Global Domains International (GDI) Review (Is It Legit Or A Scam?)

Global Domains International (GDI)

Welcome to my review of Global Domains International (GDI) Inc.

You may have heard about GDI and wondering what this company is all about and if it is worth joining.

Global Domains International provides a domain and hosting registration services amongst other things which I share with you in this review.

With this information, you can decide whether or not you should use their services.

Overview of GDI

Name: Global Domains International (GDI) Inc.
Website: https://website.ws https://website.ws/gditraffic   See also freedom.ws
: 2000
Level:  Beginners to Experts
Who Is It For:  Those interested in network marketing and MLM opportunities
Price: 7-day free trial, $10/month
Owners: Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 3/10

What is GDI?

GDI is a domain and hosting registration service provider similar to GoDaddy, Namecheap, BlueHost and so on which allows people to buy domain names.   They have partnered with the Samoan Government in order to provide their services to the entire world.

However, unlike other service providers, they only sell .ws top-level domain names.

So if I’d purchased the domain name from them for this website the website address will be https://goworkfromanywhere.ws 

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the .ws domain.

I’m not sure what the ‘global’ refers to in their name as when I do a google search for .ws sites, the number of sites with this extension is pretty much non-existent.

The Global refers to the fact that you can access the service from anywhere in the world which is nothing new.

You cannot purchase a .ws domain name form any of the other Domain Registration Companies.  I tried to purchase one for this website from Fasthosts and I was unable to do so.

Global Domains International

So if you want a .ws domain, you will have to go through Global Domains International.  No two ways about it.

GDI offers a Multi-Level Marketing 5 layer referral program which you are automatically enrolled in when you sign up.  More details on the program are given below.

What Do You Get For Your $10

Alongside the domain registration service, you also get the following tools:

Web Site Builder 4

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop features
  • Be online in minutes


  • Popular blogging platform
  • Up to 10 GB of storage
  • Can create up to 5 different blogs

These extra tools are not uncommon for domain registration companies as most of them, including BlueHost provide all of the above plus more.

I personally use this site builder which lets you choose from over 1000 different website templates to make WordPress sites.  You can also get 2 sites for free.

Rather than a .ws domain name, you will get a .siterubix domain name.  Your site will also be hosted on the SiteRubix platform.

You can check it out below.

Optional Web Services At No Cost

You can opt-in for ‘Web Hosting’ or if you already have an existing website make use of their URL forwarding feature.

Web Hosting is not what you think it is.  It is not hosting your site.

Your site will be hosted at GDI as part of your Domain registration.

Web Hosting is for the ‘more advanced customers’ to get over the restrictions built into the SiteBuilder option allowing you to build a custom website giving you much more flexibility.

So it seems like the less advanced customers may not be able to utilise this feature.

With URL forwarding, if you already have a website, then as part of your package, you can use the URL forward to route your new.WS domain to your existing website.  You may want to do this because your existing URL is hard to remember, is not professional or it doesn’t fit your business going forward.  Using the URL, you can ‘mask’ this.

So you could advertise your website URL as https:/thisisme.ws which will forward it to your real site https://thisisnotme.com

This is done automatically.

Again, this isn’t anything special.

Pretty standard stuff eh?

What Is So Special About GDI?

GDI is a Multi-Level Marketing Company.

Multi-Level Marketing is another term for Network Marketing and Pyramid Selling where you have a network of people that you refer and earn commission through them.

When they refer someone, you will also earn a commission on their referrals.  In the GDI scheme, there are 5 levels.

Basically, what this is saying is that you can make money with your Domain.

Other Domain registration companies offer an Affiliate program but that is a straightforward sale if someone signs up using your unique affiliate link.

With GDI you need to recruit in order to earn any commission.

You can refer as many people as you want to, and so can those people that you refer, and so on.

Check out the diagram below. GDI Compensation Plan

OK, so they say that they pay out a total of 50% of all revenues received.

To get that 50%, you will need to have recruiters in all 5 layers.  So the person you recruited, will have had to recruit someone else who in turn, will have had to recruit someone else and so on until it reaches layer 5 for you to receive that 50% compensation.

I’m not sure if I like this model.

Global Domains International is like every other MLM Company I have come across where you are depending on your downline to make your residual income.

However, it can be a good thing if you have a large circle of friends and family who want to have a presence online.  By promoting GDI to them and them taking you up on the offer, you can make some serious money.

How Much Can You Make?

The GDI is a 5-level Uni-Level compensation scheme that all affiliates qualify for even during the 7-day free trial period.

You are paid $1/month for each domain that is registered in your network.

Using this model let’s use an example of what you can earn.

You refer 5 people to GDI.   These people are referred to as downliners.  That will earn you $5 per month.

Say each of those 5 downliners then refer 5 of their own, so you’re now getting paid an additional $25 per month on your 2nd level.

Then say each of those 25 refers 5 each. That’s $125 in monthly commissions on your 3rd level.

If this continues, you’ll have $625 in monthly commissions on your 4th level and $3,125 in monthly commissions on your 5th level.

That’s quite a sum for just 5 referrals on your part.

Remember, this is an example.  To earn that much you will need to work really hard to get your referrals to refer others and you will more likely end up being forceful with them so that you can earn a commission.


There are lots of positive testimonials from GDI members.  Here are a few.

For each ‘profile, there is a link.  I’m assuming that it is the users’ own referral link as the ‘Sign Up’ button is on their own profile page.

You can check profiles here.

However, when I clicked the link of different people, the referral still had the same person id.  I tried this on different machines just to make sure that it wasn’t caching my clicks.

The image below shows a referrer id.  This was ALWAYS the same no matter what member link I went through.

Global Domains Registration (GDI) Referral

I found this strange.

Could this mean you won’t be credited with your referral?  Will my signup be a referral for the PLATINUM DIRECTOR?  Interesting.

GDI Testimonials

GDI Testimonials


  • 7 Day Free Trial.
  • You’re likely to find a domain name suited to your need as GDI is the only domain registration company that sell these domain names.
  • If you are on top of the pyramid, you can earn large sums of money.


  • Very Low commissions @ $1/month.
  • Over-priced.  For 1 year you’re looking at $120/year.  There are cheaper alternatives.
  • The .ws domain isn’t popular and probably only recognised by those living in Samoa.
  • Advertising features as ‘optional extras’ when they should be included in the package.  It makes you think that you are getting a deal when clearly you’re not.
  • Not really great for beginners.
  • Network Marketing isn’t a walk in the park.  You need skills and knowledge to become successful.
  • Are you likely to get your referral?


I won’t be too quick to say that GDI is a scam.  There are mixed views online as to whether this product is a scam or legit.

However, there are a few red flags like the referral id being the same for each member.

Also with each testimonial, it would be great to see a website URL.  No one gives this.  If they are so proud of being subscribers to Global Domains Registration, why not advertise their domain names and website?

You may already know from my reviews of other MLM’s like Juice Plus, that I’m not a fan of MLM’s as it’s not easy to recruit people under you in order for you to earn a decent commission.

It is often pushy sales tactics that are being used and I’m not that kind of person which is why I prefer the passive route of Affiliate Marketing.

This doesn’t mean that MLM companies are a bad investment, they’re just not my thing.

Can you really wait for 5 of your downliners to refer someone to earn a higher commission or will you be satisfied with $1/month?

How easy will it be for you to refer 5 people to GDI?  A .com website seems to be more favourable than a .ws website.

GDI is first and foremost marketed as a Domain Registration Company for the .ws domain so it will be a hard sell trying to sell it off as an MLM company.

What if there is a better way for you to earn money online without having to depend on referrals?

What if there was a better way for you to market more than a single product with an easier model to follow?

Have you thought about becoming an Affiliate Marketer?

You may love the MLM route.

If you do – and I know a lot of people who prefer this route –  and GDI seems like a product you’d like to promote,  sign up here or if the sound of Affiliate Marketing has whetted your appetite, click below to access 10 lessons for free to find out more what you can achieve as an Affiliate Marketer.


Wealthy Affiliate

As always, if you have any questions or comments about Global Domains International or Affiliate Marketing, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time.  Take care!

Go Work From Anywhere



  1. Hello Jacqueline,
    First congratulation for this great review about GDI. I loved! But there are a few points I would like to clarify:
    1. In relation to GDI testimonials: the observation you made is quick correct. But things are like that. In GDI there are some weekly bonuses and a certain amount you need to give a testimonial. But what you didn’t understand is that: the sign-up button you see in the testimonial section is not from the one who gives his testimonial.no testimonials put their referral link in the testimonial section.
    2. according to the presence of websites with the extension .ws. There some.
    This is mine: http://sidbusiness.sowyourseed.ws/
    Only, many people focused on the marketing side.
    As for the MLM issue, I don’t make it a problem as long as there is a real product behind it.

    • Hi Sebastian,
      Thank you for your comment. Concerning the latter part in point 1, this was my observation based on the data I saw at the time of writing my review. I will, however, review the GDI website again and update accordingly.
      Wishing you all the best!

  2. Hello Jackie, your review was thorough and very interesting. I think that the way you wrote about your subject matter was very good. I was not aware of this particular company nor had I heard about them in my experience. I think that many people that are trying this new form of earning money do not realize how important it is to be able to recognize what is a good company from one that is not so good. This is critical especially with our economy and how each of us monitor our expenses. It would be nice to see one day that this kind of work is fair and equal with everyone that signs on for their services. Thank you Jackie.

    • Thanks for your comment Xavier.

      Sometimes it’s not so clear cut as to what is a good company from what is not.  It is now so easy to put up fake testimonials and websites that people need to do their due diligence before signing up to products and services.

      The internet is a great place to be for people looking to make money online legitimately but its also the place where the scammers advertise their businesses too.

      All the best and thanks for your encouraging words.

  3. It seems to me that GDI falls right between being a scam and not being a scam. 

    I am not too fond of only being able to use the .ws for the sites you register. 

    Not very many people are familiar with the .ws and I think it would be very hard to brand yourself. Would you signup for this service?

    • Hi Nate,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If I had a brand that relates to the letters ws, then yes, I would probably sign up for the service.

      This service would be great for a Rugby Union fan who wants to promote the sport which has a huge following in Samoa and as Global Domains International has partnered with the Samoan government, I can see where there is huge potential for this to work.

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