CJ Affiliate Conversant Network: Is This Affiliate Network Worth Your Time?

CJ Affiliate Conversant Network

Welcome to my CJ Affiliate by Conversant Review. Many people new to Affiliate Marketing are asking “What is CJ about?”

This review will look at CJ from the perspective of you, the Affiliate Marketer, who wants to promote products and services for a third party.

Let’s look and see what CJ Affiliate is about and whether it’s worth signing up to.

CJ Affiliate Conversant Review

Company Name: CJ Affiliate Conversant (formerly known as Commission Junction)
Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Santa Barbara, California, United States
Founders: Lex Sisney, Todd Crawford, Per Pettersen
Price: Free to join
GoWorkFromAnyWhere Rating:  9/10

What is CJ?

CJ is the largest affiliate marketing network in the world for advertisers and publishers.

You can find thousands of products to promote and make money as an Affiliate Marketer by joining the huge list of advertisers.

CJ uses the term publishers to refer to affiliates.  Throughout this article, I will be using the term affiliate.

Getting Started With CJ

First, you will need to sign up to the CJ network through their website.  Sign up is free.

You will be signing up as an affiliate so you will need to click on the ‘FREE Publisher Sign up’ button as seen below.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

When you click on the button, you will be taken to another page where you will see a button labeled ‘Sign-Up today’.  Click this button

Once you are in the sign-up form, select your language, country and currency you wish to use, then click next.
The currency you select is used within the CJ platform and does not affect the currency you will receive your payments in.

The final step in this process is to agree to their Terms and Conditions.  Read through these.  If you are happy, then agree and click continue.

The video below shows how to get started once you have signed up.


How To Make Money With CJ

Now that you have joined one of the largest Affiliate Networks, you make money by promoting products and services, from the list of top brand advertisers.  You will need to apply to individual advertiser programs before you can promote their products and services and start earning a commission.

Being accepted into the CJ network doesn’t mean that you have been accepted into the advertiser programs.

Applying To Individual Advertiser Programs

Before you even start to think about what advertiser programs to join, your website should be optimized and have great content.

Advertisers and visitors to your website want to see that you have an appealing website that will attract visitors.

The experience of people buying from your website should be no different to them shopping on the high street.  If the store has minimal stock (only a small amount of content),  drab walls (images are not attractive), unordered isles (bad structure/no menus), potential customers wouldn’t even think of putting one foot through the door.  It’s the same with your online business.

Even though buyers and visitors to your site cannot see you, they are looking for a site that is attractive with lots of contents and images to grab their attention.

The advertisers will review your website and will decide whether to accept you as an affiliate or not.

You can join as many programs as you like.

The video below will help you to choose which advertisers to connect with.

Just as you read the terms and conditions for the CJ Network sign-up, it’s important that you read all of the requirements and payment terms for each individual affiliate program that you join within the CJ network as each program is different.

The reason why CJ is the most popular of Affiliate networks is not only because of the number of advertisers but also the many features they offer you as an Affiliate Marketer.

Features that help to make your life easier and your business more successful.

Some Cool Features

Affiliate Toolbox
In this toolbox, you can find advertiser affiliate links, manage your day-to-day business activities as well as create more responsive website content to maximize your conversion rate.

Deep Link Generator
Using the bookmarklet button, you can copy a link directly from an advertisers website to promote the product.  Your Affiliate link will be included in the link text.

CJ Product Widgets
Allows you to enhance the display of products from advertisers on your website.  You can use collages or grids to display complimentary products as well as slideshows to show several different products in one unit
ViewThrough Tracking
You can earn commission on sales you influence by making use of CJ’s core tracking technology and reporting suite.


There are over 35 different advertiser categories you can choose from.  Categories range from Clothing, Food and Beverage to Airline and Employment.


Unlike ClickSure, CJ ensures that advertisers are compliant so you can be assured that what you are promoting is of great value, fit for purpose and usage.  This is great for you as an Affiliate Marketer as the last thing you want to see is a refund request for products that you have promoted.

CJ attracts a lot of big advertisers, it can be difficult to get accepted into the affiliate program. You have to fill out an application, and if you’re accepted, you then have to apply to each advertiser’s program individually. That means, even if you can get accepted into the Commission Junction network, you might not be able to get accepted into the individual affiliate programs whose ads you want to display on your blog.


  • Company is well established (20 years in business as of 2018)
  • Reputation of being one of the leading affiliate advertising networks
  • Attracts many well-know advertisers
  • Some advertisers may chase you rather than you having to go through the application process
  • Payments are guaranteed
  • 24/7 support
  • Website intuitive – easy for beginners to navigate
  • A choice of different ad types such as text, different sized banners to integrate into your website seamlessly


  • Can be difficult to get accepted into an advertisers program even though you have been accepted into the CJ Network
  • Terms and Conditions for each Advertiser program are different.  You need to check these for each program you sign up to.


CJ is a great network to join.  However, it is not easy to be accepted into each advertiser program.

Are you new to Affiliate Marketing?  Do you need help to get you started off the right way?  When I created my first website nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t know about SEO, optimization, ranking, keyword research, writing content for the visitor and so on.   All these things are crucial if you want to be successful online.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 and I’ve not looked back.  I now know what SEO is, my posts are being ranked, I love doing keyword research and I now write for my visitors, not myself.

I confidently sign up to Affiliate Networks knowing that I will be accepted.

Do you want the same experience or do you want to go in blindly and hope for the best?  This is definitely not the way to start your online business.

Build a solid foundation that you can look back on and be proud of.

If you build anything on a shaky foundation, just to make a quick buck or two, it won’t last long and you’ll give up through sheer frustration.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate takes you through the whole process of starting an online business.  From getting your domain name, hosting, building your website, doing keyword research, how to monetize your site and much more.

Check out my review here.

You can also sign up for a FREE 7-day trial – no credit card required by clicking on the text below to check out the training material you will have access to.

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If you have any questions or comments about CJ Affiliate by Conversant or would like to know more about Affiliate Marketing, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Until next time. Stay safe.

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  1. Thanks for a great overview of Commission Junction! I have been wondering about joining it for a while – I’m on a few other affiliate programs but individually or through Awin. However, CJ seems to have so much choice and a lot of really well known advertisers.

    Your videos were a great help too 🙂

    • Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’m glad my review has been of help to you.

      That’s great to know that you have signed up with other affiliate networks.

      You can also sign up to CJ to see how they compare with the other networks – you never know you may find a more favorable commission rate for the same or similar products 

      All the best.

  2. This is very informative review of CJ affiliate Conversant Network. Well detailed to offer a new person some perspective, I like the way you unpacked the whole aspect.

    I like the part where you highlight that, there are specific advertisers within the CJ network, and that being accepted into the network is not a green light for being accepted by specific advertisers. This is so true, as I experienced such challenges at a point in time.

    With the kind of education at Wealthy Affiliate, as you have highlighted, it increases one’s chance of being competitive and highly acceptable by high calibre programs. I do agree with you and would also recommend anybody to check out the program, if they want to get the best education on Internet marketing.

    Looking forward to hear more on affiliate programs and get some expert opinion on how to sustain them for continuous income options.

    • Hi Attlee,

      Thanks for your comment.

      A lot of people are under the impression that being accepted into an affiliate network means acceptance to all the advertisers, which is not the case.

      Since I’ve become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am now more confident when applying to advertisers to join their program as I know that my site is at a level where they see that I can actually help them through the promotion of their products.

      It’s a great time to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.  I have learned so much and I continue to learn more each day.

      Keep coming back as the aim of this site is to promote Affiliate Marketing as the best way to make a sustainable income online.

      Wishing you all the best.

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