think your job might be and I think that affiliate marketing is a great way to get started due to its low-risk nature.

    It might take a few years before you see some profit, but there’s really nothing to loose in the long run.

    • Hi Cathy,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yes. The only way to get out of debt is to have a side-income that works for itself without you having to invest a huge amount of capital upfront. The only method I know, which is legitimate and works, is through Affiliate Marketing.
      Affiliate Marketing requires a lot of time, patience and hard work but once you are up and running, it’s little more of a maintenance exercise, that you have to keep doing.


  2. The economic climate and job climate has forced so many couples into debt. I read many a sad story of couples losing their homes or jobs.

    Out of desperation, they take out loans with crippling interests worse still loan sharks are willing to help at a price.

    Your post provides excellent tips on getting out of debt. I found your post not only motivational to help people get out of debt, but you give alternatives to earning money online, through the internet marketing. Many readers will find your website and post beneficial to their lifestyle.

    • Hi Richard,
      Thanks for stopping by,
      It is so sad to hear these stories. Most of the time, these people are just trying to provide for their families and as you say being in such a vulnerable position, they take desperate steps.
      The only alternative to getting out of debt is to create some sort of passive income; the way to do this is through Affiliate Marketing. No high start-up fees, no building rent, no buying of inventory etc.
      Please feel free to share and repost this article as you see fit – every little advice/tip can help someone in this situation.
      Thanks much

  3. Hey Jacqueline,
    great post, I really liked your practical advice. I’ve been struggling to cut back on my expenses for some time now, but I always seem to relapse, “somehow”.
    Internet marketing sounds like a great solution for me, but I’m reaaally short on cash right now… Is it really possible to get your online business off the ground with no money?
    I hear that quality advertising and web hosting can be very expensive.
    Thanks for your time & keep up the good work,

    • Hi JT,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We all relapse, I do too, but as long as you acknowledge that you have ‘overspent’, then that is the main thing. It’s when you are not conscious of your overspending and keep on doing it, is where the problem lies. So don’t beat yourself up…

      To get your business off the ground doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The maximum amount you should have to spend on having an online presence is less than $50/year. This is for your domain name and web hosting. See my post: https://goworkfromanywhere.com/how-to-create-and-m

      If you want help with advertising, marketing, training, promoting of your site etc, then this will cost a bit more. I would suggest a program like this: https://goworkfromanywhere.com/wealthy-affiliate-r

      This program includes the domain name and web hosting.

      Wishing you much success.

  4. The production quality of this page is top notch! I love the editing of the photos, something I still struggle with for my own site. What do you recommend as the better affiliate program to start with, Clickbank or Amazon? I am asking because I have yet to begin promoting any products on my site and haven’t made a decision who i should sign up with yet…

    • Hi Lorenzo, thanks for dropping by.

      It all depends on what products you will be promoting. Some buyers prefer to buy from merchants who only promote products within a particular niche as they know that if they have any questions or comments after making a purchase, they are more than likely to get a more detailed response. On the other hand, some buyers like to purchase from reputable companies.
      What I would advise is to check out the reviews on products you’re interested in for each affiliate program and make a decision based on that. Also check out their commission rates. Some affiliate programs pay less in comparison to their competitors even though they may be promoting the same product.

      Thanks for your encouraging words. Wishing you success in your online business.


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