Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review – Traffic And Profit In 45 Secs!

Push Button Traffic

Driving traffic to your website is critical if you want to be successful online.

Traffic => Potential Customers => Revenue

Push Button Traffic 3.0 is a software that says it can help drive thousands of traffic to your website with a few clicks.

So, is this the answer to your online marketing needs or is it a scam?

You’re at the right place to find out as in my review, I will reveal all you need to know about this software and whether you will start to see conversions with the generated traffic.

Push Button Traffic 3.0 Review

Name: Push Button Traffic 3.0
Founded: May 2018
Click here
Type: Traffic Generation software
Level: All
Who Is It For?: Online Businesses
Price: $17
Owners: Billy Darr, David Kirby, Justin Opay and Ginouchka Eugene
Training: Included with the software
Support: Yes
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

If you really want to know how to drive traffic to your website using legitimate methods, check out this lesson on how to build your own traffic producing website.

What is Push Button Traffic 3.0?

It is a simple cloud-based software that gets instant traffic and profits to your site within 45 seconds all at the push of a button.

Check out the promotional video below from Billy Darr himself before you buy!

You are able to share videos on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion as well as share your content on the following Social Media platforms:

  • Blogger
  • Twitter
  • Tuumblr
  • Medium and
  • Imgur

Push Button Traffic

There have been previous incarnations of the software and you will find lots of positive reviews on all versions including this one which led me to dig deeper and research this product a bit more, as I’m yet to come across a push-button system that lives up to its name.

I didn’t want to write this off straight away but my review has highlighted some things which the positive reviews seem to have missed…

So .. let’s get back to the review.

If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, webmaster, or have client sites that you manage, this may seem like a great software tool to have as it can reduce hours of your research in trying to find the right keywords to drive traffic to your site.

This will do it all for you and not only that, with those keywords,  you can actually make a profit.

It all sounds great and simple.

But is this the way to go or will you regret buying this product?

Read on … to see how Push Button Software really works.

How Does It Work?

Once you have made your purchase, you are 3 steps away from seeing viral traffic and commissions!

Or … maybe not…

So …

Step1. Log into the Cloud-based software.

Step 2. Click Go and blast out content with your Affiliate Link.

Step 3. Sit back end enjoy Easy $150 Daily Paydays.

Let’s look at step 2 in more detail …

Billy starts using a lot of jargon to confuse you.  Even I was a bit lost with how the system is supposed to get you viral traffic and profits on autopilot – which is what they are selling you.

So let’s see what he says and whether there is any sense in it.

Syndicate the video to lots of video sites”   Ugh?  How?

Does he mean to publish the video to other video sites? If so, you can do this in WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS tool within your post or page.

Give your customers the ability to post images to tons of different social sites.” Why would your customers want to do this?

He seems confused about his own software – this software is for you NOT your customers …

Basically, he’s waffling through the whole video and there isn’t anything concrete to say how you will get the free traffic and instant profits that he says you can get at the push of a button.

The process that he goes through all seems clunky, convoluted and a lot of unnecessary work.

Adding affiliate links, uploading pictures, videos and so on, can be done from the existing platform you use to build your website.

What does Push Button Traffic give you that you can’t get from your existing setup?

I’m sure you want to know how the viral traffic and instant profits will work.

Billy doesn’t elaborate on this – in fact, he doesn’t even mention it – which makes me think he’s hiding something or the product isn’t quite what he makes it out to be.

So are you happy to buy a product whose owner doesn’t demonstrate how the “exciting” features will work for you?

Too Much Hype

First and foremost, I’m yet to see how you are going to get traffic and earn a profit with this system.

Billy makes it all sound so easy!

Push Button Traffic

Driving traffic and making money from your website requires a lot of work.

It’s not as easy as clicking a button, sitting back and watching the commission roll in.

If that was the case, I wouldn’t need to be spending hours on keyword research and SEO.

Having an online business takes a lot of hard work. patience and commitment.

No shortcuts or quick methods are going to set you up for success.

It undermines all the hard work successful online entrepreneurs have invested in their business as if it were a walk in the park!

These push-button systems are for instant gratification which may result in penalties down the line so I would avoid any product that says you can gain instant profit and results.

If you are ‘spamming’ social media platforms, your account will be banned.  However, if you are legitimately writing and curating posts which are useful, you will eventually build up followers as they like what you are producing and will automatically want to be part of it.

Create great content, and you will get followers.

Is Push Button Traffic 3.0 A Scam?

You are getting a product for your money so realistically, it’s not a scam.  However, the Sales video is very misleading.

Push a button and earn thousands. Really?

Driving traffic to your website not only takes time but it requires effort.

Google doesn’t ‘recognise’ a new website until it has been around for some time as many people start a website and are not willing to put in the required effort and time for it to become recognised.

Google checks for regular updates and unique content.  Once it sees this, it’ll start to rank your sites which means anytime anyone performs a search using keywords which you are using, your page will be listed in the search engine results.

That’s how you drive traffic to your site.  Not by some push-button method.


You will be getting 3 bonuses if you buy the product straight away – but these offers will always be available as I returned after a few days and the offer was still there.

This is a marketing tactic to get you to buy.

You might feel that if you don’t buy straight away, the offer will be gone.

Trust me, the offer will always be available.

Anyway, here are the ‘bonuses’ you will get:

Bonus 1: Live training with a 7 figure Marketer values at $1997

Bonus 2: Copy Paste Profit valued at $297

Bonus 3: $194 Case study valued at $297

Bonus 4: 24-hour income system values at $997

Bonus 5: Agency Licence valued at $497

You may think you are getting a real deal with all these bonuses but will you?

When you are being offered such a great program, throwing in 5 hefty priced bonuses undermines the original product you are buying.

These bonuses are often used to lure people like you to buy a product as you think you are getting a lot of value but this isn’t always the case.

Billy Darr is also the author of Copy Paste Profit but you can get it for $4.95 – so this seems to be all hype.

The other products are probably hiked up prices to make you think you are getting something of value.


  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • A lot of hype.
  • Push Button systems don’t work.
  • You need to already have a Social Media presence.
  • The owner doesn’t show you HOW the software works.
  • Can’t see how this will get you viral traffic and profits.
  • You are buying the basic membership.  The elite membership has more Social Media platforms.
  • To promote any affiliate programs as a business on Vimeo, you need to create an account which can cost from $24/month for a Pro Acct to $59/month for a Business Acct.



I do not recommend the Push Button Traffic 3.0 software.

They are very misleading in their Sales and Promotional videos.

The demo of the system by its owner doesn’t show you how you will get FREE traffic or how the instant profits will come about.

This is because there is no such thing as instant profit and FREE traffic at the push of a button!

Publishing content on Social Media may get you some free traffic.  However,  most people now use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find what they are looking for, which may lead them to a social media platform or a video.

The search engines use keywords to find your post so without keywords, don’t expect anyone to find your content.

Publishing on Social Media is a tool online marketers use to support their website but most of their FREE traffic will come from searches.

As an Affiliate Marketer, I create content for my blog using keywords.  That is how you ended up here.

It wasn’t by some automated push button software but through keyword research.

You too can do this if you really want to drive traffic to it.

Don’t try and use these black hat, shortcut push-button methods which will be more of a headache than its worth.

If you are serious about building a successful online business, that will generate profits from the traffic you drive to your website, do it the right way.

Once you have mastered the skill, you will see how foolish and ridiculous these push-button systems are.

I learned how to build a successful online business using a platform that I have been with for nearly 2 years.

The step by step training helped me to build something that will be sustainable for years to come.

They have 10 FREE lessons you can try out.  No credit card required.

You can sign up NOW by clicking the button below to access the free training.

Wealthy Affiliate

I have also done a comparison chart between the platform I use and the Push Button Traffic Software so you can see at a glance how they differ.

If you have any questions or comments about this Review, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care.

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