Octane Review: A Scam Or Make Money In 3 Clicks?

Octane Review

Welcome to my Octane Review!

I received an email about this new system that turns other people’s content into cash for you in THREE clicks.  It does sound too good to be true which is probably why you are here doing your due diligence before handing over your hard-earned cash.  I must congratulate you on doing so as I’ve reviewed hundreds of online products and systems that offer you so much but fail to deliver.

Making money online is possible using legit and proven methods that have been tried and tested.

Will Octane deliver on its claims or will it be another scam?

Let’s find out …

Octane Review

Name: Octane
Type: Video Marketing
Launch Date: 23rd February 2019
Level: Beginners to Intermediaries
Who Is It For?: Internet Marketers
Price: $27.97
Owner: Jono Armstrong
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 3/10

What Is Octane About?

It is a cloud-based software that can create content for you in just a few clicks allowing you to turn that into passive income.  Content is King and it’s the FIRST THING you need in order to make any money at all. So, if this tool can generate the content for you, that’ll save you a lot of time and potentially earn you some $$.

No techie skills are required and you can create as much content as you like with this software.

The Sales video claims that it is the fastest tool on the market and it’s a great solution for newbies or intermediates who want to benefit from content without having to create it on their own.

This sure does sound like an easy method to get you up and running, so shall we see how it all works …

How Does Octane Work?

Octane Review

You will be “ethically stealing” content from YouTube to use as your own with this system.  There is a license you can use called Creative Commons that enables the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted “work”. An author will use this licence if he wants to give other people the right to share, use and build upon a work that they’ve created.

There are 3 steps to this system:

Step 1: Find Creative Commons Videos

To find licensed Creative Commons video on YouTube you will need to do a search to find videos you are interested in.  Click on the Filters option at the top of the search results, then under the Features tab, select Creative Commons.  Now all the videos in the search will be licensed under Creative Commons and are free for you to use.

Step 2.  Edit the video and Octane

You can use Octane to add some background music as well as adding your call to action at the end.

Step 3: Video Streaming

Press a button and your video will be streamed onto YouTube

This all sound so simple, however, you will need to have a YouTube channel to upload your video to and you will need to have something to sell if you want to make money (which is your Call To Action).

The Sales Pitch says “Free Traffic Built-In” but this isn’t true.  The traffic that is being driven to the original YouTube video will not necessarily be driven to your video.  For you to get free traffic, you will need to have built up your YouTube channel, have lots of views and use keywords.  You arrived on my post because you searched for “Octane Review” or something along those lines.

These systems make it sound too easy to make money online … often with a few clicks but they will not work as expected or will involve a lot more set up than what they tell you.

Is Octane A Scam?

No it isn’t a scam.  However, you won’t be making money in 3 clicks.  Making money online takes time, patience and a level of commitment!

Octane Review

They tell you that you can make money within 30 minutes of getting inside the member’s area.  However, this is farther from the truth.  The setup alone will take some days or maybe a few weeks if you are a newbie.

Octane target newbies to Internet Marketing and if this is you, you will probably struggle like I did when I started my journey.  I knew I didn’t want a done-for-you system.  I wanted to learn how to become my own success story.  Here you are told that you can start to make money quick and easy with 3 simple steps.  Having purchased some of Jono’s products in the past, they’re not all that bad some of them, however, what he says is for newbies is advanced stuff.  In one particular video for the From Zero to $100 in 24 hours product, Jono showed some really technical stuff which if I’d been a beginner, would have confused me.

With Octane, he tells you about your call to action – this is basically what you want the viewer to do at the end of your video –  it is usually to buy a product or service you are promoting or maybe sign up to your mailing list.

Have you got a product or service to sell?  Do you have a mailing list?

Internet Marketers make money online by selling products and services through a website or some other online presence but the main selling vehicle is a website so, without a website or products and services to sell, Octane will not work for you.

I have reviewed hundreds of products and many that are tool-based, assume that you already have a website and a product to sell. I have seen products promoting “getting free traffic”, targeted at newbies – if you are a newbie, it is highly unlikely that you will have a website to send traffic to.

As a newbie, you will not make any money with this product without a website.  Period.  Starting your Internet Marketing journey buying products isn’t the best way to go.  You will only get lured into buying product after product.

I’ve purchased a few of Jono’s products to aid with my product reviews and since then, I receive daily emails promoting offers.  Each offer claims to be bigger and better than the last one or just a rehash of an existing one.

What gets me, is that if they have a product that helps to make people money why is there a need to create more products that do the same thing?  Take for example Microsoft, they have their suite of Office products.  They upgrade the product – you don’t see them creating tons of new products every other day as the single product works! When they do an upgrade it has newer/better features.

These prolific product owners create new products that are just a rehash version of a previous product with a new name just to make money at your expense or even worse, there are so many negative reviews that for fear of losing money, they will create a new product under a different name.

Just check out some of Jono’s other creations – these are back-to-back.

From Zero to $00 in 24 Hours

Bang Bang Profits

The Profit Factory

The Fuego Breakout 

The Lost Code and

The Secret Weapon

You can begin your online journey down the road of buying product after product or take matters into your own hand and learn how to build your own asset that includes a website AND find out how to utilize billions of products and services that you can promote and earn commissions by learning how to do this yourself.


Learn To Build An Online Business The Proper Way


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • The Sales pitch is transparent
  • Jono presents the Sales pitch himself
  • Can be useful if you already have an online presence


  • It will take some time to make money
  • Your channel will start to look spammy if all your videos are from other authors
  • You will need to have a website or some online presence to leverage this software
  • You need something to sell – this will need to be somewhat related to the video you will be using
  • These Creative Commons Videos are already likely to have Affiliate Links which you cannot remove
  • You are potentially driving more traffic for the original creator of the video
  • The original author may take down his video
  • You can’t leverage someone else’s traffic


I hope my Octane Review has given you enough information for you to make an informed decision on whether to make a purchase or not.  If you are a newbie to Internet Marketing, this will not work for you unless you already have a website and have some products or services to sell.

However, I do not recommend this software.  You will not make money in 3 clicks.  It takes hard work, patience and commitment.  Copying someone’s video isn’t going to get you traffic.   If anything, you will be driving traffic back to the original owner.

Building your own asset online is the best way to go – no one can take this away from you.

This system also makes a lot of assumptions and it doesn’t teach you anything about Internet Marketing.  You are just shown steps and what to click.  This may earn you a few $$ but it certainly isn’t sustainable income.  Learning the ropes and what it takes to become a successful Internet Marketer is the best way to go.

If you have reached this far in my article, it shows that you mean business and want to know if there is a way that you can make money online that will show you the steps.

As I mentioned previously, it takes hard work, effort and commitment.  Doing a little bit of work today and nothing for a few weeks or months isn’t going to cut it as an Internet Marketer.  There are times when I am burning the midnight candle. So, if this sounds like you and you’re ready to build a sustainable income online check out my FREE Guide by following the link below.

Learn How To Build An Online Business HERE!


Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online journey.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Octane Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!


Go Work From Anywhere



  1. Hello Jacqueline, Thank you for your honest review.Yes I do want help in promoting my website,but I will not be buying this Octane.
    I will be working hard to find the answer.
    Thank you Bill Morrow

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