Viral Dollars Review – Malicious Scam To Avoid!

Viral Dollars Scam Review

Welcome to my Viral Dollars Scam Review!

This site claims you can get paid $25 for signing up and earn a further $10-15 for inviting friends to the platform.  This sure does sound like an easy way to earn money especially if you have a lot of friends!

You are probably here as you have heard about this site and you want to do your research before signing up.  I must first congratulate you on doing your due diligence.  Even though you are not handing over cash, the information you hand over can be used for malicious purposes which I will go into in my review.

Scams aren’t just in the form of people taking your money and closing shop, there are many different forms of online scam and the only way you can avoid getting caught up in them is to use legitimate methods to make money online.

Viral Dollars is the same site as Viral Pay and Referral Pay –  so if you come across any sites with these names, they’re all the same.

My review will reveal everything you need to know about this platform and why you should not join!

Viral Dollars Scam Review

Name: Viral Dollars (aka Viral Pay and Referral Pay)
Type:  Data Harvesting Site
Launch Date: 2015?
Level: Beginners
Who Is It For?: The owners themselves
Price: Free to join
Owners: Unknown
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 0/10

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What Is Viral Dollars?

The website claims that it is the No 1 influencer network to help you make money from Social media and that you can make $500 TODAY!  $500 right out the gate … Interesting!

Viral Dollars Scam Review

They have 225000 members, have paid out $60M and has 500M shares.

These numbers certainly look credible which is why a lot of people have been lured into signing up.  A website with so many members must be legit eh?  Well, not in all cases.

As in my Kids Have Money review, these figures can be easily manipulated.

Anyways, straight out the gate, you can expect to earn $25 just for signing up.  This seems like easy money.  I haven’t even done anything to earn that $25 so where is all that money coming from to pay me?

Maybe if we see how it all works, we’ll get a better idea …

How Does Viral Dollars Work?

On signing up a message pops up to inform me that I will be paid $2 for every person that clicks my link and I’ll earn an extra $10 when they join.  I also have access to a Dashboard, a personal Account Manager who I can contact via Skype and access to a list of tasks on my Task Wall which I will need to complete to earn money.


Viral Dollars Scam Review

The setup looks great but these scammers go out their way to make their platform stand out sometimes even more than the genuine sites.

Anyhow, the offers seem to be targeted to your country of residence to make it even seem more genuine. Most tasks can earn you $30 but you will be required to give away your personal information for each task which means your information is going to as many companies as there are tasks that you complete.

I’m not sure about you but I personally like to know how my information is going to be used.  I possibly could’ve signed up to a similar program many moons ago as I do get emails asking me to fill in questionnaires and asking my opinion but they are so far and few between that it might have been a genuine site.

Some tasks will even require you to download software.  As this site is a scam the software may contain viruses & malware that can harm your computer or even try to hack into your system rending it useless.

Anyways, this site is no different from Kids Have Money and Notion Cash that promise easy money for referring friends and family and money just by signing up.

Making money online, whichever method you choose requires some effort.  Legitimate Get Paid To (GPT) sites require you to do some work BEFORE you get paid.  They don’t go handing out money just by someone clicking a link.  There are billions of people using the Internet.  Can you imagine the payout Viral Dollars would have to pay if a small per cent of that number were to click on your link?

Can you see why it just doesn’t add up?  Where are they going to get the money to pay you or anyone come to think of it?

Scammers exploit people who are genuinely looking for ways to make money online and they will make it look so easy to do so.  Truth be told – it takes hard work, commitment and patience to make money online.

Any program or platform that tells you otherwise is only there to make money at your expense.  I have been online for a few years now and I’ve written over 200 product reviews.  Those that claim to earn you money within minutes or days with no experience turned out to be scams or required you to invest more (I’m talking $1000’s) money. Many people were left frustrated and disappointed at what seemed like a legitimate opportunity.

There is no such thing as easy money.  If you want to make money online, you need to work hard and be consistent.  Not many people want to do this so they will continue to look for the next platform or product that promises them money with little effort.

Will you get caught up in this vicious cycle or are you fed up with the scams and want to take matters in your own hands?

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Is Viral Dollars A Scam?

All the telltale signs says it’s a scam.

The site goes by different names:  It started out as Viral Pay, then it became Viral Dollars and now it is Referral Pay.  If the site was genuine, the owners wouldn’t have to change the name.  The reason why they do this is to keep up with their malicious activities and try to earn financial gains no matter what.

There are many testimonies of people who have spent time completing tasks only to find that when they came to cash out, the link didn’t work or they were told that they were committing fraudulent activities so payment will not be made.

Viral Dollars Scam Review

Can you imagine spending time filling in surveys or handing over your personal details only to find that you have earned $0!  It is not only frustrating but surely you must be wondering why did they go through the bother of creating what looks like a genuine website to not pay you?  I mean you haven’t handed over any money to them so what’s in it for them?

Scammers like these will never ask you for money upfront which makes the promise of them paying you for something as simple as referring others to the platform so inviting. However, it is what they do with the information you enter and in some cases, the tasks you complete.

Your email address is like gold dust to these scammers as they can sell it to other Internet Marketers that don’t have an email list in order to bombard you with promotional offers and services.

Some of the tasks will require you to phone a premium number which will charge back to your phone earning the scammers a nice tidy sum.  These Premium numbers can cost up to $1.50 per minute and they usually consist of a recorded message lasting 3 minutes so you can imagine how much that is going to cost you and how much profit the scammers are going to earn at your expense.

If you really want to earn money by completing tasks then you should go with reputable companies like Swagbucks.  However, is it worth your time doing these tasks and earning pocket money?

What if you could earn a full-time income by spending your time on your business.  You will not only be making an income online but you will also be learning new skills that are marketable.

Filling in surveys, clicking voting buttons and other mundane tasks will not keep you motivated long enough for you to want to do this fulltime.


  • None


  • When you are ready to cash out they claim that your account is fraudulent so you will not get paid
  • Site changes its name once negative reviews are posted Viral Dollars, Viral Pay and Referral Pay are all the same scam
  • Unknown owner
  • Having to enter your personal details including phone number when completing some of the tasks
  • Your details may be sold on to unscrupulous individuals or unsuspecting companies
  • Fake reviews


As you can see this is an outright scam and you should stay away from it.  You may have felt that Viral Dollars was a great opportunity and now you don’t know what to do and where to go.

You may even be thinking that you will never make money online because every program you come across is a scam or doesn’t work.  There is some truth in this as I’ve written over 200 product reviews and purchased some of the products and they aren’t as they make out to be.  They tell you how easy it is and how you can see money within days.

I now know better – only because I learned the ropes; so there’s no more fooling around buying products and signing up to platforms to try to make money online.

I realize that making money takes work and that there is no such thing as fast money or easy money as these scammers will have you believe.

Using proven methods such as Affiliate Marketing works.  It has been working for years and millions of people are making money daily using this method and so can you.

Look at the income I have made using this method:

As you can see I earned $350 over 3 days.  This isn’t even my latest report but this is only to show you the potential that this business model has in earning you an income (when you work hard).

There is no such thing as fast, easy money.  So, if you’re willing to work hard, be patient and committed then you can be reporting similar figures in years to come.

Find out more on the method I use and how I gained knowledge to build a thriving Internet Marketing Business by clicking the link below.

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Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but success with your online business.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my Viral Dollars Scam Review.  If you have any questions or comments on this review, Viral Pay or Referral Pay, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time, take care and stay clear of those scams!

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