Is Duplicate Dave A Scam? This Is What I Discovered!

Is Duplicate Dave A Scam

Welcome to my Duplicate Dave Review!

Are you here as like many other people trying to avoid scams online you’re asking the question ‘Is Duplicate Dave a scam?”

You are at the right place as in my review, you will find the information you need about this product in order to make a decision on whether to buy it or not.

A lot of people are now becoming conscious of the fact that the internet is rife with scammy products and are doing their due diligence before buying a service or product.

If you’re fed up with being scammed or taken for a ride, check out a proven method that works and will show you how to make real money online.

Anyways, let’s begin this review …

Duplicate Dave Review

Name: Duplicate Dave aka Legendary Marketer
Founded: 2017
Website: duplicatedaves.com
Video-based Training Course
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Budding Entrepreneurs
Price: $30 + upsells
Owner: Dave Sharpe
Training: Yes
Support: Yes. Via email
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 6/10

What Is Duplicate Dave About?

Duplicate Dave is an Internet Marketing Training course created by David Sharpe which teaches you how to become successful in your own online marketing business.

It has recently been re-branded as Legendary Marketer which many people don’t know so they still search for “Duplicate Dave” and “Is Duplicate Dave  A Scam” which is possibly how you would have arrived at my review.

The video below is from the Sales Page.

Check it out to hear what Dave thinks about the world system and why he created Duplicate Dave.

You will be using his sales system which he says will get you the same results he has achieved.

On his Sales Page, he says there is no reason why you shouldn’t be earning $2,000 – $20,000 per month with your own Internet Marketing business.

However, don’t think you can start earning this amount of money by just duplicating a system.

If Dave is alluding to the fact that he is earning anything between or above this amount …  that’s possible.

He has been online for MANY years.

If you are just starting out, it’ll take some time to earn any money but it is possible.

However, the best way to earn is not by duplicating a system but by learning the ropes so that once you have become successful in one business, you can duplicate it into another.

Remember: “Learn”  to “Earn”

Did you know that Dave was one of the main men behind Empower Network?  They were the most profitable online marketing training program.

However, he left in 2014 due to the business taking a different direction to what he envisaged as well as ill-health, to set out on his own.

He used all his knowledge gained by that business model to do his own thing.  You too can do the same.

There are many advantages and benefits of doing so:

  • You will learn from your mistakes.
  • You will know when the wool is being pulled over your eyes.
  • Stick to it long enough, you will be able to help others, just like Dave.
  • It’s your own investment.

If you want to create an online business for yourself as I have done, check out how I got started by clicking >> here <<

OK, Let’s get back to my Duplicate Dave Review … 🙂

Taking on a system and duplicating it may seem to be a quick and easy way to make money but if you don’t know what you are doing, and why you are doing it, it will end up being costly – no matter how great the system is.

Update: There are many affiliates promoting Duplicate Dave under a different name; one such product is End Financial Stress.

I have not written a review on this as this product is just a Sales Funnel to Duplicate Dave.

However, my friend Anis has written one that you can check out here.

How Does Duplicate Dave Work?

With the system, you will get:

  • Email Swipes
  • Marketing Material
  • Sales letters
  • Videos
  • Sales funnel
  • Email Correspondence
  • Sales team to close sales

Basically a suite of advertising material which you will use to promote the products within the Duplicate Dave system.

You will have your own unique affiliate link which you will use for your promotional purposes. When anyone clicks on a link and buys a product, you will earn a commission.

This is known as Affiliate Marketing.

There are video events and marketing courses which you will need to purchase and sell on – this is where the buck stops with affiliate marketing and we move onto Multi-Level Marketing.

Multi-level Marketing is where you have to purchase a product or products and sell on in order to earn a commission.

Duplicate Dave is a multi-level company.

If you’ve visited my website previously you will know that I ‘m not a fan of this business model.

I have heard many stories where people have to buy items in bulk then try to sell them.  If they can’t sell them, they are left with a lot of ‘dead weight’ and out of pocket.

You will be promoting the Duplicate Dave System – the system that is already in place and all you have to do is to sell it to make money.

This is easier said than done.

Is Duplicate Dave A Scam

Even though you are assigned a coach you will still need to reach out to your potential customers which is something your coach will not do, understandably.

The methods of marketing they teach are through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

You will need to buy Facebook ads in order to generate leads.  If you are new to Internet Marketing, you can easily spend lots of money on ads with a low ROI.

There is a slight problem here in that these Social Media platforms will be saturated with the same ads and material as these are ready-made for you.

If you’re anything like me, if I see the same promotion time and time again, I think it’ a scam or a system that runs on autopilot just to make money.

There isn’t that customer experience whereby you get a personal touch as if the person behind the system has really taken some time to craft what it is they are promoting and cares about your wellbeing.

It reeks of desperation for you to buy.

Is Duplicate Dave A Scam?

No.  It isn’t.

However, you will be sold many upsells.

As you make your way through the program, you will be invited to webinars and events.

Using their marketing tactics they will try to get you to buy into their advanced level courses with the premise that you need these to become successful.

You can see with this type of model, once you have a foot in, it makes it hard for you to leave as you would have invested quite a bit of money which you hope to get back through commissions.

However, the commissions are tiered in that to earn higher commissions, you need to purchase the higher-end ticket items.

Yes.  I know.  Frustration kicks.

You can either do one of two things at this stage.

Leave or invest more.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to go as the start-up costs are low.  There are no further upsells, the only money you will be spending is what you choose to spend.  You may want to hire a graphics designer to create your logo or hire writers to write a blog post but these are not mandatory.

You can run your Affiliate Marketing business with minimal costs.

To see how I got started for free check out my review here.


  • Dave is a well-known Internet Marketer.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • If you know how MLM’s work, then this may be a great opportunity for you.
  • High Commission payouts.


  • You’re not sure what you’re getting until you sign up.
  • The focus is on how to sell to make money – you’re not offering a service.  Provide people with a service and they will buy your products.
  • Not the best model to make money online.
  • Could wind up paying a lot of money with the Facebook ads and upsells.
  • Doesn’t teach you how to market your own business.
  • Need to purchase courses in order to earn a higher commission.
  • Not for beginners new to Internet Marketing.
  • No details of course fees until you sign up.
  • You may become reliant on your coach.
  • MLM’s have a short lifespan  – remember Avon and Herbalife?


Duplicate Dave (Legendary Marketer) is an MLM/Network Marketing system.

If you’re experienced in how MLM’s work, and love this model, then this can be a great opportunity for you.

However, if you’re new to Internet Marketing, then I would advise you to choose an easier method to earn money online until you become good at what you do.

That method is Affiliate Marketing.

MLM’s tend to have a short lifespan.  A lot of hype initially then once the market becomes saturated you are competing against 1000s of others trying to sell and promote the SAME product using the SAME material.

Do you remember the Avon sales personnel knocking on your door?  It used to be a big thing back in the early 80s with just a few people doing it.  Once the market became flooded, the competition became fierce and many people left.

This is what happens when you are selling the same thing using the same methods.  It becomes boring and people don’t buy into it.

Do you want to do something that you can steer the way you want it to go?

Something that you can build yourself and an easier start-up option than an MLM?

Why not try out my #1 recommended solution.

This program is FREE to try and you will discover how to build a solid foundation for your business.  A business that once generated will earn you passive income for the rest of your days.

Check out my review here. It takes less than 10 seconds to connect and get started.

You’ll be blown away when you enter the platform – just seeing how much value there is for the FREE membership, will make you think “Is it a scam?” 😀

I guarantee you it isn’t – I’ve been with this program for over a year and I enjoy learning new methods and ways to become even more successful with my online business.

I’ve created a comparison chart below so you can see at a glance how the program I use rates against Duplicate Dave.


I hope you can see how much value you can get not only by trying it out for free but also how the model of AffiliateMarketing outranks MLM’s.

Thanks for reading my “Is Duplicate Dave a scam” review.

I hope it has provided you with answers to any questions you may have had.  If for any reason you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care.

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