Profit With Alex Review – Is this a scam?

Profit With Alex

Welcome to my Profit With Alex Review!

There are so many products online that claim to be the hottest thing since sliced bread and tell you how easy it is to make money in a few steps.

As you have landed on my site, I’m guessing that you want to find out more about the Profit With Alex product.

In this review, I’ll provide information so that you can decide whether Profit With Alex is one of those products that make those claims or “Can you really make a Profit with Alex?”

Read on to find out.

Overview of Profit With Alex

Company Name: Profit With Alex
Founder: Alex Goodwin
Price: $37 (for hosting; software is free)
Launch Date: July 2017
GoWorkFromAnyWhere Rating: 3/10
Refund: 60-day money back guarantee.
Who’s it for?: Those looking for an easy quick-fix Amazon Affiliate builder website to make money online

What Is Profit With Alex?

Profit with Alex is a money-making software tool that is used to build websites in 5 minutes with 14 clicks.

It is tailored for people who want to become an Affiliate of eBay and/or Amazon as the software sources products from both these stores for you to use on your website.

Your website will be hosted by the people behind the ‘Profit With Alex’ website.

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Signing Up

The Sales Video mentions that the software is free.  However, when you go to make a purchase, you find that there is a charge of $37.

Apparently, this is for the hosting of your site.

Another thing I found strange was having to enter my email address before I’m ready to buy.

I’ve bought many things online and until I’ve added the item to the cart, I am not asked for an email address OR I can continue as a guest.

The only reason why I think they want your email address is (if you decide not to make the purchase and pay $37) they will have your details, so they can send you spam emails related to other scam offers or even sell your email on to other spammers in the likelihood that you will make a purchase from them.

How Does Profit With Alex Work?

There are 5 steps in the process to set up your live e-commerce website.

Profit With Alex


Step 1. Profit With Alex Welcome Video

You log into the software using a valid email address where the first step is to watch the Profit With Alex ‘welcome’ video.

Step 2. Profit With Alex Auto Product Search

Profit With Alex

You will use the search feature to search for products you want to promote.  You will be presented with a list of related products.

Metrics are used to work out which are the most high-demand products which you are likely to make a sale on, pulling in the hottest selling products from both Amazon and eBay.

From this list, you want to find products with high search volumes and low competition. Those with a high score, are the products that you will want to promote.

The screenshot below is taken from the Sales page video showing items sourced from Amazon and eBay.

Profit With Alex

Step 3. Profit With Alex Auto Website Builder

Once you have found the product you will like to promote, you will now give your store a name.  This is basically your websites name then choose how often the software will add products to the website.

Click the save button and continue to the next section.

Enter General Settings

Profit With Alex

Enter SEO Settings

Profit With Alex

Here you will enter your keywords and a description of your store.

The keywords will be used to drive visitors to your store.  However, this method falls short of keyword research.

The keywords used in the above example are very broad and if you typed them into Google, you will have 1000’s of results coming back.  The whole idea around SEO is more than entering keywords into a free text box.

Step 4. Proft With Alex Auto Traffic Generator

Here, you will click on the ‘Xtreme Traffic Accelerator’ button to activate the auto traffic generator.

As an Affiliate Marketer myself, I know that there is no way to generate organic traffic without great keyword research, good SEO and great content.  None of this is mentioned.  This is a push-button system that looks impressive. The idea is valid but the key steps to being successful online are missing.

Alex tells you that he has some magical way to generate traffic but of course tells you nothing about it.

In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to have great SEO in place so that when people search for a product that you are promoting they will end up on your website.

Just adding products to a website does NOT guarantee you success.  If it was as simple as that, why aren’t more people doing this?  I’ll tell you why.  Because it just doesn’t work like that.

By Clicking on the ‘Go to Step 5’ button, you are actually activating your website.

Step 5. Activate Your Site

After you have completed Step 4, you will be directed towards the landing page of your site.

Here, you will see your brand new live website.

Visitors to your website are now able to view products and read related customer reviews pulled in from Amazon, click on products they are interested in which will direct them to Amazon.  You will then make a commission on purchases made.


  • Video tutorial on the Sales page.  So you know what it is you’re getting.
  • Affordable price.
  • No upsells.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • One time investment.


  • Push button method to generate traffic.
  • Your websites are hosted by Profit With Alex.  What happens when you decide to leave?.
  • Doesn’t give a true picture of what Affiliate Marketing is.
  • Not for beginners.  If you want to learn the right way on how to do Affiliate Marketing, check out my review here.
  • Wild claims on the amount of money made.
  • Alex mentions that he exploits a glitch worth $136 billion to the online market but doesn’t say what that glitch is.
  • Dishonest.  Showing pictures that are clearly sourced from the internet.
  • Is Alex a fictitious character?
  • Fake claims that the video is only available to a selected few.
  • Claim that the software is free but then at the checkout page you see it costs $37 because of the hosting, which is not free.
  • Affiliate link setup is done on their site, not on Amazon.
  • Logs into a UK bank account but the money is shown in dollars.

Those Images And Shiny Objects!

I’ve seen this time and time again.Profit With Alex

The flashy cars, the big houses with a swimming pool, the holidays and so on.

Without the shiny objects, we don’t really know much about Alex.  No picture, no personal testimony, no background information .. just ‘Buy this… It works!’

Sure. He does have a picture of him and his family but you can buy pictures online and upload them without any issues.

In fact, I found the same picture on this website.

Profit With Alex

Also, making a video of a lovely looking mansion and claiming it to be your friends is very easy to do.

All the shiny objects don’t prove a thing.  For all I know, Alex could be as broke as hell.

Don’t worry about the bank account showing millions of dollars.  This is a known trick of the online scam trade.

What I’m getting at, is not everything that glitters is gold.

Does Profit With Alex Make You Feel Special?

Alex mentions that I had a personal invitation to his video and that the video isn’t available to the public.   Well click on the link above – in the ‘Overview of Profit With Alex’ section – and you will gain access to it.  So much for making me feel special.

I came across the website while I was searching for products for Amazon marketing software.

Profit With Alex Red Flags

  • To join the Amazon affiliate program and promote its products, you need to have a blog, website, or a mobile app that Amazon has to approve. You will NOT be approved by the Amazon Affiliate program just seconds after creating a website.  Your website needs to have some traffic before being accepted into the Affiliate network.
  • The Affiliate details are all within his program, hosted on his servers.  Whose to tell that the Affiliate links don’t direct back to his account? So you do all the hard work and set up and ‘he’ profits from it.
  • You do NOT own your website.  The website is owned by the people behind Profit With Alex, so they can do whatever they want with it, they can decide when to shut it down.
  • Your website is on a subdomain which costs the people behind Profit With Alex $0 as they own the main domain.  So basically the $37 is free money for them.
  • They make it sound like a walk in the park making claims that you can make money with your website just by having products on it, but they don’t explain how important it is to create content that is relevant to the people who visit your website. Content is key for any website and without any kind of explanation of the product on your site, don’t expect people to make a purchase.  They’ll be buying blindly.
  • Alex doesn’t explain how “Xtreme Traffic Accelerator” works. How are you supposed to do research on how your visitors arrived at your site if you don’t know where the traffic is coming from?


Is Profit With Alex a scam?  I believe it is.

It is more of a ‘Profit For Alex‘ than ‘Profit With Alex‘ product.

The methods used by the Profit With Alex program are not complete.  Making money online is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication and time.

You might be able to make some money but not the amount he ‘claims’ to have made.

Is it worth your investment of $37?  I think not, because you may be left short of $37 which you can invest in something that will guarantee a return on profit if you put in the time, hard work and effort.

If you really want to learn the right way on how to build a profitable site as an Amazon Affiliate, with an Affiliate Marketing Training platform that doesn’t make wild claims and false pretences?  Check out the link below:

==>How I Made $4550 In Commission From Amazon<==

There are more of these get-rich-quick, easy setup scam programs online than those that genuinely help you to build a profitable business online that you can call your own.

One program that I will recommend is this one that I have been a member of since 2016.

Using this program is what I used to make my first Amazon Affiliate commission, through my website, within 3 months of joining.

I had no idea what Affiliate Marketing was about,  I hadn’t even heard of the term before, but by following through with the 10 free classes, I was able to make my first sale of many;  I knew that this was the program and this was the direction I wanted to take my online business.

You too can sign up for the 10 free classes by clicking the link below.  No credit card required.

I’m not going to show you any shiny objects if that’s what you’re interested in and there are no pushy sales tactics.



However, if you have any questions or comments about Profit With Alex, about my #1 recommendation, or anything else, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time.  Take care.

Go Work From Anywhere




  1. Hi
    Thank you for this thorough review of this company which is obviously a scam. It is people like them who give Affiliate Marketing a bad name. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who fall for these get rich quick schemes, but this review will definitely help a lot of people and saving them their hard earned money. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Nicolaas,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’ve heard so many stories of people staying clear of the internet because they have been scammed.
      It’s unfortunate as the internet is so full of opportunities.
      I write these product reviews to not only help people to avoid these scams but also to make them aware that there are legitimate products and services online that do work.
      All the best.

  2. Thanks for all your helpful info on this system. You’ve outlined everything there is to know about Profit Alex and I thank you for that. Even though you’re building your own site for people to purchase stuff and make you money, the matter of fact is it is not truly YOUR own business/site, because if the owner decided to take the entire thing down, your whole “business” falls – back to your day job you go. Great job, and I’ll be back for more to see what other scams there are out there.

    • Thanks Brandon.
      Yes. That’s the risk you are taking.
      People get caught up with ‘building’ a business online but they don’t think about ‘owning’ it.

      I’ve seen it happen many a time when people have invested time and effort into a product or service only for it to go bust and they are left with nothing.
      People need to build with the mindset of if the product or service for whatever reason, collapsed how much will I lose.

  3. As an Affiliate Marketer myself, I’d like to thank you for this thorough review! If I came across this I would have never known. You presented everything so well.

    It goes to show how something that may look good can be quite the opposite. As if he is showing pictures of his family and home. I hope your article gets ‘out there’ for others to read, making more people aware of this scam.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Patsy,
      You’re welcome.
      My goal is to make people aware of these scams as some of them are really hard to detect like this one.
      Using images like these create emotions for people to buy into this lifestyle they crave for.
      I wonder how many people have fallen for this scam already.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Well there are many cons of it. And I honestly don’t think that there is a huge glitch. Since I know that there are many professional people who work for security of shopping sites and I am sure that many of these shopping sites like ebay would have noticed it right away.

    • Thanks Furkan.

      Not wanting to be a pessimist but no site is secure. The website itself may be but the activities going on within the sites can be unscrupulous.
      I had a really bad customer experience with eBay – the seller sold items made in China but this wasn’t stated clearly. As you know the Chinese are of a much smaller build than most Europeans.

      Anyway, to cut a long story short, I couldn’t believe it when eBay took their side. Needless to say, I learnt my lesson and now I check the fine print of any item I purchase.

      All the best.

  5. I like the way you think! Yes, having to enter an email address that early in the process is concerning, and a first red flag.
    Not mentioning SEO and keyword selection? Whoever is trying to sell this scam is not even trying, aren’t they? I am glad that you did not fall for this – and thanks for the warning.

    Another aspect you pointed out, and one that is so important for newbies to understand is, that these types of websites you can create with these programs are not yours. You are at the mercy of the person owning the program. I wish I had known that when I first started out, that would have saved me some money and headaches.

    Thanks for the detailed and thorough review.


    • Hi Claudia,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sorry to hear that you were one of the unfortunate ones to be caught up with scams like these; they look so good on the surface.

      I do a lot of research into these kind of products with the hope that others do not get scammed.  

      It’s so unfortunate that they prey on the vulnerable who are only trying to carve out a living for themselves.

      Thanks for your input.

      All the best!

  6. Thanks for the article, really informative about what can happen if you fall into the wrong website get rich quick scheme. Thanks for sharing wisdom and hopefully stopping more people falling into the wrong investment!

  7. I get the feeling you may have parted with $37 and received a smile from someone else. I liked the article and will take the pitfalls that you have found and act accordingly.
    Great job in bringing the pertinenant information together to make a very important point.

    • Hi Chris,
      Alex is surely smiling even though I think this is not the real name of the person behind the product.

      Hopefully, this will bring awareness to others so that they too won’t fall for this scam.

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hi
    thank you for this article and your valuable view in the end. 

    All these scams follow the same pattern, which is blow sun shine and make you salivate mentally. This guy Alex is obviously selling the family dream and we see therefore the happy family picture. 

    The best test for people is to have investment commensurate with profits and never to pay up front any money. Thanks for the detailed information.

    • Hi Eli,

      Thanks for your comment.

      People warm to seeing happy families and luxurious lifestyles, that they get caught up without thinking that these images are used to lure them into signing up for products.  They are just that.. images – which anyone can siphon off the internet.

      Most genuine opportunities online give information and tell you that it is not easy to make money online however, it is achievable with hard work.

      Let’s hope people will be more wise and not be fooled by these shiny objects.

      All the best. 

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