Juice PLUS+ Review – legit or scam?

Name: Juice PLUS+
Website: http://www.juiceplus.com
Business Model: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Franchise – Variety of nutritional products for the whole family
Producers: Natural Alternatives International (NAI), San Marcos, California
Founder:  Jay Martin
Introduced: 1993
Joining fee: $50
Overall ranking: 9/10

With so many people taking a keener interest in their health and wellbeing,we are starting to see a lot of Multi-level marketing companies promoting products which claim to help you feel better, look better and live a longer life.  Health and nutrition are quickly becoming a top consumer priority in the 21st century.

I came across Juice PLUS+ recently and did some research about the product and the company.  This review will provide an in-depth review of what Juice Plus is and whether I think it is a scam or not.

Firstly, this is what Wikipedia has to say about the company.

What is Juice PLUS+


Juice PLUS+ is a branded line of dietary supplements containing the goodness of 30 fruits and vegetables expertly transferred into capsule and powder format.

The product is geared towards those who have a busy lifestyle who do not get enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients from their diet.  One of these capsules will provide the daily recommended amount of vitamins and nutrients.

These capsules are available through Amazon however they are much cheaper if purchased through a representative of Juice PLUS+.

How does the business work

The person who signed you up will be your mentor, training you and showing you how to build your business.  There is also a Sales and Support Office to deal with queries or customer orders.

Once you have signed up, you become a distributor/self-employee of the product and you’ll get the following:

  • Your own personal franchise
  • Access to your own online office which you can access anywhere around the world
  • Support from your mentor
  • A  franchise pack

Making money with Juice PLUS+

In order to make a sale, you have to be a good salesperson.  People are very sceptical about products being promoted promising to improve their health so it will be a very hard sell.  Many people, therefore, count on friends and families to introduce the product too.

There is no stock to buy for your franchise. You are basically the administrator for your customers as you take their orders and process them online. Juice PLUS+ invoices, delivers the product to the customers’ door and collects the payments from the customer every month. Your job is to become a support to that customer by providing a “Welcome Pack” via email, adding them to the Facebook support groups if necessary and nurture them on their journey. All this takes time and effort.


What I don’t like about Juice PLUS+

It is very expensive to buy!!!  So you will be hard pressed to make even a single sale to benefit from this multi-level marketing scheme.  


Besides, you can get other multivitamin tablets which can help boost your immune system for a fraction of the price or if you’re feeling creative, why not purchase a juicer and make your own juice which will be full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals of your choice and suited to your dietary needs.


Here is a multivitamin tablet that I would recommend which you can purchase from Amazon.  Just click on the image on the below to get full detailsJuice PLUS+


Many of the representatives claim that Juice PLUS+ cures many ailments which are not true.  Claims such as the curing of diabetes and eczema, are unfounded. They are giving out advice when they are not a qualified doctor or dietician.  This is surely a sign of desperation in order to make a sale.

I’m not sure I would like to promote supplements which will affect your health, albeit positively, without knowing what other medications people are on and whether taking Juice Plus as an additional supplement will affect them in any way.


Why do people join Juice PLUS+?

In a nutshell, to earn an income.   However, the amount of income you earn is dependent on the amount of sales you make or the number of people who you sign-up under you.

Other reasons why people join up with this Multi-Level Marketing company are:

  • No “bricks & mortar“.
  • No need to purchase product inventory – the Company ships Juice PLUS+ directly to your customers.
  • The system is built around the way you live.
  • Part of the rapidly growing health & wellness industry so you will have lots of consumer interest


Final Verdict

Juice PLUS+ is NOT a scam – some representatives are misrepresenting the product by saying it can cure ailments which it clearly does not.   These claims are questionable amongst many consumer watchdog groups.

You may want to earn extra money but don’t want to be dishonest in achieving your goals.  You can do this by working for yourself and not for one of these multi-level marketing companies that are using you to sell their products by introducing others to it.  If you’re like me, I find it hard to push sell anything to friends and family and I do find it unethical.

If you’re like me, I find it hard to push sell anything to friends and family and I do find it unethical.



MLM companies are a tough sell!! 95% of people fail this industry because you have to sell your products and recruit people in the company.

What if you can do something that doesn’t require you to push what you are selling into people’s faces?  What if you can sell whatever you want by just driving traffic to your website?

You might say I do not have a website.  Fine.   Well…. not so fine!!

What if I told you that you can get 2 FREE websites and training on how to create your own profitable website without having to deal directly with customers?

Why not give it a go by clicking on the link below?  No credit card required.  It’s completely RISK-FREE!!


Juice PLUS+ Review


If you have been involved in an  MLM company before or if you have had to deal with a Juice PLUS+ rep or would like to leave a general comment on this review please do so and I’ll get back to you.



  1. Hello,

    I wanted to add that I am in my first month of selling Juice+. Why do I sell it? Because it has helped me more than I could have imagined and I want to pass this possibility on to someone else.

    Whilst no company is perfect and MLP’s certainly don’t have the best reputation Juice + has its heart in the right place. You might have investigated about Dr Mitra Ray and how she came about making the product, her father was dying of cancer. You would see the passion behind everything she does and the medical research which has been trialled independently through many papers.

    It also isn’t the same as replicating it by just buying a multi vitamin or just juicing. A multi vitamin is extracted rather than the whole product ie a carrot is picked at peak ripeness, rhe whole product including the green leaf is juiced and freeze dried. The fruit or vegetable you get to juice is picked before peak ripeness so it lasts longer then preserved on trays with gases before it gets to the shelf it’s completely different.

    I took the product to lose weight, there was no hard sell and just kind genuine support every few days. I am a chronic pain sufferer and find it hard to exercise and am on medication which piles on the weight. What happened with me? I lost weight, I was re-educated about healthy living, my IBS has disappeared, my energy levels don’t peak and trough which means I don’t snack and means I’m not so bad tempered from tiredness, this all lowers my pain. People constantly comment on my skin and how healthy I look.

    I think you also might have forgotten to mention that if you buy the fruit and veg caps they provide the equivalent in gummies FREE for your child who would then go in to a study because they are passionate to help others. Both my boys have the gummies and they hate veg and one hates breakfast but now they have the shakes and I know that they are set for the day.

    If you have the caps and complete shake it costs a mere few pounds daily which costs much less than a daily coffee and meal yet you get two meals and Wholefoods lnutrition instead .

    It’s a brilliant product and if you want to try it let me know.

    • Hello Justine,
      Thanks for your comment. I too have heard and seen many positive reviews about Juice PLUS + and how it has helped people to not only lose weight but also to help with other ailments.
      As you’re a client of Juice PLUS + your testimony is great as it will help others to know that Juice PLUS + is NOT a scam.
      Personally, I don’t like taking tablets – I grow my own fruit and vegetables – some of which I juice – or I go for organic produce from the local supermarket.

      I think Juice PLUS + is a great product and I may consider using this in the future to help me live a healthier lifestyle.

      Wishing you continued best of health and wellbeing.

    • You’re completely right,I was suffering the same as you and Juice plus helped me to get rid of the pains. Also my daughter skin was full of big spots,now they disappear. I also had digestive problems with lots of pain,once I’ve started the Juice plus program,I never had this kind of problems. You can not believe until you try them,I know that as I was the same .

      • Thanks for commenting Monik. I want to take some form of multivitamins and minerals but with the choices out there, it’s hard to choose. I think I may give Juice Plus ++ a try.

        All the best with your health.

  2. For some people I am sure Juice Plus might be a lot better to take than the rubbish they eat day after day, Though I do not believe that powdered tablets are recognised by your body as food. This can make them a lot less beneficial than taking a freshly squeezed green juice.

    I am definitely not a fan of signing up friends and family for MLM style businesses . I quit MLM marketing for attraction marketing many years ago.

    And would not contemplate going back down this road, thanks for all your useful insights here.

    Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

    • Thanks for your comment Sotiris.
      Juice PLUS+ is marketed for such people who don’t have the time to have a healthy diet which is what a lot of these products are marketed for. In a way this is a great way to get your daily requirements however, I believe it’s better to eat the natural product rather than something that is manufactured as you never know what else is added to the ingredient to give it a longer shelf life.

      I’m not one for signing up friends or family to these business styles as I find it quite intimidating but each to their own.  I prefer Affiliate Marketing as visitors are used to product buying through searching on the internet without someone telling you to buy something because it is good.

      Best of luck in your endeavors. 

  3. Great review Jackie. Good use of the products video. They left out a lot of information didn’t they. It’s too bad people get taken advantage of so much. They put their time and money into something hoping for a better future when the odds are stacked so much against them. Honesty will get trust and trust will lead to customers.

    • Hi Mason, thanks for stopping by to leave your feedback.
      In this day and age, it’s hard to sift out the good from the bad – the scam from the legit. That is why I prefer to work for myself as an Affiliate Marketer.  People will buy your products/sign-up to your services if you are truthful in whatever you are promoting. And as you quite rightly said, honesty will get trust and trust will lead to customers.

      Best wishes to you.

  4. I sometimes stumble into the strangest spaces here in the cyber world. Juice+…Never heard of them before. I did fall prey to a group like them once though. It was an energy drink that was healthier than five hour energy or a red bull….only problem was that it was so much more expensive. I’m not much into pimping products that I don’t believe in so it was a 400 dollar learning experience.

    • These products tend to be highly priced as some of the revenue is used to fund the scheme. 

      Personally, I like to make my own supplements rather than buying ready made stuff.  Why?  Because I know what goes into it, it is often cheaper and if I buy from these suppliers and the product works wonders, if they suddenly go out of business, I’m back to square one – trying to find another company/product.

      I will be doing reviews of other products so please do drop by often.  You never know, I may review a product you’ve not heard of before, which will help you in your decision making!!

      Best wishes.

  5. Thanks for writing this review on Juice PLUS, as someone who lives a healthy lifestyle I’m fully aware of all the benefits of getting enough vegetables in your diet on a daily basis. The vegetables may help to prevent certain diseases over a long period of time but they’re not a cure, I think it’s bad that dishonest people use this tactic to make money with this program. I think the Juice PLUS product has lots of potential to be a successful business. However, the MLM business model is bad.

    • Thanks for commenting on this review. As with all things, people genuinely have an interest in promoting products which they feel others can benefit from, however,  once the potential to make an income from it, the effort becomes geared towards making more money so they start to falsify statements to make a sale. 

      I’m well aware of the MLM business model.  It’s not for everyone but some people do and are making a living from it.  

  6. Hey man, I just wanna say that this is an excellent review of juice+ and I really like the way your website is designed because it made the nutritional facts a lot easier to understand than some other reviews.
    I’m glad I found this site because my girlfriends been hounding me about being more healthy. Great site!

    • Thanks for your kind comments.  The health and wellbeing market is full of products it can be quite overwhelming deciding which one to choose.  I’m glad my review goes some way in providing information which will hopefully enable you to make a decision.

      All the best.

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