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Great! So you want to know how you can work from anywhere.  You’re at the right place.

Let me just give you a little bit of background about me.

My name is Jacqueline and I have been online since 2017.  Well,  a bit longer as I dabbled with an online business as far back as 1997 but that was it.  I dabbled –  created a website and I left it alone because that’s how I thought things run.  Create a website and leave it.  I spent huge sums of money in getting the website up and running and didn’t see any results.  Needless to say, I didn’t bother to pursue it.

Go Work From Anywhere

Fast forward 20 years and I had a light bulb moment  – I heard the phrase ‘Affiliate Marketing’  – I did a lot of research on this to find out whether this is something I could do.     It sure was.  In fact, I found that I needed no experience whatsoever and the start-up costs were minimal.



However, I needed training as I still had lots of questions on how to set up a website, how to gain customers, what should I write about and a whole host of questions.

I knew I wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing as it meant:

  • I can work from anywhere
  • Freedom from the 9-5
  • More time with my family
  • I get to go on holiday when I want
  • The earnings are not limited to a pay rise
  • AND I get to be my own boss

I so wanted to start out on the right footing so I searched the internet using our lovely friend Google and it’s cousin Yahoo to find a training platform that would show me the ropes.

I was looking for a platform that would offer support, didn’t cost an arm and a leg, had like-minded people and most of all up-to-date training as I didn’t want to get left behind and be writing another post explaining what had happened 20 years previously again!

I will share with you on this ‘Get Started’ page information about the platform I found and how it has taught me in so many ways to build a successful online business.   By being a member of this platform, I am enjoying life as an Affiliate Marketer.

It ticked all the right boxes PLUS more:

  • 2 Free websites
  • Support
  • A large network of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • LIVE up-to-date training (also recorded for playback)
  • Live chat with other community members
  • A hosting platform
  • Feedback and Comments provided on your website
  • Relatively cheap – you can sign-up for a 7-day free trial

I knew that during my 7-day free trial this was the platform to gain my skills and build a successful online business.  The help and support are second to none.  The community spirit is always buzzing and you can chime in at any time with your input in Live chat, classroom comments and so on.

It really is fun and you also learn heaps just by reading other peoples comments and posts without even participating in the training!!

It’s great for newbies and experts alike and help is always on hand.  It really is an exciting platform to learn how to build your own Affiliate Marketing Business online.

So if you’re ready to make a start with a free trial, click the button below.


Create Wealthy Affiliate Account

Thanks for reading.  Here’s to your online success!

Go Work From Anywhere

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