What Is Solo Build It About? Is It A Scam Or Can You Trust It?

What is Solo Build It

Welcome to my review of Solo Build It! aka Site Build it!

There are many reviews about Solo Build It!  Some good, some bad.  This review is unbiased and based on my own opinion.

Company: SiteSell
Product Name:
Solo Build It, Site Build It
Website: http://buildit.sitesell.com/
Founded: 2000
Level: Beginners
Who Is It For: Anyone who wants to build an online business
Price: $299/year or $29/month
Owners: Kevin Evoy
Training:  7/10
Support: 8/10
90-day money back guarantee
Overall GoWorkFromAnywhere Rating: 7/10

What Is Solo Build It About?

Solo Build It is an all-in-one online business training course.

It teaches you the steps you need to take to make money online using the acronym CTPM.  This is a well-known acronym used by many affiliate training companies.

Step 1. C for Content. You will learn about creating quality content using keywords that will rank highly to drive traffic to your website.

Step 2. T for Traffic.  Here you will learn how to manage your website for maximum traffic utilising social media platforms.

Step 3. P for presale.  The emphasis here is to provide useful content to every customer that visits your site.  This builds trust and confidence in your readers over time and they will more than likely recommend you and your products to others.

Step 4. M for monetizing.    This is where you make your money from your website once you have the content, keywords, traffic and interested customers. Solo Build It teaches you ways to monetize your website.

Click below to see The Solo Build It! Video Tour.

What Is Solo Build It About

The great thing about Solo Build It, is that monetizing your website isn’t the primary target at the beginning of the training.  They have got this right.

To make money online, you need to build a solid foundation first.

Many people new to the make money online business may not want to hear this.

You may be one of those people that just want to start to earn right away.  This will not happen.

It takes hard work, dedication and consistency.

Finding the right keywords that you will use to build your content is crucial to your success so the emphasis is on this.

Solo Build It! keyword research tool is very powerful and will help you to find the right keywords.

Who Is Solo Build It! For?

SBI is mainly for beginners.

However, it is designed to help student and teens, retirees, small businesses and anyone that wants to learn how to build a website.

How Do I Sign Up To Solo Build It!?

Sign up is straightforward.

You can sign up here.

When you sign up, you will be sent an email with your login details and the URL to the login page.

What’s Included In Solo Build It!?


This tool will help you to research different ideas for your online business and choose the best one for overall profitability.  This is a great tool especially if you are unsure what market you want to promote.

Vertical and Lateral Brainstormer

Here you will research and use keywords that your site visitors will use to find you.

I have used many keyword tools and found this one to be different in its naming convention which threw me.

They use terms such as ‘Value Demand’, ‘Real Supply’ and ‘Profitability’ when I was used to terms such as “Traffic” and “Competition” which are easier to understand and make more sense, even for a newbie.

I much prefer the Jaaxy keyword tool which I use for my keyword research.

The Ultimates

Use this version to find long-tailed keywords.

Domain Name and Hosting

Domain name registration and hosting are part of your membership.  Secure certificates are also included in the package.

Design And Build Your Site

Using Solo Build It own tool, BlockBuilder2,  you can build your site which is fully customizable, using drag-and-drop technology.  If you prefer, you can use HTML or your own site building tools.

Engage With Your Visitors

Content 2.0 allows visitors that you have invited to your site to not only leave a comment but to create pages.   This can be great if they are blog writers.  You can ask them to write an article on your behalf.

Site Blogging and Regular Blogging

Solo Build It automatically creates an RSS feed for your visitors to subscribe to, converting your RSS feed to a blog page format for easy reading.

Form Build It and Autoresponders

Build contact form, questionnaires and more using autoresponders to respond to actions.

Action Guide

This step-by-step guide, in written, video or audio is the foundation for your success.

Integrated Help

Every page has a help guide.  Just click on the help marker to learn how to use the tools.

SBI Express Ezine

Get the latest online marketing news, techie updates and best practices white papers through regular updates.


The Support Team is available 365 days a year.

There is also a forum where you can share your thoughts and ideas.

Check out ‘What’s Included’ in more detail here.


  • Unlimited email addresses.
  • E-commerce ready site.
  • SSL included.
  • All-in-one platform.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Hosting.
  • Website builder.
  • Email newsletter manager.
  • Autoresponder (like Aweber).
  • Keyword tool.
  • Traffic statistics.
  • Training is both written and high-quality videos.
  • Support and forum.
  • They have an affiliate program.


  • Expensive yearly figure.
  • Not built using WordPress but their own proprietary system.
  • Locked into a system if you use their tools to build your site making migration difficult.
  • Navigating around the platform wasn’t easy.
  • Login area on the main website isn’t available so you have to refer back to your ‘welcome’ email for the link to access the portal.
  • Terminology can be confusing.
  • No free option to join.  Check out my #1 recommendation where you have a no credit card required risk-free join option.

Case Studies

Check out some case studies of Solo Build It! users.


Making money online takes a lot of hard work and effort.  At the end of the day, laying a solid foundation for your business will help you to have a business 10, 15 years from now that you can be proud of and that is successful.

Using the right products for your business is also important.  Your business is a growing entity.  It will grow and expand in ways that you can’t even imagine.

You need to be using tools that are flexible.  Using tools that are bespoke can limit your creativity.

Solo Build It! is a great product for anyone looking to start a business online but it has its limitations.

WordPress is the No. 1 content management system (CMS) in use online so there will be lots of support and know-how about the platform that you can make use of should you run into issues.

Solo Build It! uses their own proprietary CMS tool so you will have to depend on support from within that closed community.

Is this something you have considered?

What if you want to migrate your website to another platform later down the years?  Will you lose some of your hard work during migration?

These are things that you shouldn’t take lightly.  As I said previously, your online business is a live entity.  You don’t build it today and it’s finished.  It is a lifetime investment so you want to build it right.

I have given you my unbiased review of Solo Build It! and should you want to buy the product, you can do so here.

However, if these questions have you thinking and you decide that you’d prefer to use a platform that is based on the WordPress CMS system, check out my review here on the program I use.

I have given you a comparison chart of the program I recommend and Solo Build It! so you can see at a glance the different options being offered.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about Solo Build It!, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time.  Take care.

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  1. Great review Jackie!

    As I was reading your review I think the biggest thing that stood out to me was that Solo Build It doesn’t use WordPress. Now based on the user friendliness of WP and abundance of support that you mentioned, I think that is a shame.

    I also noticed that they do not include any type of free trial, and instead offer a money-back guarantee. I personally prefer the free-trial, as I don’t have to worry about getting money back that I never spent.

    I appreciate your ability to be as unbiased as you were here, but it looks like Solo Build It would not be right for me!

    • Hi Brittaney,

      Thanks for your comment.

      When I came across Solo Build It, it looked quite impressive.  However, I too didn’t like the fact that they had their own proprietary CMS.  

      I’ve been hit before using bespoke systems which are like a noose around your neck.  They’re such a headache when you want to expand your business or move in a different direction.

      Not all products offer a free trial but with a money back guarantee, they’re worth testing out if you really like the product.

      If you can get a free-trial for a product or service,then yes.  This is a better way.

      All the best!

  2. Hello, Jackie
    I read your review of Solo Build It. Your comprehensive information about the platform was interesting. You mentioned the flaws as well as the strengths. In my opinion, the platform doesn’t supply enough tools for a beginner. Comparing the information and training of the two platforms. Solo Build to Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn’t want to be locked into a platform that has no flexibility. Wealthy Affiliate has a comprehensive training program as well as the support to build a business online.
    Thanks for sharing your insights and information on the Solo Build It.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      What I didn’t like about Solo Build It, other than the aforementioned cons, was that it wasn’t well structured as Wealthy Affiliate.  Every module felt like an ‘add-on’ rather than part of the overall program.

      Also not being able to confidently migrate my site, if I decided to leave them, due to their bespoke proprietary platform was another factor.  

      However, I have heard rumors that they are now using WordPress as their preferred platform.  I am yet to check this out.  If they have, this is a step in the right direction.

      Even with that, I still prefer the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      Wishing you success with your online business.

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