Is Internet Jetset A Scam? Or Make Crazy Money With This System?

Is Internet Jetset a scam

Welcome to my Internet Jetset Review.

John Crestani, the creator of this product, is a well-known Internet Marketer who has been around for many years.

Before you purchase this product, you may want to know what it is you’ll be getting or you may even be thinking “Is Internet Jetset a scam?”

You are at the right place to find out as I will be revealing all you need to know about the Internet Jetset system in my review.

Internet Jetset Review

Name: Internet Jetset
Website: Click Here
Launched: Dec 2016
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Affiliate Marketing
Who Is It For?: Newbies
Price: $47 or $47/monthly fee + upsells of $187
Owners: John Crestani
Training: Yes
Support: Yes
60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 8/10

john crestani internet jetset system review is it a scam

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an Internet Marketer who specialises in areas such as:

  • internet marketing
  • business development
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • conversion optimization

He has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance and Home Business so he is well-known in the Internet Marketing business.

So, you might be in good hands with his product but continue reading the review before you decide to make buy.

He is a self-proclaimed millionaire.

You can watch the video below which he shares on how he made $2.9 million from Affiliate Marketing, which is the same model he uses for his Internet Jetset System.

What Is Internet Jetset About?

The Internet Jetset System is a comprehensive 12-hour video-based training programme which teaches you how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

To make money with your affiliate products, John teaches you how to drive traffic to your website using Email, YouTube, Google and Facebook.

This is a great method to teach those who are new to Affiliate Marketing as most products and services often teach about paid advertising which if you are new to Internet Marketing can result in you losing a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

The training on these methods are great and there are testimonies of people saying how they started to make money after implementing these methods to promote their products.

With The Internet Jetset System, you will not only learn how to drive traffic to your website but you will also learn what are the great products to promote and which networks to join in order to promote them.

There are many Affiliate Networks, however, not all of them sell products that are of value and will make a good sale.

So this is another bonus of this training product – finding profitable products to promote.

The last thing you want to do is to promote products that will result in a high return rate because they’re useless.

In the video below, you can see the types of training that will be covered in The Internet Jetset system.

Internet Jetset Upsells

You will find that with most products, the sign-up fee you pay will give you ‘limited’ access.  This is fine for most people, however, if you want to take your business to the next level, you will need to pay a bit more.

The same is true for The Internet Jetset System.

There is a one-time purchase upsell which will cost you $187 – The Xtreme Case Study Resource.

This resource has 10 videos from Super Affiliate Marketers who have made over 1 million dollars.

By watching their case studies it will propel you to the next level of Affiliate Marketing where you will be able to grow your business more efficiently.

This is great if you want to know the exact methods that they use.

With Affiliate Marketing, it takes a lot of hard work, patience and time.  Not everyone makes it as they give up when they don’t see quick results.

The Xtreme case study will help you to understand the principles and methods these Super Affiliate Marketers use to get the result they achieved.

Is Internet Jetset A Scam?

The Internet Jetset System is definitely not a scam!

The system teaches legitimate ways to make money online.  However, there are better systems available that teach you the process and the hows and whys of Internet Marketing.

Sometimes knowing how something works is much better than just doing something as you are able to use this knowledge to take your online business to another level.

The Internet Jetset system teaches you systematically using John’s recommended methods of promoting affiliate products as an Affiliate Marketer.

What I like about the system, is that they teach you what are the best products to promote and where to find them.

As I mentioned before, sometimes it can be hard to find the right product to promote, especially if you are new to Internet Marketing as there are a lot of scams out there that you want to try to avoid promoting.


  •  John is well-known and highly respected in the Internet Marketing world.
  • No pushy sales tactics.
  • Uses free traffic methods.
  • Great training material.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Step-by-Step training – great for beginners.
  • Affordable entry fee $47.
  • Access to John Crestani Internet Jetset Live videos (only for $47/month subscribers)
  • After cancellation, you will still have access to the Internet Jetset System but not Internet Jetset Live.
  • Email contact


  • Website Hosting isn’t included.
  • You will need to purchase your own domain.
  • Dependency on John Crestani.
  • Upsells if you want to take your business to another level.
  • Better Affiliate Marketing programs available.
  • You won’t become an expert by creating many niche sites.
  • Monthly videos are pre-recorded and not live as being suggested.


Internet Jetset is a great course if your focus is on Affiliate Marketing.

It is great for beginners and advanced internet marketers.

I would recommend John’s course as it is legitimate and the training on the 4 methods of driving traffic to your website is GREAT!  If you’re struggling with driving organic, free traffic to your website then signing up for the course for this alone will be worth it!

You can sign up here if you are interested.

However, where it differs from my #1 recommendation is that you will pay additional fees for the more in-depth training – which is the Xtreme Case Study-, recurring monthly fees for access to the live video sessions with John Crestani, as well as a fee for hosting your website and purchasing a domain.

My #1 recommendation includes hosting as part of the package, a free domain name and live weekly training PLUS MUCH more! Training topics on any subject to do with Internet Marketing can be found within the program.

You can also post questions or comment on posts and training.

There is also an interactive Live chat board where any questions you have are answered within minutes if not seconds!

With over 1.3 million members you have the support of others.

For that reason, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate over The Internet Jetset system.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, the best way to test whether it is for you is through free training.  There is nothing worse than paying a fee for a product only to find that the method taught doesn’t quite suit your online money making goals.

I’m not saying that The Internet Jetset System doesn’t work.  What I’m saying is that Affiliate Marketing may not be for you.

So in saying that, with Wealthy Affiliate, you get to sign-up for FREE.  No credit card required.

You get 10 free lessons which will give you a greater understanding of what Affiliate Marketing is all about and what you need to do to have a successful online business.

To sign up for the 10 FREE lessons, and get started with Affiliate Marketing, click on the link below.


john crestani internet jetset system review is it a scam

Internet Jetset System Review

Name: Internet Jetset
Website: Click Here
Launched: Dec 2016
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Affiliate Marketing
Who Is It For?: Newbies
Price: $47 monthly fee + upsells of $187
Owners: John Crestani
Training: Yes
Support: Yes
60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 8/10

So, if your question was Is Internet Jetset a scam?, I hope my review has answered it.

However,  if you still have questions or comments about my review or John Crestani, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care.

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