Copy My Email System Review – A Scam Or Make $$$ Weekly?

is copy my email system a scam

Welcome to this Copy My Email System Review!

You are probably wondering whether you can make money by sending emails every day with the Copy My Email System.  You have come to the right place to find out.

First, I must congratulate you on doing your due diligence.  Many people get excited at the prospect of making money online with systems and products but fail to do their research only to find that what they have purchased, doesn’t quite work as expected or will require them to spend more money for it to work.

I have reviewed 100s of products and most promise you easy money but fail to deliver.  Even though this is a “FREE” product, sometimes signing up for these free things can cause you a headache later down the road.

In my review, you will find out the truth about CopyMyEmailSystem.com and whether you can really make $100-$10K weekly by following “Bobby’s” program.

So, without further ado, let’s begin …

Copy My Email System Review

Name: Copy My Email System
Website: copymyemailsystem.com
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: ‘Bobby’ and those behind Copy My Email System
Price: FREE + upsells
Owner: ‘Bobby’
Training: Video
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 0/10

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Who Is Bobby?

Bobby is the man behind Copy My Email System.

He doesn’t give his full name but tells you about his lifestyle and how he can have numerous lavish holidays traveling the world, having time for his kids, his wife doesn’t have to work and basically living the high-life.

The normal sales pitch you get with these online make money product offers.

This is very enticing and I can see why you would want to sign up for this ‘free offer’ with the possibility of living the same lifestyle.

Watching the Sales video, this product looked too good to be true.  And most times they are.

What Is Copy My Email System About?

It is an email marketing campaign system with offers and promotions that you send out on a daily basis to a list of pre-loaded email subscribers.

Your list of subscribers will be a ‘clone’ of Bobby’s list, so you are really partnering with Bobby to make this work.

Any money you make will be split between you and ‘Bobby’.

The reason why he created Copy My Email System is to share his subscriber list.

He says that email marketing companies do not want one person taking up the bandwidth from one account, that they prefer several smaller accounts sending emails.

However, email marketing companies have special packages for heavy users.

Most email marketing companies will ask you to contact them directly if you have a subscriber list of 25,000 or more and will advise you of the different packages and check with you on your business or service area, email marketing campaign and so on to offer you the best deal and ensure that they have the correct infrastructure in place as they certainly don’t want you bringing down their entire mail server.

So what Bobby says has no truth in it.

I certainly wouldn’t want to share my subscriber list with anyone else.  There seems more to ‘Copy My Email System’ than meets the eye.

Anyway, let’s continue.

As you will be sending out the offers and promotions daily, you will need to log into your account every day to do this.  Is that the lifestyle you want to live? – checking and sending emails every day?

I’ve set up an email campaign for my business and I let it run in the background.  I don’t need to log in every day.  I only log in when I need to set up a new campaign.

Do you think a business owner has the time to be logging into their email account every day to send emails?  I certainly don’t.

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How Does Copy My Email System Work?

copy my email system review

Once you have joined Copy my Email System, you are given access to the members’ area and videos.

The members’ video will show you how to set up the system.

You will need to create an email account, using the BuilderAll Internet Email Marketing Platform.

A list of subscribers will then be added, by the people behind the Copy My Email System, to your account at a rate of 500 people a week (as long as you log in every day and send an email).

Once this has been set up, you will be notified and “earn your first $100 within 24 hours” as per the Sales video claim.

How this is paid to you I’m not sure as it isn’t explained in the video – only that it is in your ‘Commissions account’.

To start to earn money, you will need to log in each day and choose from pre-written, pre-approved emails to send to your subscribers.

I’m not keen on the idea of sending emails to subscribers who are just ‘given to me’.

Who are these people on the list?  Are they genuine or made up?

Will I be seen as a spammer?

I receive a lot of emails from companies and people that I do not know and they end up in my junk or spam box.

Will yours end up there too?

Let’s say one of your subscribers opens up an email and clicks a link.  You get paid for this, whether a sale is made or not.

This is known as Cost Per Click advertising, similar to Google Adsense when someone clicks on an ad, without making a purchase.

However, the payment is minimal, maybe $0.02/click.

If they make a purchase, then this is where you are likely to earn the bulk of your money.

Is Copy My Email System Really Free?

copy my email system review

It certainly isn’t free.

Before you start to make any money, you will need to pay $29 which is a monthly fee.

You can’t go any further with the system until you pay the $29 to create your account and have the subscribers added to your list  These type of Sales pitch are misleading.

It is also recommended that you take out the license fee for $127 as it is ‘useful for the cloning programme’.

What this cloning programme is, again the video doesn’t go into much detail;  only that it is highly recommended.

copy my email system review

It’s strange that both links are offering the same product at different prices.

However, payment is for $127 so it seems like an error in the text link.

Copy My Email System Sign Up Email

I still was a bit suspicious of Copy My Email System so I did a bit more digging on the name in the signature on the ‘Welcome Email’ – ‘Brian Jones’ from CMES.

Here is the first email I received.

copy my email system review

Before I could finish my research, I received another email within 3 hours of the first one. He seems a bit desperate for me to sign up for his program.

Is he the real ‘Bobby’?

Anyway, here is the second email.

copy my email system review

Negative Reviews on Copy My Email System

In my research of Brian Jones and CMES I found a lot of negative reviews on the Copy My Email System.   I also found that Copy My Email System is a byproduct of GIMSystemTraining.com.

It confirmed my darkest fears.  Copy My Email System is an outright scam.

Many people behind scams often use different names for similar products to hide their true selves and to try to further pull the wool over people’s eyes.

There were a lot of complaints of people not being paid the money they earned, being told that they need to make a further purchase before they can cash out.

Accounts were closed, emails went unanswered and people basically wasted their time and effort logging in each day sending emails.

copy my email system review

copy my email system review


copy my email system review


  • None.  Nothing advantageous of being scammed.


  • Unrealistic claims – making millions and millions of dollars with email marketing.
  • No control over email content.
  • You will be seen as a spammer?
  • An unethical way of gaining subscribers.
  • Not knowing where the subscriber list comes from.
  • Misleading -It’s not free.
  • Monotonous.  Logging in every day to send emails.
  • Waste of time.


I hope my Copy My Email System Review has given you enough information to make an informed decision on whether to make a purchase or not.  However, I would NOT recommend you purchase this product.   There are too many red flags.

Firstly saying a product is free only to introduce further upsells that are needed for the ‘make money process’ is a big scam.

The scammers make it sound easy – “send emails every day and earn money“.

They know people like you are looking for easy systems and methods of making money online, so they will give it to you (whether it works or not and usually at a great cost to you).

The method of email marketing used by Copy My Email System works but only if you do it properly.  They don’t.  Spamming people with emails that they have not signed up for will not get you a sale if the emails are not targeted to the right audience.

Email marketing takes time to build and to get it right.

Do it correctly and you will start to see your real customers.

The model I use has taught me how to generate an income by working hard, consistently with a lot of effort.

I saw my first sale within 3 months of signing up to the programme.  I could have made a sale earlier but I didn’t realize how hard I had to work to get a sale.  However, once the first sale came in, it made it easier for the next one and the next.

They didn’t promise me anything.  They did say, that I need to work hard and be patient as it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

I now pass those shiny objects that are enticing to you.  They don’t work.  I believe with the proper training, support, and tools, you too can be making money online.

If you want to be able to live the lifestyle you want, why not start now?  Many people are working towards it and are seeing the benefits.

Imagine having something that you can call your own?  Something that you have worked hard for and can reap the benefits – and not having to give a share to a ‘partner’?  You can.

If you’re interested and it sounds like something you would like to know about, click the link below to find out more in my guide.

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Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about this Copy My Email System Review, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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  1. Hello Jacqueline,
    Am so excited that I decided to do some research before investing. Your article has really been helpful. Thank you so much.
    Just saved me from being scammed.

    All the best to you.

    • Hi Henrietta,
      I’m glad my review was helpful to you; Yes. You must always do your research before buying anything online these days, especially if they sound too good to be true.

      Wishing you all the best with your online journey.

    • Hi Glenn,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.
      Did you lose money using the Is My Email Copy System? If so, have you tried contacting them or have you spoken to your bank to try and get your money back?

      Whatever it is, I wish you success.

  2. I’ve been scamed Brian joneS cmeS
    spent months sending every daY currentcomissions $800 don’t pay earnd money
    can I file any charge w ft

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed.
      Are you able to speak to your bank to get the funds credited back to your account? You can show them evidence in this post that these people are scammers.

      Unfortunately, these scammers don’t use their real names for reasons like this.

      I wish you all the best in getting your money back.

  3. I was just searching through my uncle’s emails and bank statements and noticed this Brian guy had my uncle sending him money for this system. I was outraged….and still am. My uncle has had 2 strokes because of this and mentally has not bounced back. He has mental impairments and it isn’t right that people prey on others like my uncle….They have been taking money out of his account while he’s been in the hospital and rehab….what can I do to not only bring them down but retrieve the money lost?

    • Hi Anthony,
      I’m sorry to hear that your uncle has been scammed by this system.

      Unfortunately, these scammers prey on the vulnerable. If you read my review, you will have seen where they have scammed others.

      Can your uncle’s bank trace the recipient of the funds? The names they use in the email are aliases.
      If you can show the bank evidence that this is a scam – there is evidence in my article – they might be able to investigate the case further.

      Wishing you all the best.
      Please do let me know how you get on.


  4. Great review! Not sure how but these people are still getting away with this under the same name! They didn’t get me for money because I thought it looked rather suspicious there was Brian emailing me first and then Bobby and hour later. It’s been non stop since. It’s ridiculous! Then I found your review warning others which is wonderful:)

    • Hi Anna,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Yes. These scammers will never stop at anything.

      Be warned – Now they have your email address they will bombard you with further ‘offers’.

      Any ‘offer’ that is too good to be true, probably is; I’m glad they didn’t catch you out.

      Wishing you all the best!

  5. Hey really good review, i am not a big fan of these types of programs where everything is givin to you. It seems like there is always a catch and the promises they like to make you about making money your first hour or whatever it may be. It is good to explain all the fine details so everyone can make the right decision and not get scammed. Keep it up!

    • Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’m not a fan of these ready-made products either.  Where’s the fun in learning?  

      However, you do have people who don’t want to learn but prefer an off the shelf package that they can just plug n play.  It is these people who get caught out with products like these.

      Hopefully my reviews will enlighten them before they buy.

      All the best.

  6. Hello Jacqueline,

    Great review on this product. I definitely would not recommend it either. The fact that you don’t know who these people are being added to your list, whether they are real or not, and that you can’t control what is written in the emails your sending out are definitely red flags to me as well. It also certainly isn’t free as you said, which is misleading. Great review here. I hope it reaches those falling for this product.


    • Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for commenting.

      The Sales video for the Copy My Email System product is very misleading.  They clearly state that it is for free.

      Who wouldn’t want to sign up for something that is free and will make you up to $10K? 

      I’m sure everyone would.

      This is their bait.

      Hopefully my review will reach those falling for the product to know what it is they are really getting into.

      Nothing is ‘free’ these days,especially if you want to use a program or system to make money online. You may get free trials, but that’s it.  You will have to pay for the full product.  That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  

      Those looking to make money online can sign up for FREE.  No credit card required.  If they like what they see, they can then sign up to the full program.   

      And the beauty about it is, during the free trial, they can ask as many questions they want, see the success stories of others, look at their websites and so on to see that it is a no gimmick system.  It’s a system that works.

      Best wishes.

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