Global Affiliate Zone Review: A Scam, An MLM Or Affiliate Marketing?

Global Affiliate Zone Review

Welcome to my Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) Review!

GAZ is an online training coaching program to help online entrepreneurs by providing them with done-for-you systems that they can utilize to make money online.  90% of the work is already done.  All you need to do is complete the remaining 10% to start earning an income.

This sounds great but is it a scam?  I mean only 10% of effort is required by you.  Seems too good to be true.

There are many coaching programs and systems online that promises to help you achieve success with your online business but they are only there to make money for themselves.

So, I’m glad you’re here doing your research as I will reveal all you need to know about this coaching program and whether it will meet your needs.  I will also compare it to the program I use, and have been using for the past 2 years (at the time of writing this review) so you can see for yourself how they stand up against each other.

If you have previously signed up for a course or have purchased a product that didn’t quite meet your expectation or turned out to be very expensive with many upsells, why not take things into your own hands and do things your way?

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can create your own online business promoting over 1 billion different products of your choice.

You may just be looking for a way to make money online.  If so, do check out my review of the platform I use to create my own profitable online Affiliate Marketing business.

Anyways, let’s begin the review …

Global Affiliate Zone Review

Name:  Global Affiliate Zone
Website: globalaffiliatezone.com
Founded: 2015
Level: Beginners to Advanced users
Who Is It For?: Affiliate Marketers and those interested in MLM’s
Price:$99/month + expensive upsell
Owners: Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang
Training: Yes
Support: Yes.  Personal Coach
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 4/10

What Is Global Affiliate Zone About?

It is a training and coaching Internet marketing platform designed to help online entrepreneurs on their journey to making a full-time income online.  The website seems to cover everything you need to know about building a successful online business.

You have access to coaches,  Internet Marketing training including how to drive traffic to your website, step-by-step video tutorials and a community of like-minded people.

Global Affiliate Zone scam

You also get:

  • A Sales team
  • Weekly live training
  • Access to the private GAZ Facebook group

Basically, it is a done-for-you system.  90% of the work is already complete with you only having to complete 10%.

This all looks great but as with most products, they tell you what you want to hear but you don’t really know what it can do for you until you sign up then you realize that it isn’t quite what they made it out to be.

Let’s see how it works …

How Does Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) Work?

It is Affiliate Marketing with a twist.

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote other peoples products (without the need to purchase them) and when a sale is made, you earn a commission.  This is the business model I use and the one I recommend to friends and family as it’s a low-entry cost model and a great way to earn a recurring passive income.

However, with GAZ, you will be promoting their own product – the GAZ Pro Membership.  Nothing wrong with this if you want to limit your online income as your training will be geared around promoting this sole product so it will be very bespoke in nature.

If you thought you were going to get generic training then I’m glad you did your research before signing up for this coaching/training program.

If you are after training that teaches you how to diversify into many different markets as an Affiliate Marketer, check out my  #1 recommended program by clicking the button below.

Global Affiliate Zone Review

As I mentioned above, you will be tied into promoting a single product which all the other GAZ members will be promoting –  using the same traffic generating methods – Facebook ads, the same sales page and email swipes.

I’m not sure what your take is on this but personally, when I see similar looking ads but with a different brand it looks like a scam.  I’m not saying that Global Affiliate Zone is a scam, what I am saying is that the same look and feel for all promoters of the product is the same so you won’t stand out from the masses which will make it hard for you to make any sales.

There is another “option” which they don’t make clear on their website which is to funnel you through to their MLM business.

On their website they say:

 We also suggest other back end affiliate offers, based on a customer’s needs that come out of our unique coaching process.


This is the MLM side of their business and this is where you are expected to make the most money as the products are high ticket offers. But, it comes with a price.  In order to promote the products, you need to fork out $5K!   Yes.  You heard that right … $5K.

The MLM business that they have partnered with is ENAGIC.  This company sells Water filtration products and all things related.  The products are NOT cheap!

So you will have a hard time selling these items.  Another downside of this company is that they will only ship to the USA.  This limits you even further in your reach.

Global Affiliate Zone Review Enagic


Making money online should not limit your reach unless you want to target a particular market for example house sales, local attractions and so on.

For both the Affiliate Marketing and the MLM scheme your 10% work will be on marketing the products through Facebook ads.  All the sales page, websites, emails are already done for you.

You will need to set up your own Facebook Pages and Facebook ads to market both the ENAGIC products and the GAZ Pro membership programs.

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

No.  It isn’t a scam but it is misleading as you really don’t know what it is you are getting until you sign up.  $99/month is a huge investment only to find that you will need to fork out another $5,000 to be able to earn money as GAZ is not only and Affiliate Marketing platform but an MLM scheme.

Now I’m not sure about you but an MLM business is a very hard nut to crack (and a very expensive one too) unless you have a great circle of friends who are willing to invest huge sums of money into the business.

On one of their Q&A video to the question ‘Do I need to tell my friends and family about this?”  They suggest otherwise using the acronym: F.R.A.N


Friends, Relatives, Associates and Neighbours do not need to know about this as we provide all the marketing material so you don’t have to host parties, meetings or such the likes to recruit.


This may sound great, but you will have to pay for Facebook ads, which can add up PLUS the $5k you need to pay in order to sell the products.  This can all add up quite quickly without you ever making a cent. Is it worth the risk?

I think not.

If you are serious about making money online, with no risk, check out the platform I use.  You can get started for FREE.  Just click the button below.  No credit card required.


Global Affiliate Zone Review



  • Great for beginners who would like a done-for-you system and has the funds upfront to spend
  • Great for advanced MLM entrepreneurs who know how to sell and promote high-ticket items
  • You get your own personal coach
  • 14-day refund policy
  • A reasonable commission rate of 30% for the GAZ Pro membership Affiliate program.  Commission rates will vary for the MLM business model.


  • You don’t really know what it is you are getting until you sign up.  Lack of useful information on their website
  • Very Expensive MLM Business model – $5,000 fee to join and promote the products
  • It’s also an MLM business
  • You’re tied into their system.  If they should shut down, you will lose everything.
  • You are not taught how to become an entrepreneur – so you can’t maximise your online presence.
  • Coaches are there to sell you more products
  • Teaches only one method to drive traffic to your site – Facebook ads.
  • You can lose a lot of money on Facebook ads if you don’t know what you are doing
  • High ticket offers in the MLM program.  Hard to get any sales.
  • MLM Products are only available to USA customers.  Restricts your earnings potential.
  • Pay-to-Play system.  You shouldn’t have to pay to promote an Affiliate product
  • PayPal isn’t a payment option.  You are paid by check or ACH Transfer (for USA customers)
  • No trial offer – $99/month is a lot of money especially when it isn’t clearly laid out as to what it is you will be getting.
  • Incorporating two different business models – Affiliate Marketing and MLM –  into their system.  These are 2 independent business models.  Best to learn one and stick to it.


Even though GAZ isn’t a scam, I do not recommend this program.  Not only is it a very expensive program, they are also mixing two entirely different business models into one – Affiliate Marketing and MLM.

Affiliate Marketing is the best model for making money online.  I have been doing this for several years and it really hasn’t cost me the huge costs that GAZ are charging.

If you are being charged to promote a product, this is wrong.  There are so many networks that you can sign up to (for free) to promote ANY product of your choice.  Why pay for something when you might not get a ROI?

This isn’t what Affiliate Marketing is about.  By charging you to promote their product, the owners behind GAZ are making money at your expense.

You are also limited in what you can promote.

The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that you can promote ANY product, to anyone in the world and actually earn a full-time income online by doing so.  Being able to diversify your services and products means you are able to reach a wider audience.  And we know what that means.  More potential buyers.

Everything about Global Affiliate Zone is limiting:

  • Promoting only their products
  • High ticket products only available for USA customers (apart from their GAZ Pro membership)
  • You are tied into their system.  You can’t take your website anywhere else
  • Only one means of advertising being taught – Facebook ads

These limitations will prevent you from reaching your full potential online.  Why limit yourself when there are training platforms that can teach you all you need to know to become successful at a fraction of the cost?

The training platform I used taught me everything I know and I am grateful that I came across it when I did. Not only that, they offered a free, no credit card required trial which included 10 video-based lessons on how to build an online business, how to choose your niche, keyword research plus more.

What I also learned was that no done-for-you system will give you everything you need.  You will be restricted in what you can or can’t do and there will be other limitations that you won’t know about until it is time for you to make use of them.  By that time, you would have probably invested huge sums of money and it’ll seem like a waste if you were to pull out.

The best business model is one that you learn how to build yourself so that you can upscale that model into different markets.  If you want to do this, you will need to learn the ropes.  No done-for-you system will show or teach you how to do this.

If you want to learn and are willing to invest time in your online business, then check out the platform I use.  Click the button below where you will find more details and how to sign up.


Global Affiliate Zone Review


Here is a comparison table of my #1 training platform and the GAZ training coaching program so you can see at a glance how they fair against each other.


Thanks for reading my review!

If you have any questions or comments about my Global Affiliate Zone Review, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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