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Writing quality website content is extremely important if you want users to engage and have a rewarding experience by visiting your site.Writing Quality Website Content - writing content

Whether it is to purchase a product you have just reviewed or you are offering a free download in the form of an ebook or pdf, you want them to take action by making a purchase or downloading the free offer when they land on your site.

Most people stumble at writing quality, engaging content which will call people to take action – this shouldn’t be so.

It starts with an idea for your post

It all starts with an idea. You then want to write out this idea as a blog post or page on your website.

Firstly if you are writing about a topic that you are interested in and have a lot of knowledge about, then

writing your content should be natural.  If on the other hand, you are writing about something that you have no knowledge of but have an interest in, you can still write a post however, you will need to do a lot of research.

Before even putting pen-to-paper, you should set out a plan to write out your idea into structural content.


Structure your writing

You need to have a structure so that you can write effectively and efficiently in order for your writing to flow naturally.  The way to do this is to layout the article in the way that you will be writing.

Steps to take:

  1. Start with a blank page – open a Word document, Notepad or a text editor.
  2. Start with an initial keyword theme – which will be your idea e.g. losing weight.
  3. Break up your content into smaller concepts – an introduction, 4-6 ideas which will form headings, and a conclusion.
  4. Research and write out your content based on your theme, using a Keyword Tool like Jaaxy.
  5. Create an introduction which will tell people what you are going to be talking about.
  6. Each idea will be a heading – use H1 tags – so that your headings stand out.
  7. Conclude by telling people what you have just talked about.

Writing for Efficiency, Editing for Quality

Once you have the structure of your writing in place, write, write, write – don’t scrutinise everything that you write at this stage. Once you have written everything using the structure as a template, go over your content – add some more ideas, remove some, check for grammatical errors and remove any unwanted words, sentences that do not add to the content.  Also, check that the information serves its purpose.

Write in a language that works for you.  Don’t try to write like Shakespeare or someone who has been in the business area longer than you, you are trying to connect with people not win some sort of essay.

Is this a great quality website?

What makes for a great quality website is one that is:

  1. Original in its content and ideas and is not plagiarised.
  2. Structurally appealing with bold headlines, bullet points etc.  People will read headlines if they are attractive enough which will lead them to read your content.
  3. Engaging for the user.  Have you got a call to action at the end of your article?  Do you want visitors to download something, make a purchase, sign-up to a program, leave a comment?
  4. Provides answers – visitors arrive at your website probably through the use of a search engine – so provide valuable content.
  5. Well researched.  False and inaccurate information can lead to non-trust of your site even if other pages/posts on your site are brilliant.
  6. Has links.  Try linking back to authoritative sites especially if this is a credible topic which will have hundreds of other sites which can offer more information.
  7. Visual appealing to the eyes – people love images.  Images enhance the user experience.
  8. Appealing to the ears – add videos which are relevant to your theme.
  9. Regularly updated – Search engines don’t favour sites that are not updated regularly — you should aim to post at least TWICE a week.  At end of the year, you will have at least 48-50 posts!!
  10. Relevant to the theme – Research, research, research.  You don’t want visitors coming to your site from a search engine and leaving straight away as the content is not relevant.


So, you now have the steps to take in writing quality website content.  Following these steps will help you write some really great, engaging posts that will sell your business, products and services.

However, you may want to know more than just about writing quality website content.  You may want to take your website further.

You may have questions like “How do I get my site ranked high in the search engines”, “How do I promote my website via Social Media” or even “Is it possible for my website to make money?”.  If you have questions, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

If you have found this website helpful or if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop me an email at jacqueline@goworkfromanywhere.com 

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  1. Hi, Jackie. I feel really good after reading your article because I do a lot of things you suggest when I get ready write…..it makes a huge difference. I don’t see how someone can just sit down and bang out an article with no structure or organization, not to mention a conclusion. One thing I do differently is I use H2 headers. I think I’ll try H1 next time on your recommendation. Well done. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment and encouraging words Warren.  Much appreciated.  I agree with you.  It takes a lot of organizing and thinking in writing quality content.  

      H2 headers are just as good as H1 headers; with my theme, the H2 headers seems to appear larger than the permalink header – which I can’t seem to change.  Best wishes. 

  2. Good tip to not try to write like Shakespeare lol. I like your idea to start blank and breaking out content into a structure. I write a lot but I usually just write first, make headings later. I’m going to try your suggested approach. Thanks for sharing this article!


    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by.  Starting with a blank template and breaking out content into structure is what works for me. Yes.  Give it a go.  You may find that it works for you or as a seasoned writer, you may find that it holds you back and your way of writing content is better suited to how you work.

      All the best!!

  3. Hi Jacqueline
    I thought your post on writing quality website content was excellent. Just reading it made me feel better. I’ve read books on the subject of writing or being a copywriter and as such, some authors tend to over elaborate on certain points. Your post was simple to understand and not over complicated and so I will put your ideas into practice.

    • Hello Amar-V,

      Thanks for your comments. I find that we can over complicate things. I to have read many a post about writing quality website content and feel quite overwhelmed with the amount of information. However, as the world of IT evolves, I’m sure they’ll be more things to add to the list!!

      Wishing you all the best in your online endeavors.


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