Instant Cash Solution Review: A Scam Or Legit Investment?

Instant Cash Solution Review

Welcome to my Instant Cash Solution Review!  You may be wondering if this system is a scam or if it is legit which is why you are here…

This system claims to be the one for you if you:

  • Need More Income
  • Are Struggling Financially
  • Hate Their Jobs
  • Are Tired Of Scams
  • Want A Better Life
  • Are Unemployed, Underpaid, Disabled, a retiree or a college student.

They claim you can easily earn up to $300 daily with the system.  Now, looking at the list, I’m sure you’ll agree with me if I were to say that 99.99% of the population will fit into one of these categories.

So, what is in it for you?  Will you earn $300 daily?  I’m glad you are here doing your due diligence as there are many systems with claims of making you money but often don’t deliver.  They will often leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed and give up any hope of making money online.

However, if you have been in this position before or have lost money to scams, check out a proven method that works!

Anyways, let’s begin this review …

Instant Cash Solution Review

Name:  Instant Cash Solution
Launch Date: 2018
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Those interested in a recruitment type model
Price: $100 – $600
Owner: Rich Meyer
Training: Resources and tools to help with marketing the product
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

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What Is Instant Cash Solution About?

This is a done-for-you system that claims it will earn you $1000s each month by copying and pasting pre-written ads.  No skills are required and all it takes is from 20 mins to 1 hour each day to see the money rolling in.  To earn money, you will be promoting this same system.  You will be issued with your own unique affiliate link that you will use in the ads.  When someone clicks your link and buys into the system, you earn a commission.

This is a form of Affiliate Marketing but with a slight twist.  Affiliate Marketing is promoting the products and services of vendors – you earn a commission when you make a sale through your affiliate link.  That’s it.

Check out the short video clip below that shows you what Affiliate Marketing is in a nutshell.

Where Instant Cash Solution differs is that you are tied into the program through a membership hierarchy.  The higher up you go, the more commission you can expect to earn.

With ‘basic’ Affiliate Marketing there are no levels – you do, however, get to choose which products you want to promote so you can choose to promote high-end products which will attract more commissions.

Shall we see how this system works? …

How Does Instant Cash Solution Work?

As with most systems that make it sound so easy to make money, the process is always simple …

Instant Cash Solution Review

The 3-step process is:

  1. Buy one of 3 membership types – Bronze($100), Silver ($200 ) or Gold ($300)
  2. Copy and paste ads across various Social Media sites with your affiliate link
  3. When people visit your site through your affiliate link, you earn a commission (the amount depends on the level they join)
  • If they buy the system, you earn $100-$500 per sale, depending on the membership they acquire.

The Bronze Membership includes the following:

Instant Cash Solution Review

The Silver Membership will include the following:

Instant Cash Solution Review

And the Gold Membership has

Instant Cash Solution Review

So you can see that you get a done-for-you system with everything included to help you promote the system and start making money.  The higher level package will give you more tools.

However, it is not so much the tools that will be of interest to you if you are looking to make money.  You will need to enrol on the silver membership in order to make any money.  This will cost you  $200! The only way to get to the Silver membership is by going through the Bronze membership where you do not have the rights to promote or sell the system but you need that membership in order to progress to the next level.

This system may be up your street and you will go all the way to the Gold membership.  However, if you’re happy to stay with the Silver membership package when someone you refer upgrades to the gold membership, you lose out.  You won’t get the commission.  This goes to the person who referred you.  This is a typical pay to play recruiting system where you need to pay out more to earn more.

This isn’t going to be easy as you will need to recruit twice as many people if you want to get an ROI.

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam?

No. It isn’t a scam.  However, it isn’t the best model to make money online.

This system is similar to The Fearless Momma system that I reviewed previously.  The whole idea behind these systems is to recruit people.  You’re not really learning anything, it is basically a way to make money by recruiting people – there isn’t any tangible product.

Anyways, the idea of sending ads to Social Media platforms is way too spammy for my liking.  These days, it’s all about offering value to your potential customers.  People these days are becoming savvier and are very quick to dismiss or skip ads if they’re not expecting it or worse still if they’re not relevant.

The best way to make money online is by offering solutions to your potential customers.  The majority of people who go online are looking for solutions.  If you can solve them, you can make money.

Think about it.  Did you search for something on Google today?  I did.

I was looking for essential oils.

This is a HUGE market.  With many people now wanting to go organic and make their own beauty products, this is a great niche area to go into.  Can you imagine if you had a website promoting these oils and you hit the number 1 spot in the search engine results and 20 people clicked through on your site to make a purchase?

That’s a commission for you!  And the great thing is that you can do it!

The training platform I use will teach you step-by-step on how to achieve this.

Look at me hitting number 1 position for a post I wrote a few days ago!😏

Instant Cash Solution Review


Systems like Instant Cash Solution will limit your potential and tie you into something that will leave you frustrated and wanting to get out (but not until you’ve made your investment back). 😒 If you want to make money online you can. It will take hard work, patience and being consistent.

Nothing in life is ever simple and easy as 1,2,3.  However, if you are serious about making money online, and are willing to give it all you’ve got by working hard, being patient and consistent, check out the method and training platform I use by clicking the link below.

Make Money Online With This Proven Method!


  • Legit method to make money online


  • Not the best way to make money online
  • Pasting ads left right and centre on the interview will be seen as spam
  • You’re competing against big names
  • You won’t be making thousands a month
  • No refunds
  • Recruitment type scheme
  • Risky business model – typical of an MLM/Pyramid scheme


I do not recommend Instant Cash Solution.  It is going to be hit and miss with your ads as you’re not using keywords to target customers.  You are just posting ads in forums and on Social Media sites.  As I mentioned above, you need to provide a solution for what people are looking for.

You can do this using tools like Jaaxy to find what people are looking for and then use SEO to drive them to your page.  This is a more guaranteed method and is risk-free.

With Instant Cash Solution you will need to invest a hefty amount  (minimum of $100) and then you will need to make TWICE as much to get an ROI.  Making money online is such a great opportunity for everyone.  Systems like these will make you believe that you need to invest large amounts of money to make money.

Can I tell you a secret?

It’s not true.

In fact, you can get started TODAY learning the ropes of how to build a successful online business from the ground up.  Using the Affiliate Marketing model that I mentioned above (did you watch the short video clip?) you too can build your own online business.

Fancy hitting the number one spot with your high-end commission product?

Then learn how to do so using the training platform I use.

They have training which includes the following:

  • Understanding How To Build An Online Business – (include the buyer’s cycle, when they are in the buying mode etc)
  • How To Create Your website
  • How to Choose A Niche
  • How to Do Keyword Research
  • How To Sign Up To Affiliate Networks To Promote Products and MUCH more!

You owe it to yourself.  Can you imagine the lifestyle you can live when you start to see a recurring passive income?  You can fire your boss then work from anywhere you choose.  You can go on vacation, spend more time with family and friends, pay off any debts you may have.  Basically, live the life you were meant to live.  You can but it takes action.

You won’t make money in 24 hours or by the push of a button like many of these systems say you can but it will take hard work, dedication, commitment and being consistent.  But it’s all worth it.

Check out the training platform here – where you will find full details of the membership packages and what they offer.

Forget Recruiting! – Learn How To Build Your Own Internet Business

Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey.👍

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Instant Cash Solution Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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