Tube Crusher Review: A Scam Or Make $3K Commissions Instantly?

Tube Crusher Review Is it a scam

Welcome to my Tube Crusher Review!

This system sure does sound like a great way to make money.  And I’m not talking pocket money or loose change – people are making 3K instantly within 15 minutes of setting up the system.  Sounds too good to be true eh? Many systems like this are and you may be wondering if Tube Crusher is a scam.

Well, I’m glad you’re here doing your research as there are many products and systems with claims that you can make huge sums of money with little to no work only for them to fail on all levels.

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Anyways, let’s begin this review …

Tube Crusher Review

Name: Tube Crusher
Website: http://tubecrusher.co/
Who Is It For?: The owner
Price: $37 or $27 if you try to leave the sales page before making your purchase
Owners: “Ciaran”
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 0/10

What Is Tube Crusher About?

The owner of this system says it is an effective way to make money on Youtube.  He has the knowledge and insider information to help you go from YouTube Rookie to wealthy vlogger INSTANTLY!  He gives his name as Ciaran as he doesn’t want to give his real name as he’s a top player and wants to keep a low profile.  Sounds like he’s being modest.

Anyways, that aside, you can expect to make $3K from commissions within 24 hours of setting up the system and Tube Crusher is apparently the only way to make money on YouTube.

YouTube is a great platform for you to make money especially if you have a huge following and lots of subscribers. YouTube will pay you based on the number of views and subscribers you have so the more you have, the more income you can earn.

So unless you have the views and the subscribers, no system will make you rich on YouTube.  It will take you time and effort to build up subscribers as well as publishing your videos.  This doesn’t happen overnight or within minutes of setting up a system.

I have reviewed many products and most products that claim you can make instant money in little to no time, end up being a waste of your money and time or a total scam.  Most of these products are being promoted on the ClickBank network where the vendors are not vetted.  So what you will get, is a lot of vendors selling crappy products that are a borderline scam or are pretty much useless.

Here are other ClickBank products that I have reviewed recently which don’t deliver.

Profit With Alex
Tube Profit Sniper
Easy Insta Profits
The AZ Code
Kindle Sniper
30 Minute Money Methods

The only good thing about buying products from ClickBank is their money back guarantee.  However, I’m glad you’re here reading my review as you can make your decision whether to purchase this product or not without wasting your time, energy and money.

How Does Tube Crusher Work?

The creator says all you need is a smartphone,  internet connection and a spare 10 minutes each day to be earning those big bucks. However, what you get for your $37 is a lot of rehashed content – videos and Private Label Rights documentation that has been edited and repackaged with the owners’ own label. NOTHING is created by the owner.  He is using content that is already available online, repackaged it and selling it onto you.

You will need to watch the videos and go through the documentation to make anything of this system.  However, you will not learn how to make money with YouTube by buying this system.

Ciaran does a lot of bragging and showing screenshots of money his testers have made but this is all fake. Anyone can create a spreadsheet, add some earnings and say ‘Eh, look, this is how much money can be made from using my system”

This is basically what Ciaran has done to lure you into parting with your hard-earned cash.

Tube Crusher Scam Review

Testers Earnings

If these were genuine testers, he would mention their YouTube channels as it will be free marketing for him.  Who doesn’t want that?  If Tube Crusher can make you the kind of money he says it can make you, why hide the results?  Surely pointing people to the evidence will sell more of his product?

What he does do is tell you about a successful YouTuber who goes by the name of pewdiepie to align himself and his product with this successful YouTuber.  The thing is, pewdiepie didn’t become successful overnight or by using a system like Tube Crusher.  It would’ve taken him years to get to where is now.  There is no quick and easy way or system to make $100s let alone $1000s of dollars on YouTube.  It takes time and effort and it’s because of this, the system won’t work for you if you’re thinking of making money within 15 minutes of setting it up like some of the testimonies have claimed.


False Testimonies

I have done hundreds of product reviews and a certain person appears in 70% of them – he also appears in the Tube Crusher Sales video.  Interesting!  This guy hasn’t learned his lesson yet by buying all these fake products. 🤔

Can you really trust a product or service that uses false testimonies?

The guy below is a Fiverr actor – his Fiverr Profile is below.  He gets paid to read off a script to say things like ‘how much they have earned’ and ‘how great the product is’.  They do sound convincing however, they have NOT bought the product.  There are several other testimonies and they are all paid actors.


Tube Crusher Review

Promoting Tube Crusher

Tube Crusher - Fake Testimonial

Promoting Ecom Formula


Tube Crusher - Fake Testimonial

Promoting 30 Minute Money Methods

Tube Crusher Fake Testimonial

His Fiverr Profile

Product owners use fake testimonials to lure people into buying their products.  It is unethical and misleading as often it is the testimonies that we go by to make our decision.

So now you know, I hope you are able to see that not every money making opportunity online is legit.  A lot of them are scams just waiting to lure you into making a purchase.

Is Tube Crusher A Scam?

Yes it is.  The sales video doesn’t tell you what it is you’ll be getting.  They tell you what you want to hear … earning huge sums of money easily in a short time frame.  If only making money online was so easy.

Making money online takes a lot of hard work and effort and because a lot of people are not willing to put in the work that is required, they are looking for schemes like these.

If you pay $37 for this and it doesn’t work out, you will pay another $37 for another product that promises you fast, easy money will little to no work.  I’m sorry to disappoint you but these systems do not exist.

People who are serious about making money online do so by using products and systems that have been tried and tested.  They don’t jump onto the next new fad that promises the world as it’s a huge gamble that doesn’t always pay.

I’m glad I came across a training platform that I have been using for more than a year and I’m still using and learning new ways or expanding my online business.  It taught me that to make money online takes time and effort but that it works if you’re willing to work hard.

Check out my personal review on this training platform here.


  • Money back guarantee


  • Over hyped earnings
  • Fake testimonials
  • Low-quality re-hashed content
  • Unknown owner – goes by the name of ‘Ciaran’
  • Highlighting YouTube as a billion dollar platform doesn’t mean that you can make money using the system
  • Saying the system is only open to a selected few to lure you into making a purchase
  • Makes it sound easy to make money online – “so much money with so little work”
  • No information on how the system works


Tube Crusher is one of those programs that are there to make money for the owners at your expense.  You will NOT make money using their system.  If the system was so great, why are they using fake testimonials?

The best way to make money online is to use a method that many others are using which works.  This method is Affiliate Marketing  – it is here to stay and millions of people are doing it and earning a passive income from it.  It is also one of the easiest and safest business models to use due to its low start-up costs without the need for you to deal with inventory, people, returns or any admin stuff.

You can work anywhere in the world so long as you have access to the internet and a computer.  Check out the short video below that tells you what Affiliate Marketing is in a nutshell.

Now even though there are only 4 steps, the key is to attract visitors to your site which you can do through keyword research, SEO and other methods.  I didn’t have a clue what Affiliate Marketing was until I came across a training platform that taught me everything I know on how to build a successful online business using Affiliate Marketing.

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Remember, there is no quick and easy method to make money online, it takes time and effort.  However, if you are willing to work hard, you will be rewarded!  Many people are now living the laptop lifestyle earning a fulltime income from an online business and you can too.  It’s time you stopped wasting time trying to find a get-rich-quick scheme or method and think seriously about your future.

Why waste time, when there are proven methods and training on how to become successful available?  Click on the button above to find out more.

If you have any questions or comments about my Tube Crusher Review, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care and take action!

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