Operation 10K Review – Can You Really Make $2K/Week

Operation 10k Review Is It A Scam

Welcome to my Operation 10K review.

This is another one of Matthew Neer and Desmond Ong’s products – you may have come across others such as Speed Wealth System and 5k formula.

So,  is Operation 10k any different?

You are at the right place to find out.

In my review, I will show you what the system is really about and whether it is worth your investment.

Operation 10K Review

Name: Operation 10K
Website: https://operation10k.com
Launch Date: 2016
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?: Internet Marketers
Type: Product Creation
Price: $19 + upsells
Owner: Matthew Neer and Desmond Ong
Guarantee:  100% Money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 8/10

What is Operation 10K about?

Operation 10k Review Is It A Scam

In the Sales video, it is pitched as being a simple 4 step system that can earn you at least $2,228/week.

Making that kind of money online can be achieved but not by some push-button system.  You have to work hard to see those kinds of results.

This system works exactly the same as Matthew Neer’s other product, the 5k Formula System.

The sales video is highly hyped up with Ferraris, holidays, Las Vegas scenes, partying and even a private member sign to an airport forecourt when Matthew goes to pick up Desmond who will be arriving to showcase the product and attend a seminar.  How convenient!

(Desmond seems to be the more technical one than Matthew.)

My first thoughts are “Is all this ‘background’ noise necessary?”,  “Do we need to see the ‘private member’ sign to an airport forecourt or all the party scenes and flashy cars?”

If they are on the verge of launching a product then why aren’t be better prepared? Arriving on the day of the product launch seems such an inconvenience.

They should be ready to hit the ground running to tell us about this new product.

Again when they are having a conversation about the product, Desmond mentions that he only has an hour as he is off to a seminar.  Is this to show you that all it takes is an hour to set up Operation 10K?”

They set the product up and mention that when they return they will see commission in their account.  If only it was that easy.

Anyway, check out the video below of Desmond Ong’s take on Operation 10k – this gives a more realistic approach to the program as we all know that having the right mindset and knowing that you have to work hard to earn this kind of money is what it takes.  Not 4 simple steps.



How Does Operation 10K Work?

The idea behind Operation 10k is for you to create your own low-cost digital product which you will advertise through Affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank with the hope of finding affiliates who will promote your product for you.

Using 10 video-based training modules the program teaches you how to create your product and build an email list so that you can market and offer high ended products to your subscribers at a later date.  This is how your money is made.

This isn’t something new and many internet marketers do this – offer something of value – it could be a free ebook, a PDF, a digital product and so on – in exchange for your email address.

After they have gained your trust, through further emails that offer value, they will then promote their high-ended products to make money.

What Do You Get With Operation 10K?

Module 1 Mindset

This is actually a great entry point as many people think that it is so easy to make money online.  I’m glad Desmond has changed his tune here, from the sales pitch video, as he does mention that it takes hard work and a lot of effort for this online business to work.

A push-button system just doesn’t work.

Module 2 The System Blueprint for list building

This is the nuts and bolts of Operation 10K.

You will be sending traffic to your low-priced digital product that you create to generate buyer leads.

People are more likely to purchase a low-priced digital product so this is how you will generate your subscribers’ list.

It is this list that you will be using to promote other products and make money.

This is easier said than done.

Check out the video below on how to build your email list.

Operation 10k Review Is It A Scam Email List Building

Module 3 How To Convert Your Subscriber List Into Sales

You are shown some email templates that you can use in your marketing campaign.  These are quite good as converting subscribers into buyers is often through well thought out email marketing campaigns.

Many product owners that you affiliate with will often provide templates that you can use for your subscriber list as they know that these emails have a higher conversion rate than if you were to create them yourself.

Module 4 How To Choose Your Niche

This is fundamental and is not well emphasized in many training programs.  Choosing something you are passionate about but has no real ‘value’ to earn you an income online is not going to earn you the kind of money that is mentioned in the sales pitch.

This video teaches you how to select your niche and find consumers interested in that niche area.

Module 5 How To Create Value For Your Digital Product

In this training section, you will find out how to create a simple low price digital product for your chosen niche.

The recommendation is to find a product that is already selling well and copy what they’ve done.  I’m not too keen on this method as product owners may have patented their products which can lead to all sort of lawsuits.

It is always best to be creative and try to create your own product based loosely on what others have done as there is no point in re-inventing the wheel.

The key here is to be better than your competitor so you can add more value to your product or sell it at a lower price than theirs.

Module 6 How To Create Your Low-End Digital Product

The videos here explains how to create a simple low ticket digital product such as an ebook as a lead magnet to get your customers to subscribe and also gives details on the product creation process.

In order for the program to work well for you, the emphasis is on getting products created quickly and free.  Again, this is easier said than done especially if you are new to the market and you may be tempted to just copy someone else’s product just to make the system work for you.

Module 7 Think Outside The Box On Creating Your Digital Product

I’m glad that they have expanded on the previous module as not everyone is going to be good at coming up with ideas to create a product especially if they are new to this.

The program suggests 3 ideas on how to create your product.

  • Interview an expert – research different websites to gain more info on who to interview
  • Use YouTube to find a channel relevant to your niche and conduct an interview with an expert
  • Outsource the product creation

Module 8 Setting Up Your Sales Funnel

You will need to set up a Sales Page for your product, get people to register with your sign up form and then send them to a member’s page where they can buy the product.

Simple steps but hard to achieve if you Sales page isn’t compelling and convincing enough which is probably why Operation 10K suggest you use Click Funnel to set up your sales funnel.  At a cost of $99, this is fairly hefty.

Without even making a profit yet and to be forking out this kind of money isn’t quite what someone new to internet marketing will expect to spend.

Outsourcing this part may be a better option, which will still cost but not as much as $99 or you can make use of free landing page tools and built-in site builders to create your own Sales Page.

Module 9 Selling Your Product

As I mentioned above, they suggest you promote your product through Affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank or Warrior Plus.

this module gives a short video on how to sign up for accounts and list your products.

Module 10 Finding Affiliate To Market Your Product

This is the final and most important part of the whole process – PROMOTION!

Offering your affiliates 100% commission for selling your product is the best way to collect your leads.  The product is fairly cheap and will have cost you minimal spend if you did everything yourself.

You are not looking to make a profit here.  Your interest is in the lead so that you can follow up with higher-end products.

To find the top affiliates, you can search on Google for product reviews related to your niche.

Using the top search engine results, you can find and approach the top affiliates to see if they can promote your product.  It is not easy.

Many affiliates will only be interested in products that are getting traffic and will only promote worthy products.

As this may be your first product, this isn’t easy. If you can get top affiliates to market your product, you are onto a winner.  However, it is going to take time and effort to build the value of your product, your reputation and online presence before you can see results.

Operation 10K Bonuses!

There are 6 bonuses that are thrown in for FREE when you sign up for Operation 10k.  If you like the sound of these, you can sign up here.

Bonus #1  (Worth $497) Exclusive 3 Steps to $10,000 per Month Webinar

Bonus #2 (Worth $197) Magic Bullet copywriting template and video tutorial

Bonus #3 (Worth $297) Forbidden Traffic Method where you will discover the #1 top secret traffic method that the internet gurus do not want you to know.

Bonus #4 (Worth $197) Create Timeline opt-in forms with FB Profits App

Bonus #5 (Worth $197) Create amazing high converting squeeze pages using WordPress with Media Spark App

Bonus #6 (Worth $297) 3 high converting, ready-made Funnel templates: Sales Page template, Members Registration template and also Members Area template


  • Step by step training
  • The product is low priced
  • Legitimate method – the creators use the same method to make money
  • Building a buyers list using a simple Sales Funnel
  • You don’t have to do the hard work of selling your product. Leave it to affiliates
  • Great way to earn money if you love to create products


  • Sales page is misleading on how easy it is to make money – Just set a few things up then press a button
  • Product creation isn’t the best way to start an online business
  • Too much hype – fancy cars, partying
  • New product launches often die down after a short span.  You would have to have several products for this to work in your favour
  • Not a stable way to earn passive income
  • Having to create numerous products to earn money – not sustainable


Operation 10K will be a great buy if you love to create products – be it ebooks, PDF documents, digital products and so on as this is what it is marketed to do.

However, if you’re new to internet marketing, this may be a bit of a challenge as products usually have a low shelf life and will often need to be updated for it to keep the sales going.  You will need to be creating products at a fast rate if you want to maintain your income.

This is why you often see version numbers at the end of product names.  Operation 10K is similar to the 5k formula, it’s just rebranded.

What if you didn’t have to create products just to sustain your online presence?

Have you thought about affiliate marketing?

This is a great way to start your online business as the setup costs are low and you don’t have to be creating product after product.  Once you have built a solid foundation you can start to see passive income coming in.

This is what I do and I learned how to build my online business by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would like to build an online business that will see you earn passive income for years to come, check out my review here on how to begin.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about Operation 10k or Affiliate Marketing, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Until next time. Take care.

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