Income Elite Team Review – A Scam Or Make $80K+ Each Month?

Income Elite Team

The Income Elite Team claims you can make $80K plus in a month!

Now that’s a statement and that’s probably why you are here doing your due diligence to see if this product will earn you that kind of money in a month or is it a scam?

You are at the right place to find out as my review will reveal all you need to know about this system.

Income Elite Team Review

Name: Income Elite Team
Website: www.incomeeliteteam.com/
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Budding Online Entrepreneurs
Price: $4.95 then $39.95/month + upsells
Owners: Steve Peirce, Rob Wass and David Sharpe
Training: Yes
Support: No
60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

If you are fed of being scammed or buying systems and products that underdeliver and leave you none the wiser and out of pocket,  read my guide on how to make money online.

What is Income Elite Team?

Income Elite Team is a membership training platform where you will learn how to make money online.

The training is in the form of video tutorials, ebooks and PDF’s covering areas such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Buying and selling websites
  • Reselling PLR products
  • YouTube video-marketing
  • Copywriting and so on.

They have marketed this product for beginners as well as advanced users.  However, if you are a beginner, keep your distance …

Firstly, they give you get lots of different ideas on how you can make money online – if you’re just starting out, you should focus on one method.

Having too many toys to play with, will only confuse, leave you frustrated and not earning the amount of money they claim you can earn.

Secondly, having been in the online business market for a few years I can see the flaws with this system.

Some of the methods are outdated!  Use them and you will not make money but lose money!

PLR products are digital products that are often of low quality.  These are products that you buy the license for and you can rebrand them and sell on but you will probably be looking at a high refund rate if you go this route.

I’m yet to find a PLR product that is unique and useful for anyone – most tend to be replicas, rebranded and of low quality and value.

Thirdly, this system isn’t brand new as they claim it to be. It has been around for years as the income snapshots are showing dates from as far back as 2008!

Technolgy and Internet Marketing has moved on since then.

Will using this system leave you back in the dark ages?

Let’s see how it works …

How Does Income Elite Team Work?

By replicating what they have done, with a copy and paste fashion, you will be able to make money.

You will be copying their strategies and using it to build your money-making system.

However, is this the best way to learn how to build your online business?

I think you know the answer.

Just copying something or having a done-for-you system doesn’t give you a clear understanding of how things work.  If Income Elite Team were to go under, would you know how to start again from scratch?

You’ll have to find another product that has the exact same fit for you to mimic the steps you learned.

Systems and products like these are setting you up for failure.

What you need, especially if you are a beginner, is to learn how to become successful online.

Check out the model and training I use to build my own successful online business.

What Income Elite Team does is show you the money and the shiny objects to lure you into buying their product.

Flashy cars, big houses, holidays can come from making money online but this shouldn’t be the focus in offering a service.

The Sales Pitch is very elusive in telling you what the system is about and I had to dig deeper to find out what it is they were offering.

Too much emphasis was on over-hyped money claims you can make from using the system.

They do this to lure you into buying their product and if you are to copy their strategy, you too will be telling people how much money they can make by using a system without telling them what the system does and how it can help them.

In order to become successful online, you need to offer value to your customers.

Don’t look at the money element as being your prime target – you will fail!

Look at offering something of value.  You see it every day.  People use the search engine to find products and services. They are looking for products and services that will offer them the best value then they BUY!

I purchased a juicing machine a few years ago which cost me $300! Of all the machines I looked at, this one offered me the best value with lots of information in the form of video, customer testimonials, key features and so on.

Are these present with the Income Elite Team system or was it the money element that grabbed your attention?

I’ve watched the Sales Video – they spend a lot of time talking about the money that can be made but they don’t teach you how to make the money and what value you will be giving to your customer.

It is a “copy my strategy because it works” syndrome …

Is Income Elite A Scam?

No it isn’t a scam.  You do get training material.  Whether it is useful or not is in the eye of the beholder.

Again, this is another product that is misleading and has lots of flaws.

Products like these are just hyped up to lure you into buying them.

Who doesn’t want to go from earning $50 to $500/day?

What they do say, is that these figures aren’t guaranteed but they don’t say why not.

I can tell you why …  Making money online isn’t a walk in the park.  It takes a lot of hard work, commitment, patience and effort.

If you think you’re going to be making $80K+ by using a copy paste system, then you are in for a shock.

No system is going to make you that kind of money without any effort.

If that was the case, why are they selling it at such a low price of $4.95?

Or maybe not should I say …


The system isn’t all-inclusive.

With an online business, you will need a website plus teachings about SEO like how to drive traffic to your website, how to do keyword research plus more.

Income Elite Team offers these at additional costs as follows:

$57/month Templates – to create your websites
$39.95 – $69.95 Traffic Packages
$197/month Video Vault & Personal Mentoring

Not included is the cost of a domain and a hosting package.  You will need to buy these separately.

So you see how your $4.95 can easily add up to over $300 a month!

I’m sure you weren’t expecting that!

These systems seem like they offer you value for money.  They tell you that you can earn these large sums of money but once you have signed up, you are presented with these upsells that you will need to purchase if you are to make any money.

Without buying them, there is no way on earth that you will make any money.


  • 60 day money back guarantee.


  • Lack of support.
  • Not really suitable for beginners.  Too many different ways of making money online are introduced.
  • Lots of hype – typical of a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Lots of upsells.
  • Out-dated techniques such as PLR products.
  • Misleading Sales pitch.


I do not recommend The Income Elite System for the reason above.

Systems like these are here today, gone tomorrow.

Once people buy these and are disappointed with what they get, they will ask for a refund.  If a vendor like PayPal sees a lot of refunds happening for a particular product, they will have nothing to do with it.

That means if products like The Income Elite System have no way of processing payments, they will shut down, leaving you in limbo with no business and no way of getting a refund.

You are better off creating your own space online – something you can call your own that you won’t have to worry about it shutting down and you losing any money.

It will take hard work, persistence, commitment and a lot of your time to build a successful online business but it is possible!

Chasing after these ready-made systems will only leave you out of pocket and the owners richer.

If you are new to Internet Marketing and building an online business, you don’t want a product that skims over all methods of how you can make money online.  You will get confused.

Yes, there are many ways of making money online but become a master at one, then diversify otherwise you will be “Jack of all trades and master of none”!

The best and safest method of making money online is with Affiliate Marketing.

The startup costs are really low, you don’t need to hold inventory, no need to manage customers, you are your own boss so you can direct your business how you see fit and most of all, there are literally thousands of products you can promote and earn a commission from.

I do Affiliate Marketing.

I learned everything I needed to become the success that I am today using this platform.

I was able to get started for FREE, no credit card required on a 7 day trial period.

The 10 FREE video-based lessons taught me how to build a foundation for my business and included lessons such as:

  • Setting up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Understanding How To Make Money Online

and much more!

No gimmicks, no false advertising, it’s the real deal!

I remember when I signed up with the community almost 2 years ago, I was blown away by the wealth of information available and the 24/7 live chat where I can get help from other members as well as the owners.  It is always buzzing with people.

I log into this community nearly every day and there is always something new that I can use to add value to my online business – all at no extra cost – once I became a paying member.

I have given a comparison chart below so you can see at a glance how Wealthy Affiliate and Income Elite Team come up against each other.


The compared features say it all.

It’s time to stop chasing those get-rich-quick schemes as they don’t work.

If you want to check out Wealthy Affiliate and the 10 FREE classes, click the button below.

Free Affiliate Marketing Classes

Start your online business the right way! It’ll bring you passive income for years to come!

If you have any questions or comments about my Income Elite Team Review, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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