My Freelance Paycheck Review: Easy Cash Or A Scam?

My Freelance Paycheck

My Freelance Paycheck is a training program on how to become a Freelance Writer.

The creator Laura Pennington has a large following on Social Media platforms so this may be a great training program for you to learn how to become a freelance writer.

However, there are so many fake products and scams online that it can be hard to weed out the genuine products from the fake ones.

So I’m glad you’re here doing your due diligence as my review will take a closer look at this product to see if it’s really worth your investment.

Let’s begin …

My Freelance Paycheck Review

Name: My Freelance Paycheck
Website: myfreelancepaycheck.com
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Type: Training Program
Who Is It For?: Budding Freelance Writers
Price: $47
Owner: Laura Pennington
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 7/10

My Freelance Paycheck

What Is My Freelance Paycheck?

My Freelance Paycheck

Let me begin to say what it isn’t.

It isn’t

  • a push-button scheme
  • an MLM
  • a get-rich-quick scheme

It is a training guide delivered in the form of a PDF ebook, audios and videos.

The program was created by Laura Pennington who is a professional writer so you will get insights “straight from the horse’s mouth” on how to become a successful Freelance writer.

The main content is found in the ebook with supporting information in the audio and video material.

There is a bonus chapter in the ebook which tells you how to avoid mistakes that beginners to freelancing always make.  Without a doubt, with this extra chapter, it will help you to achieve faster results by avoiding those pitfalls that beginners in the field often make.

If you want an in-depth guide to freelancing, how to get clients, which websites to sign-up to, how to set your rates and much more then this is a great tool for you!

Is My Freelance Paycheck a Scam?

No.  It’s a legit program.

Many people are now turning to freelance to escape the 9-5 routine.

It’s a great opportunity as many successful bloggers and large organisations are busy with other aspects of their business that they need people like you to write content and articles for them and are willing to pay out large sums of money for you to do this.

When I first started this website, I was overwhelmed with the content writing that I outsourced an article which cost me $5 for 1000 words to be written.

This was sourced from Fiverr.

So I know that as a freelance writer you will never be out of work.

I recently reviewed a product called Kindle Sniper where you don’t have to write a single word to get your book published on Amazon Kindle, you hire a ghostwriter to write your book for you.

So can you see some of the possibilities you can tap into?

There are many freelancer sites where you can find jobs but are they the ‘right’ jobs?

With My Freelance Paycheck, you will learn where to start and how to go about finding the right jobs.

You will also learn how to reach clients and commission the right payments.

You might think freelancing is simple and this is just another scammy product out to get your hard earned cash but I have learned that no matter what business you are in, you need to invest to become the best.

The only way you are going to become better at what you do is by following someone who has been there, done it and has the t-shirt.

I see many people going it alone and think they can make it on their own.

It’s not possible.

Everyone needs a helping hand to get you started.

How Much Money Can I make?

You can make as much money as you have time.

By registering with the services that are recommended such as Upwork, the more clients you have, the more money you will earn.

If you do a really great job, clients will also tip you so the key is, keep your fees at a level that isn’t too high and not too low.

You will learn how to do this and market yourself effectively in the training.

When I sourced work from Fiverr, I tipped the freelancer because the work she did in my opinion, was worth more than the standard $5.

You will find clients are often generous when you deliver high-quality results.

Continue to deliver great content and they will recommend you to their friends and family.

The internet is growing daily and as more and more clients are moving online, you will never be out of work.

Why Use My Freelance Paycheck

You may be wondering why you should use My Freelance Paycheck as your guide to freelancing as you can get the information off the internet.

Yes, that’s true but …

Laura is an expert in this field and has included her own sound knowledge as well as collating great sources of information into this excellent program so you don’t have to go looking for it yourself.

They say time is money and the time you will take to find all the information that is included in this program, can be used to kick-start your freelancing career.

It’s always a bonus when someone has done all the hard work upfront and all you do is pay a small fee to access it.

If you’ve visited website previously, you’ll know that I do a lot of product reviews and My Freelance Paycheck is just one of the few legit products that I have come across.

You may buy something else and find that it is a scam or does not deliver.

I try to make all my reviews as transparent as possible so that you can decide whether a product is good for you or not.

Other than it being a legit program, there are many testimonies of people who have used this program and are now earning an income and living the life they so desire.


  • Great training to get you off on the right footing as a freelancer.
  • It’s ts a true source of legitimate income
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Great for Beginners.
  • The Author of the product is a professional writer and authority figure in freelancing – so you will get great content and insights.
  • It’s possible to start to earn straight away – depends on the jobs you pitch for.
  • No previous work experience with writing or online content required.
  • Work to your own schedule.
  • You will never be out of work.
  • Great opportunities if you’re interested in writing short blog posts, email content, social media postings, white papers articles and so on.


  • Sounds simple, but it requires effort and time to become established and earn a full-time income.
  • It’s a step-by-step program which may seem too slow-paced for some users.
  • She talks about this ‘Magnetic Cash Machine’ which is sales talk and was a bit off-putting.


My Freelance Paycheck is a comprehensive program with a wealth of information that can get you up and running in no time as a freelance writer.

I think it is worth the price – you do get a lot of content with the program.

So I would highly recommend this product if you are interested in becoming a successful freelance writer.

The one drawback I see is if you are not disciplined enough to meet deadlines – this can affect your progress and eventually your success.

This could have a negative effect on you getting other jobs as with most of these websites where you will sign up to offer your services, clients will post feedback.

A negative feedback can mean less work coming your way.

So if you’re a disciplined person, can work to deadlines, are adaptable – as clients may change their requirements during a project, then I see My Freelance Paycheck as a golden opportunity for you to learn how to be the best freelance writer who can make a living doing what you love.

You can sign up by clicking the link below.  There is a 60-day money back guarantee if after you have seen the content you decide it’s not for you, then you can request a refund.

My Freelance Paycheck

However, if after reading this and you thought it might be a great opportunity but you are having second thoughts about being a freelance writer or you’re not ready to be writing for someone else as a means of earning a full-time income, have you considered making money online by writing for yourself?

If you are serious about becoming a writer, why not write for yourself and earn an income?

This is my preferred method as it brings in a recurring passive income once I have created my content.

This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Anyone can become an Affiliate Marketer.

You write a blog about something you are passionate about and then sell products relevant to it.

You don’t have to hold any inventory, talk to customers, deal with admin all you do is write and promote other peoples products.

As I mentioned above no one can be successful by going it alone.  They need to follow other people that are successful.

I followed a program which has helped me to become successful online with my blogging.

Click on the button below to find out more.

My Freelance Paycheck - Wealthy Affiliate


The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that the income is recurring and passive once you have created your content.

As a freelancer, you will need to be ‘available’ for when a job comes your way; you get paid when you deliver the work, so it’s not passive income.

My Freelance Paycheck is great if you want to be working for people but if you want to work for yourself, check out how this can be possible by clicking the link above.

Whatever choice you make, I wish you success in your online business.

My Freelance Paycheck Review

Name: My Freelance Paycheck
Website: myfreelancepaycheck.com
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Type: Training Program
Who Is It For?: Budding Freelance Writers
Price: $47
Owner: Laura Pennington
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 7/10

I hope you found this review helpful.

If you have any questions or comments about My Freelance Paycheck, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care.

My Freelance Paycheck

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