AZ Code Review: Is It A Scam Or Can You REALLY Make $10K/Week From Amazon?

AZ Code

Welcome to my AZ Code Review!

So you’ve heard about this system and are wondering if you can really make money with it or is it a scam after your hard-earned cash.

You’ve come to the right place as in this review I will reveal all you need to know about this system.

If you have been scammed before or lost money to systems and products that left you feeling frustrated and confused check out a legit and proven method to make money online.

Anyways, let’s begin this review …

AZ Code Review

Name: AZ Code aka The Amazon Code
Launched: 2018
 Amazon Merchant
Level: Advanced
Who Is It For?: Budding Online Entrepreneurs
Price: $37 or discounted to $27 if you try to exit their sales page
Owner: Andrew Peterson Unknown
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

Wealthy Affiliate


What Is The AZ Code About?

The AZ Code, aka The Amazon Code, is a ‘secret system’ that claims to be the fastest way to make money from Amazon.

The Sales pitch seems to suggest that the ‘secret system’ they are talking about is Affiliate Marketing but is this really what the AZ Code is about?


What you will get is a couple of PDF guides that will show you how to import goods from China and sell on Amazon for a profit with the belief that using these guides you can make up to $40K in Amazon Commissions.

This business model isn’t Affiliate Marketing.  You are actually taking on the role of an Amazon merchant.

Totally different business models!

This business model will cost you much more than you expect.

How Does The AZ Code Work?

Using tutorials,  you are shown the steps to make money online.

Step 1.  Select the  auto product search

Step 2.  Create the auto website builder

Step 3. Follow auto traffic generator

Step 4. Add your shopping cart

and then start profiting.


Tutorials and following step-by-step processes will NOT make you the kind of money AZ Code says you can make.

The best way to learn how to make money online is through proper training.

If you want to see how I make money online, check out the program I use by clicking the button below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Do You Really Need AZ Code To Make Money Online?

In a word No!

Why pay for something that you can readily find out yourself by googling?

It’s not even a system.  It’s beyond a joke that people can promote one thing and sell you something else.

Why doesn’t Andrew or whoever it is behind the product sell you want they are promoting unless they are fake?

Talking about fake,  the people in the video saying how much money they have made through AZ Code are actors.

They are sourced from Fiverr and cost Andrew less than how much it’ll cost you if you were to buy the product!

Here is just one of the faces in the video – fast forward the video to 10:45 and you will hear her testimonial:

AZ Code Fiverr Actor

Here is her Fiverr profile below!

AZ Code fake testimonial


Now, she isn’t in the wrong.

She gets paid to do voice-overs. She is given a script and then she acts it out convincingly.

All the people in the Sales pitch video are Fiverr ‘Video Spokespersons’, however, look at the following statement:

Amazon Code

Can you really trust a system that uses actors, then turns around and makes the above claim?

Fake AZ Code Earnings

I checked back on the AZ Code site over several days and the same repeated banners appeared.

AZ Code Earnings

AZ Code Fake Earnings

This just goes to show you that these banners are made up.

There is no way that these Amazon commissions could be shown if they were even real as any commissions earned between you and Amazon are private.

The Sales video also advertises the amount people have earned by using the system.

However, these figures cannot be verified.

AZ Code Review Earnings

Andrew even goes as far as showing us his bank account with the commission he’s made – over $2 million!

The money seems to go into his Personal Account and not his Business Account.

Surely this is a business he is running with those sums of money.

I have also highlighted with a red arrow where the date format is different.

The year is in full in the “Last Statement” field, however,  it uses only the 2 digit year in the “Information as of” field.

Small points but these are little things that are often overlooked by those creating fake accounts showing huge earnings.

AZ Code Bank Statement

$10,000 every single week!

Yes. Right.

If this system is so good at making people $10,000/per week, why aren’t there more testimonies?

AZ Code Review

The disclaimer on the site does add that your level of success depends on the time you devote to the system, your knowledge and various skills and that they cannot guarantee your success or income level.

This is true for any online business.

However, this is just to cover themselves.

You can make money online but using a step-by-step ebook guide with no support will make it extremely difficult for you to do so.

You need proper training which you can get here.

Is The AZ Code A Scam?

Based on my research, I will have to say that it is.

Their promotional video make out that you will be doing affiliate marketing but when you sign up you will be a vendor or merchant selling products.

Fake testimonials, product owner who doesn’t show his face, overhyped earnings …

The only thing that is legit about this program is that you can get a refund.

But why would you want to buy this in the first place?

You are buying PDF documents at $37!

You can get at least 3-4 books from Amazon for that price or even find the information online for free.

However, if you are really serious about making money online, then I recommend you check out my #1 training program which you can do for free by clicking the button below.

No credit card is required to sign up.

Wealthy Affiliate


  • The business model works – you can make money from Amazon as a merchant. I have done this previously, managing my own products which weren’t easy.  Managing and sourcing products from third-party suppliers will be twice as hard and it’ll come with its headaches.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


The biggest con about AZ Code is that you don’t know what you are getting until you sign up.

As I said previously, it sounds like Affiliate Marketing is the business model you will be signing up for, but you will be signing up as an Amazon merchant.

This in itself will cost you a TON of money to set up.

Just look at some of the things you need to take into consideration if you were to become a merchant seller using Amazon.

  • Sourcing goods from overseas is a long drawn out process.
  • It is very expensive to purchase products.  You need to buy large amounts of stock if you want to go down this route.
  • Goods may not be of great quality.
  • Nightmare if you want to return goods to the Supplier.
  • Not knowing who you are dealing with – so many scam artists setting themselves up in business selling fake goods.
  • You will have to pay import duty/tax.
  • Shipping costs to customers.
  • You have to deal with customer complaints.
  • It’s a huge operation.
  • It’s time-consuming.
  • Very costly – you need a whole system in place – email, inventory, customer service and so on.

These are just the cons if you were to go ahead and buy the product.

Here are the cons of the Sales pitch video:

  • In the Sales video, it’s stated that to get started as an affiliate is extremely complicated.   That is NOT true. To get started is fairly simple.  Check out my guide here.
  • No training provided.
  • Misleading.  The product actually teaches you how to become an Amazon Merchant, not an Affiliate Marketer.
  • Fake testimonials.
  • Not knowing the person being the system.
  • Wild claims of money being made in a short period of time.
  • Doesn’t explain what the system is about – his ‘secret system’.  Is it Affiliate Marketing or something else?
  • Upsells of $200 for PDF documents.


So now that you’ve seen that the AZ Code system doesn’t quite live up to its name, what are your ‘make money online’ options?

My recommendation is Affiliate Marketing – this is what this system mentions in the Sales pitch but unfortunately it’s not what they teach.

Where Affiliate Marketing is above any money making online business model is that the startup costs are low.

However, with any business model, it’s not going to be a walk in the park and you need to work hard at your business.

Having the training and like-minded people around you to help you every step of the way just makes it much easier!

Wealthy Affiliate offers this and much more.

If you want to learn how to make money online stop wasting your time on searching for products that promise you a push button system or an easy step-by-step guide to getting you to where you want to be.

They don’t work.

Find a product that works and stick with it – you will be much more successful!

That is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

Click the button below to join me at Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s free to join – no credit card required.

Wealthy Affiliate

AZ Code Review

Name: AZ Code aka The Amazon Code
Launched: 2018
 Amazon Merchant
Level: Advanced
Who Is It For?: Budding Online Entrepreneurs
Price: $37 or discounted to $27 if you try to exit their sales page
Owner: Andrew Peterson Unknown
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 2/10

If you have any questions or comment about AZ Code, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time.  Stay safe online.

Go Work From Anywhere


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