What Is The Organo Gold Scheme?

What is the Organo Gold scheme

Great that you have stumbled upon my website.

Maybe you have heard about Organo Gold and you’re not sure whether it is a legitimate business opportunity so need more information about the company and the business.  You have come to the right place.

Name: Organo Gold
Website: https://www.organogold.com
Business Model: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Franchise – Promoting beverages, Body management and Espresso capsules
Founder:  Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand
Introduced: 2008
Relaunched in: 2010
Distributor Package/Joining Fee:  $49
Overall ranking: 8/10

Organo Gold is a multi-level company selling healthy coffee and other products from the organic herbal supplement called Ganoderma Lucidum,  a specific type of mushroom extract.

Ganoderma Lucidum - Organo Gold

Apart from this main ingredient the majority of the other ingredients claimed to be present in this product are non-active and are your run of the mill coffee beans which have been processed and repackaged.

Organo Gold Products 

Apparently, the coffee products are an energy booster.  They give you energy for a few hours.  You will then need to take two or three more cups a day.   It prevents any cravings.  Many reviewers of the product have said that it has helped them to lose weight.   Others have said that the mushroom extract has caused them to feel nausea.

Some of the products they offer are:

  •  Coffee – Latte, Moche
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Green Tea
  • Brewing Cups (4 flavours)
  • Black Ice
  • Black Tea
  • Red Tea
  • Body Management – OGX FENIX™ Rich Chocolate
  • Espresso Capsules – ZERO, UNO, DUE, TRE

As with any MLM company, it is the product or service that they are offering which will raise interest for potential buyers. Therefore, before signing up to Organo Gold as a distributor, it is worth checking that the products you will be promoting are of high quality and are reasonably priced with not many competitors in the market.

The reason being is that people are looking for quality, relatively cheap products and will only purchase expensive products if they cannot find a similar alternative.

The best way to approach this business is, to begin with people you already know so that you can get their feedback.

In order to grow your business with a steady growing income, you will need to branch out and expand your networks.  This means you need to take this into consideration.  How will you connect with others who may be interested in your business?

You, as a distributor are doing the advertising, marketing, and selling of Organo Gold so it is important to understand the value of the products, and how to get others to experience that value too.


How Do You Make Money With Organo Gold

Organo Gold Scheme


People who sign up as distributors of this Unilevel and Binary pyramid scheme and sell the Organo Gold coffee products can make money.

The opportunity to make money with coffee is huge that is why big chains like Cafe Nero and Starbucks are doing so well.

There are several packages to choose from:

  • Organo Gold Bronze Package – costs $150 and offers a commission level of 10%.  To get this, you need to have 2 people added to your network and you will have to order from Organo Gold every month for a value of $50.
  • Organo Gold Silver Package  costs $450 and offers a commission level of 15%.   To get this, you need to have 2 people added to your network and you will have to order from  Organo Gold every month for a value of $100.
  • Organo Gold Gold Package  – costs $1,300 and offers commission level of 20%, but you will need to order from  Organo Gold every month for a value of $100.

With the one time joining fee as a distributor of $45 you will only be able to buy the products at much lower prices.

As you can see, if you want to make real money, you will need to get a bronze, a silver or a gold package in addition to the distributor package.

How does it work

The video below gives you more detailed information on the ways how you can generate money through the different packages as a distributor of Organo Gold.

In summary of the video, you need to recruit 2 people who are successful in the business, not just short-term but long-term.  They in return need to recruit others who are successful.  So if you are at the top of the pyramid, then you will earn high commissions as you will have many people in your downline.

If you join through someone, you become one of their downline so you are already on a lower commission than them.

You will need to recruit more in your downline in order to earn a decent commission.  This is why a lot of people fail in these MLM businesses because it takes a lot to recruit the right people who are willing to stay in this long term.  If they drop out, that’s one of your downlines out of the equation and commission lost to you.

What if you could start your own business online and not have to worry about recruiting people?   I have my #1 recommendation that you can join for free by clicking the button below.  No credit card needed.

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Organo Gold Payment Methods

These are the different payment methods they offer.  It seems quite complex but with such a system, it does look like you can make money even if it is a small amount due to the different levels of payment

  • Retail Profit (paid daily or weekly)
  • Fast Start Bonus (weekly),
  • Dual Team Bonus (weekly)
  • Unilevel Bonus (monthly)
  • Unilevel Matching Bonus (monthly)
  • Generational bonus (monthly)
  • Global Pool Bonus (quarterly)

Possible Revenue with Organo Gold

As you can see from their disclosure of earning below, which is available on their website, the majority of distributors earn between $0-599 annually.

Let’s look at the sums.

$49 joining fee
$50/month on auto-shipment of goods ($1800/year)
Bronze Package $150
Total Out:  $1999  Total In: $599

A loss of $1,400!!

Organo Gold Disclosure Statement

The Pros

  • Free training for distributors
  • Experienced people in the company to learn from
  • Access to a product that has a wellness component, Ganoderma
  • Marketing support
  • By helping others to succeed you can earn – not just on your sales but on sales of others you introduce

The Cons

  • Products are more expensive than other coffee on the market
  • Takes time to build a successful network
  • Takes time to train people
  • You will need to stock the products
  • You need to develop leadership skills to retain the commitment of those you’ve recruited
  • Ongoing minimum purchase order to qualify for your commission
  • The basic package as a distributor costs $49

The Verdict on Organo Gold?

If you are looking to start your own business and start making some extra money then I’m happy to tell you Organo Gold is legit; they have a great product line and a solid compensation plan.

However, the product line isn’t for everyone.  Adding an extra ingredient to coffee to make it healthier may seem a bit far-fetched to most people.  Why not buy a normal coffee and purchase a health supplement separately?

Organo Gold does NOT guarantee a return on your investment.  In fact, by publicly making available the possible revenue you can make, and how much you need to invest, shows that you are highly unlikely to make a profit – that isn’t to say that you can’t.

The worse case scenario, if you do decide to drop out, is that you end up with a lot of coffee!

There are other ways to earn a living and be successful without the need to go out and persuade people to buy your product, learn marketing skills,  having to stock products, paying a monthly fee when there is no guarantee of success and much more.

This way is called Affiliate Marketing!   This is a great way to earn income.  Once you have your business up and running, you can set it on auto-pilot.  You can be gaining passive income while you are sleeping.

I joined a system where I have access to training, live classes and a huge community of over 800,000 like-minded entrepreneurs where you can make money around something you are passionate about without having to leave your home.

There is no need to recruit, cold call or recruit and you can access their no-nonsense free trial here.


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If you are a distributor of Organo Gold or you have any questions about the product, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.  Thanks.




  1. I’ve looked into the Organo business opportunity before and here is what I think.

    Coffee is a valuable commodity and a great beverage. But its consumption is also subjected to personal taste, budget and the enthusiasm of trying new flavors. People may buy from you for 2 to 3 months, but there’s only a small percentage of customers that will drink from the same brand over the span of 1 year.

    Even I switch my liking every month – that’s what makes drinking coffee fun. So while the financial gain is rewarding, I just don’t see how it would work as a long term business especially with the recruiting stuff and all.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for your comment.  Yes.  I agree with you .  With so many different flavors and more being introduced to the market, we, as consumers like to try new things so I can see whereby this MLM is not going to be sustainable for a long time unless you are a die-hard Organo Gold fan.

      It’s best to promote products that have long term benefits which consumers won’t get fed up with or switch to trying something better.  Unfortunately, this is not true for the drinks and beverages market.

      Best wishes

  2. Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks for the very informative article on What Is The Organo Gold Scheme. Although you say it is legit, just looking at the video proves that it is a Pyramid scheme. The legit thing about it is the coffee product but once the market begins to get saturated it is going to collapse.
    And the more effort you put into recruiting people, especially if they are geographically close to you, the sooner it will collapse. Meantime, you make everyone above you richer while you work extremely hard to put yourself out of business. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
    My own opinion is to stay away from them.


    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, it is a pyramid scheme however, there are Pyramid/MLM’s schemes that are outright scams.  I don’t believe the Organo Gold Scheme is one.

      People need to be aware of how these schemes function before signing up to them.  Some go in with their eyes half-open, believing it to be an easy get-rich-quick scheme that they can leisurely work on the side with minimal effort. That is why these types of schemes aren’t for everyone. 

      It can work for those who have done their homework before diving in.  Being in the right market, having the right mind-set, knowing what effort is required to perform well are fundamental to ones success.

      If you’ve done your homework, then I believe that the Organo Gold scheme can work for you.

      However, a better option will be to create your own business online without the need of having to recruit people and push sales which is why I have recommended Wealthy Affiliate

      Best wishes. 

  3. Hi there,
    I have just read your post on Oragano Gold with more than a passing interest. I know only too well how this business work as I put a few of them through my hands over the years.
    Now that said, they were reputable companies in their own right, the issue for me, was recruiting people into the business. Like you rightly pointed out getteing the right people signed up, who were interested in working the business was not easy. I had members join up under me, but about two months later they had left the business, claiming dissillusionment with the system and the process.
    MLM is a tough market to get involved with, there is a lot of work required and if you don’t recruit, you are going nowhere.
    There are easier ways to make money out there, we just have to try harder.
    Thanks again,
    Best wishes,
    Cheers PB

    • Hi Phil,  Thanks for commenting.  

      MLM can be a tough nut to crack.  

      Also, those MLM’s promoting health and wellness products are now competing against local supermarkets and businesses that are selling health products at a fraction of the cost so you, as a distributor will find it hard to sell these products as they can be quite expensive.   

      Twenty or so years ago, it wasn’t so hard to do.  I remember herbal life products.  They were a well-known brand but now you have Juice + and other similar MLM’s rearing their heads.  A tough market indeed to get involved in.

      Affiliate Marketing is the best way.  As I mentioned, there are no hard sells and you can do this from the comfort of your home.

      Best wishes to you with your online venture.

  4. Hi, I like this review of yours about Organo Gold. The layout is clean, and the article is very easy to read.

    I am a former member of Organo Gold, and I agree with some of your points here. Like you, I realized hosting meetings like Coffee Jazz Mixers is no longer for me, so I searched online and found WA.

    It’s good to know that after reviewing Organo, your primary recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Truly, an online business that’s worth joining.

    • Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for your comment. 

      Organo Gold isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee should I say!), so yes if you have found another solution in Wealthy Affiliate, good on you.    It is a great community and platform to steer your online business.  

      Wishing you continued success.

  5. I do like the way Organo Gold sounds especially when it comes to how much people love their coffee!
    I noticed you said in your post that there has been a health Additive added to the coffee.
    Does Starbucks do this with their coffee and how long has Organo being doing this?
    Also, Is the health Additive easy to obtain elsewhere and what kind of benefits can we expect from this?
    Looking forward to your response, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Organo Gold is a great brand of coffee. 

      With the extra ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum, added to the coffee, makes it unique from the run of the mill coffee from Starbucks.

      Ganoderma Lucidum can be obtained quite easily.  Amazon sells the capsules and the powder .

      Many reviewers of the Organo Gold product has mentioned that it has helped them to lose weight and also boosts their energy levels.  

      As with all things that suggests a change in your health and wellbeing, it’s always best to consult with your GP if you are taking any prescribed form of medication as sometimes taking something else may interfere with your medication and may not give the desired results.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Best wishes.

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