Passive Income Machine Review: Is It A Scam OR Make $2K Each Month?

Passive Income Machine Review

Welcome to my Passive Income Machine Review!

Making $2K each month is what you can earn by using this system.  They claim that it is fast and easy to do using a method that has never been revealed.

Are these claims true or is this a scam?

I’m glad you’re here doing your research as I have come across so many products and systems with wild claims of being able to make money with little to no effort only for them to fail on all counts.

If you’re fed up with being scammed or wasting money on products that don’t deliver, check out the best way to make money online.

Anyways, let’s begin this review …

Passive Income Machine Review

Name: Passive Income Machine
Website: phlos.net
Founded: June 2018
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Who Is It For?:  Those looking to build a membership site
Price: $9.95 + upsells
Owners: Trevor Carr and Paul Nicholls
Training: 16 training videos
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10


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What Is Passive Income Machine About?

It’s a step-by-step training program that teaches you how to build a membership site that will give you a recurring income.  You can build a membership site for any area you choose and set your own membership fee.

This sounds like a great idea as with membership sites, you can certainly earn a recurring income.  If you think about a gym subscription, that is recurring income for the owners of the gym and sometimes people often keep their subscription going even if they don’t actively use the gym due to the lengthy sign-up procedures and possible exit fees.

With Passive Income Machine, you’ll be paying less than $10 to get a recurring income for life.  Not only that, the owners say that you can do all of this on auto-pilot.

It all does sound too good to be true …

Let’s see how it works.

How Does it Work?

You will get 16 training videos, ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes each that will teach you how to build membership sites.  You have the option of building a membership site using the Facebook platform or by building your own website using the free Blogger platform if you choose to.

The teaching is split between the 2 founders.

Paul will teach you how to set up an actual membership site, using a membership plugin on WordPress.

Trevor will teach you how you can create a membership site using Facebook Groups.

The quick win with using the Facebook platform is that you don’t need to worry about having a website, hosting and so on – but it also has its limitations – as you can’t tailor things to your exact needs;  you have to work within the confines of Facebook.

I prefer to set up my own website – getting my own hosting and domain name but you can use the free Blogger platform.

Building your own membership website will take some time and effort but you can build it to your own specific needs unlike building one on the Facebook platform.

However, Facebook may pull the plug on membership sites as it is a huge overhead for them and if tons of people start to use the platform as a money making tool, who’s to say that they won’t clamp down and start charging hefty fees for the privilege of using their platform.

As I mentioned above, Blogger is a free platform and similarly, as with Facebook, they may start to charge you if they find that you’re making a profit at their expense.

The best way to build an online business is to have your own website.  Using a free platform or plugging into something can cause issues in the long run if you decide to upscale or diversify your business.

Is Passive Income Machine A Scam?

No it’s not a scam as you do get some training.  However, the shiny objects and the get-rich-quick sales tactics are very misleading and unethical.

Passive Income Machine Scam Review

The Sales page is full of hype.  They tell you that you can make $2K passive income every month – at the start of your journey.  That would be so nice but it certainly won’t happen.

They tell you that it is fast and easy to get started.  Every method in Internet Marketing takes time.  If you are a newbie, it will take time for you to build trust with your readers.  Many people start out on a high note and then after a few months, you don’t see them again so people are not going to put their trust in you until they see that you are consistent and regular with your updates.  Can you imaging joining a membership site that has just been launched and the owner decides it was all becoming too much and pulled the plug?

You will need to be active on Social Media, forums and so on so people get to know you and decide that they want to sign up to your membership site.

This system isn’t newbie friendly as they say.  A membership site involves a lot more work than what they tell you.  You will need to pay someone to manage the site for you as it is quite technical – dealing with refunds (partial and full), preventing hackers from signing up, ensuring payments are being made on time and so on.  This certainly isn’t going to be easy for a beginner to manage.

People who set up membership sites have been around for years and will have something attractive to offer its members.  What will you use to attract members?  You will be investing so much effort in trying to set up a membership site for little effort.

The simplest and easiest method for newbies to Internet Marketing is something called Affiliate Marketing.   I chose this method because of the low start-up costs and the ability to promote any product of my choice with no added overhead or expenses.

Affiliate Marketing involves the promoting of products or services of a vendor using your own unique affiliate link.  When a purchase is made, you earn a commission.  You don’t need to deal with people, refunds, technical stuff or anything like that.

You will need to set up a website in order to promote the products or services but you can do that ‘easily’ with the right training – the same training I used.

Learn How To Build Your Online Business HERE!

I’ve been online for a few years and my first payment was a few dollars from Amazon as an Amazon affiliate.  I was ecstatic!  It’s the first time I made money online.  However, by learning the ropes on how Internet Marketing works and taking action, I started to see success.

I knew that if I was able to make a few dollars, I can make any amount I want so long as I continued to apply the principles and work hard.

No system can guarantee you earn an income; learning proven methods billions of people use to earn a living online is more guaranteed!  It takes a lot of hard work but it is worth it once you see the recurring income coming in.

With the number of companies moving their businesses online, you will have more products and services to promote.  Affiliate Marketing is a GROWING business.  You will never lack of anything to promote.  It is free to sign up to over a million Affiliate Network.  For any niche (area of interest) you can think off, there is an affiliate network selling a service or product that you can promote.


  • Membership sites are a legit method of making money online
  • Once established you can earn a recurring income


  • Making it sound so easy to make money online
  • You need to be an influencer.  No one is going to sign up for a membership site without them having evidence that it’s worth doing so
  •  It’ll take time for you to become established and an authority for people to signup
  • A high drop out rate if you don’t offer anything worthwhile
  • You need to be diverse in your offerings and be relevant to all members
  • It’ll cost you more than the initial $9.95.  You need to think about using services such as Paypal to take payment, issue refunds etc
  • Shiny objects to lure you into buying the product
  • Upsells


Any system that claims to make you fast and easy money will only set you up for failure leaving you frustrated and disappointed.  They simply do not work.  Sign-up costs for these systems are usually low to lure you into making a purchase then once you’re inside, you are sold numerous upsells which they claim you need to purchase for the system to be fully functional or you will find that you will be bombarded with emails telling you of the next best product.

Why waste time on a system that may work and whose owners only tell you what you want to hear.

Buying systems and products isn’t the best way to earn an income online.  Learning how to build a business is a much better way as you retain this knowledge and can use it to scale your online business.  Buying products and systems will restrict you to using a single method that is only applicable to that system or product.  What if the owners decide to pull the product off the market or worse still, it is a scam?  You will be left with nothing.

I’ve been online for a few years now and the knowledge gained has enabled me to build an online business that is now earning me a recurring monthly passive income.  It has taken a lot of hard work, patience and, commitment –  anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

The income has allowed me to do things I could only think about like buying items using cash, being able to go on holiday and, contributing towards my son’s university fees.  The hard work an investing in myself is surely paying off.

If you want a steady passive income and are willing to work hard then you can start your journey today – the same journey I took just over 2 years (at the time of writing this review).

Check out how I did it by clicking on the link below.


Learn To Build Your Own Online Business

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Passive Income Machine Review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care!

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